The Losers Club

Originally a group of ten more-or-less highly specialized and competent mortals dedicated to the single premise, “No More Monsters”. Now fragmented and dispersed.


Doctor Scott


“No More Monsters”

After the events in Charade I and II:

  • Doctor Scott, and their sniper, Leon, turned out to be White Court “patsies”, mind-whammied into being maneuverable puppets. Due to evidence anonymously provided by Elena Torres and from the testimony of Father Jones, they are currently being held without bail at a nearby correctional facility awaiting trial.
  • Wazuka, on orders from Lord Dallas, has been permanently reprimanded to Summer’s “Care”.
  • Hermia, in seeming violation of her Doom of Damocles, activated her Ethermantic Transit Bathysphere prematurely and is now lost in the NeverNever.
  • Frankie, Hermia‘s Uncle, disappears after learning of Wazuka’s and Hermia’s Fate.
  • Father Jones had renounced his involvement with the Loser’s Club and will be testifying against Doctor Scott and Leon at their respective hearings.
  • Nate, after learning of Erica’s kidnapping during a fistfight with Conor O’Neill, also quits the Loser’s Club over moral reasons.
  • Lishbeth, the Tek Girl, flees DFW as fast as physically possible after being ordered back to Norway by Lord Dallas. She makes it as far as NYC before being picked up on parole violations and bogus passports. Currently being held in a correctional facility in NY awaiting transfer.
  • Currently unaccounted for:
    • Dr. Noel Bouth, a “psychic” investigator
    • Poof-Poof, an unknown burglar
    • Frankie Chavez, a demolitions expert and material goods backer

The Losers Club

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