The Korean Brotherz

Pretty much the same origin story as the Italian Mafia. Originally the gangs started out to deal with deep seated anti-asian racism in Texas coming out of WW2 and the Korean War. Immigrants came over with soldiers returning from the war and over time found themselves in all the big cities in Texas – Dallas especially.

Today, the Koreans in Dallas have integrated very well and are largely responsible for ‘reclaiming’ the Harry Hines area and the gangs are starting to outlive their usefulness (but their time has not passed yet).

These guys rule the Koreatown/K-Town (Harry Hines & Royal Lane) underworld. The female “wing” of the gang are the “Korean Sisterz” (KSZ).

  • They run protection rackets for many of the local Korean businesses in the area. Especially the Korean massage parlors/brothels, Korean style spa (King Spa & Sauna), and many of the smaller Korean restaurants and donut shops.
    • They also let Asian kids in rough schools call themselves KBZ even though they’re not really part of the gang nor are likely to ever join. This is a kind of “community outreach” plan, the Korean kids get to feel like they are tough and might avoid getting into fights with other black or hispanic kids due to the perceived gang affiliation.
  • The also run a auto-theft and chop shop ring (especialy imports like Hyundai, Toyota, and Hondas)
  • They also deal in narcotics (ecstasy & meth, and of course marijuana) and have hijacked some of the heroine market away from Pleasant Grove
  • They have a very small black market electronics and CD/DVD piracy ring of Korean K-Pop music, and J-Pop anime etc. that they sell locally to the Koreans that live in the area but don’t want to pay big US corporate prices.


  • They HATE Born to Kill (BTK) the other big asian gang (Vietnamese/SE Asian) in Dallas.
    • They are NEUTRAL to most other “generic” asian gangs
  • Generally speaking they have BAD relations with all other big Hispanic (MS-13, M18) or Black (The OCT, Bloods, Crips) gangs
    • They are NEUTRAL to the dozens and dozens of various independent “hood” based gangs

Theme or Threat



The head man in charge is Johnny K


The Korean Brotherz

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