Supernatural Wild West

You’d have to have read some Louis L’Amour books or seen more than just one or two Western movies in your life to really “get” this… but basically, we took dearly held stereotypes of “The Western” genre (book and film) and put a Dresdenverse spin on it.

  • The “Wild West” schtick… spelled out.
      • Concealed Carry law for law-abiding folk, guns in your car is legal no matter what, guns in the homes (Castle Doctrine… trespassing is a VERY bad idea.)
      • On any weekend in Texas during the entire year there’s a gun show somewhere in Texas. I’m not kidding.
      • Within a 1 hour drive of anywhere is a gun range or someplace you can go shoot if you’ve got friends with land
    • The Orcs serve as “The Injuns” (clannish, tribal, violent, respect strength, etc.)
      • We needed monsters that caused a little less moral quandary when you blew them away… Orcs are a classic.
    • The Gangs serve as the “Messican Banditos” and … amazingly enough… “the gangs”
      • We just replaced names like the “Cole-Younger Gang” “The Cowboys/Clanton Gang” and “The Rustlers/Billy the Kid’s Gang” with gangbanger names like The OCT and The Korean Brotherz.
      • Horse Rustling is now Car Theft/chop shops… you get the idea.
    • The Duchy of Panthers serves the role of the big rancher that can do whatever he wants to the little guy (including stealing your land and/or cattle) simply because he has more money and guns.
    • The role of the small-time cattle rancher/pioneer is the generic small-time supernatural… trying to stake out a safe place to live in the supernatural territory of Dallas.
      • Except this time around instead of just white folks… it’s all the immigrants (Dallas is pretty cosmopolitan these days with immigrants from all over the world as well as from all over the USA). Instead of coming to Texas to get cheap land like they did the first time around… this time it’s to get jobs (but homes and land are still cheap also).
    • The role of the “townsfolk” that if they ever get angry enough to actually put together a lynch-mob posse… i.e. they have the power to kick out all the bandits and gangs is The Confederacy.

… and of course… the role of the Texas Rangers / Town Marshal / Lone Handsome Stranger / Posse that’s come in to clean up the town, save the ranches, and save the day…. the PCs.


The Red Court and White Council recently “Decapitated” themselves in the Dallas Ft. Worth area and are at an all time low. In the power gulf, other powers have risen and supernaturals have to fend for themselves.

Supernatural Wild West

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