Spray Attacks

After running many, many sample combats and tests I’m prepared to make a slight tweak to our game mechanics in regards to “multiple actions.”

First of all, “Action Economy” is pretty important to a system light ruleset like FATE so it’s important to make any changes like this gently. So, I am not introducing classic “multiple main actions” as with other game systems.

Instead I’m leveraging the “Spray Attack” which already exists and applying it across the board.

All characters may use a “Spray Attack” to divide up their attack pool (the accuracy portion, aka “the roll”) among multiple targets. This can be done for anything that makes thematic and scene relevant sense.

Magic attacks have their own mechanics for attacking multiple targets and zones and are detailed on page 251. This house rule does not affect magic.

  • A soldier with a machine-gun fires full-auto … the classic example of a spray.
  • A cop with a semi-automatic pistol firing multiple rounds at several attackers … also a spray.
  • A cowboy fans (or thumbs) his trusty colt Peacemaker at two banditos… spray.
  • A boxer does a flurry of punches to multiple adjacent foes… also a spray
  • A Taekwando master does a jumping roundhouse kick that hits two people in the face as it arcs… spray
  • A barbarian with a giant axe swings the blade horizontally and disembowels several folks standing near each other… spray.
  • A biker threatens a couple of guys trying to swindle him in a pool game… spray.


Stunts that previously affected Spray Attacks are slightly altered. Instead these stunts grant 2 shifts that may be added, after the split, to whichever targets and in whatever manner desired so long as it does not result in MORE shifts than the original unsplit attack.

  • Wall of Death (Weapon) – RAW page 156.
  • Target Tracking (Gun) – New, same as Wall of Death but for Gun attacks.
  • Combos (Fists) – New, same as Wall of Death but for Fists attacks.
  • Scary Bugger (Intimidation) – New, same as Wall of Death but for Intimidation attacks.
  • Volumetric Mastery (Discipline) – New, same as Wall of Death but for Evocation magic or to cancel out up to 2 points worth of lost Shifts incurred when affecting an entire Zone with Evocation. This includes Evocation style magical effects like Glamour Veils (which replicate Evocation Blocks).

Joe has a 10 shift attack, divided up among 2 targets thus: 4, 3, 3. He also has “Wall of Death” which gives him 2 shifts after the split. He puts them on the two 3s. His attacks are now: 4, 4, 4.

If for whatever reason Joe had decided to split his attacks among 2 targets thus: 9, 1, he could only put 1 shift on the 9 as that raises it to 10, which is equal to the original unsplit attack. He could however put both shifts on the 1, making his split: 9, 3.

Spray Attacks

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