Social Stress Removed

Social Stress Removed

As more and more of the Fate Core get locked down, a few elements are going to be retroactively incorporated into our game until such time as a cohesive rule-set comes out from Evil Hat Games.

One of the major noticeable shakeups is the removal of Social Stress – or more accurately, the combination of Social and Mental back into a single Stress Pool (this is actually a very very common feature of other Generation 2 and 3 FATE games, DFRPG was actually the odd duck by splitting it out into 3).


  • Remove Social Stress boxes from play as well as the Presence skill.
    • Anything that once modified Social stress/actions/attacks/etc. or was based on Presence moves to Mental Stress or the Rapport Skill.
  • Mental Stress is renamed “Composure Stress”
    • Anything that added Social or Mental Stress, provided Armor, or otherwise now affects Composure Stress 1-to-1.
  • Any Skill Points previously sunk into Presence and Rapport are immediately refunded
    • Respend the points on Rapport, Conviction, Empathy, Contacts, Deceit, Discipline, Intimidation, Performance or some other Skill (at your discretion). Think of this as a special case Milestone just for skill juggling.
  • Conviction – It is important to draw specific attention to an aspect of the Conviction Skill that is generally glossed over by non-spellcasters. With the combination of Presence with Rapport and the use of a single Composure Stress Pool, this aspect comes most tellingly to the forefront:
    • That is, Conviction is not merely faith in another power. Conviction is also your belief in yourself, i.e. self-confidence, self-image, and self-worth. Thus is it a vital component of a character’s Composure Stress pool.

Details – Trappings

  • Charisma = Now combined with Rapport. Rapport is now both active as well as passive. Empathy is the skill that may be called upon in support if attempting an active “make an impression” attempt.
  • Command = Now based on Rapport in all respects. Performance can modify as indicated, as can Empathy (choose one or the other, not both).
  • Reputation = Now based on Rapport in all respects.
  • Social Fortitude = No longer applicable as Social Stress is removed.

Details – Stunts

  • Leadership – Now based on Rapport in all respects
  • Personal Magnetism – Now based on Rapport in all respects
  • Teflon Persona – Not really a Skill based Stunt, but applies the Armor to Composure
  • The Weight of Reputation – Now based on Rapport, Empathy, or Contacts, at the player’s choice, but the decision must be made when first taken.

Details – Social Consequences

  • Should events in-game force a situation that would have previously caused a character to take a Social Consequence, this should now simply be applied as a situation-based Scene Aspect (discovered via Assessment or Declaration as normal).
  • If it is major enough, temporarily replace a Character Aspect as with any Minor Milestone.
  • Actions that cause an immediate loss of Composure (i.e. Intimidation attacks or disheartening speeches, etc.) that might affect an actual conflict scene should now apply against Composure and cause Composure related Consequences.
    • Example 1, a Goblin Warrior or snarling beast roar or frighten a character…. i.e. an “Intimidation” attack, which is something halfway between a social and mental attack. This now directly applies against Composure Stress.
    • Example 2, a major villain spends some time monologueing at the PCs trying to dishearten them (social attack/social maneuver bourne of Rapport or some other “social” skill). This would be a Consequential Social Action against the Composure Stress Pool. A Minor Consequence of such an attack (assuming it causes sufficient Stress) might be “Minor Consequence: Spooked” or “Moderate Consequence: My Heart’s Not In This Fight” etc.

Social Stress Removed

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