Simplified Milestones

This is probably one of the easiest and most common sense rules of thumb I’ve ever found on the internet, and I can’t recall where I found it… undoubtedly from the Dresden RPG forum.

  • A Game Session = Minor Milestone
  • Every 3 or so Game Sessions (i.e. “a story arc”) = Significant Milestone (which gives you a skill point)
  • When you get enough Skill Points to equal the next Refresh level, it automatically upgrades to a Major.

This way your character never falls behind in Skill Points compared with Refresh.

I have most of the Refresh levels up to about 30 or so Refresh mapped out on the Character Creation page.

  • A character was created at 7/25 “Up To Your Waist” power level.
  • The character goes through five story arcs and now has 5 Significant Milestones. This means they have 30 Skill Points.
  • 30 Skill Points is the “Chest Deep” power level, which is 8/30.
  • Poof. The most recent Significant that the character received (i.e. the 5th one) automatically upgrades itself to a Major Milestone and the character gains a Refresh.

Simplified Milestones

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