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Even though I’m giving out Bennies for writing an Adventure Log post after each game session, I wanted to take a page to discuss a couple of the Dresden Files RPG in regards to Advancements (“getting XP”) and the Obsidian Portal structure we use to log notes and chronicle the campaign.


The Dresden RPG uses the concept of Milestones to track character Advancement. To use the lingo of other role-playing games… it’s how this game handles XP.

In quick summary, if you want your character’s skills to go up, you need a Significant Milestone. If you want more powers/special abilities, you need a Major Milestone.

Milestones are linked to the city in which the characters have their adventures. This wiki keeps track of several Locations, NPCs, Groups, and Threats that are all part of this Campaign. In order to become more powerful characters, the PCs “must” influence their city in some way. That’s why city creation was a part of character creation. This guaranteed your character was already “involved” in some way with the setting.

Normally, influencing the city is handled via the weekly game. Scenario after scenario, session after session, the PCs will start to affect their city and make progress towards Milestones. However, I wanted to let the PCs take more control of the direction of the campaign than just waiting for the next game.

Postgame Blogging (Webisodes)

A lot of “setup” for great big game city changing, campaign changing, sessions can happen in downtime. A lot of “setup” doesn’t involve the entire party, it involves a single character pursuing a goal.

So, to that end, players should feel free to use the Adventure Log feature of Obsidian Portal and the “Postgame” log entries to set up those big games.

Also… for every fractional 3000 words of a writeup, +1 Benny, minimum 1. (so anything from 1-3000 is 1 Benny, 3001-6000 is 2 Bennies, 6001-9000 is 3 Bennies, 9001-12,000 is 4, etc. )

For example:
In this example, if you read the text at the bottom of the entry, you’ll see the scene is attempting to affect a Location or NPC (under the “Roleplay Purpose” bullet item).

  • Perhaps after 2-3 Adventure Log entries the GM will create a game session where, depending on what happens, it will dramatically conclude the goal of that particular series of Adventure Logs.
  • Or perhaps the tale always stays a “side-story” to the Campaign as a whole, but it’s a major part of a single character’s individual story. That represents a “Significant Milestone” for the character (+1 skill) involved.
  • If nothing else, just raw word count is guaranteed to give NPCs frequently used Milestones of their own, allowing even the NPCs of the setting to grow and change

How to Go About It

All the NPCs, Locations, Groups, Threats, etc. have an Aspect, Theme, or Threat. Read them and see if one sounds like something your character would try to influence and affect. Figure out how your character would start going about things and Blog it in your Postgame Webisodes.

If nothing jumps out at you…. make one up! Starting on Page 30 of the Dresden core rulebook and running for 15 pages are ideas for YOU the PLAYER to help come up with new places and things of interest in your campaign.

Depending on what you write, how you describe things, etc. that will probably shape the direction of the actual sit-down game sessions. Optionally, maybe it’ll just lead to interesting follow up Webisode blog posts by the GM showing how your actions in the side-story affect the campaign.


If you don’t know how your character could/would go about it… post on the Forum feature of our campaign. Ask your questions and post your ideas so the other players can read and provide ideas and input. After all, your characters actions influence the city where all the PCs live… why not get some feedback from the other players as well as the GM.

Link to Forum

Side Stories

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