Resources Stress

These are strongly modeled from the Mechanics found in Fate Core. Generally Speaking, only characters that have potentially abusively high levels of Resources needs to worry about this (Resources 4+)

Resources Stress Pool

A Character has 1 Stress Box per point of Resources Skill. So a Character with (+2) Fair Resources has 2 Stress Boxes. A Character with (+0) Mediocre Resources has no Stress Boxes and can only purchase things more expensive than $10 by taking Consequences.

Resource Damage

A character takes a Stress Box hit equal to the Amount of the purchase. Only Scenes that are “on camera” (i.e. matter enough to the plot to warrant “at the table” time, involve other characters, etc. cause Stress Boxes. Stress Boxes “roll up” as normal for Damage.

  • Example: Joe Detective with Good Resources has 3 Stress Boxes. During a game the character buys lunch for an informant (Stress Box 1). Based on that information, he knows he needs to be armed and purchases a handgun and marks off the 3 Stress Box. Later, Joe Detective needs to buy dinner for another informant (normally a Stress Box 1). However, Joe’s already taken his Stress Box 1 hit and so it “roll up” to the previously open Stress Box 2. He’s now pretty close to being tapped out (he only has 3 Stress boxes and has filled up all of them) until a client pays him.

Pay Period “Money Scene”

For Resources Stress/Consequences, they operate on a slightly different Scene frame of reference from the Characters themselves. There are in-game “Pay Periods” (by default assumed to be weekly, though each character may be different) and Resource Stress and Consequences go off the “Money Scene.” Characters may do in-game actions to try and progress to the next Pay Period. For characters with high wealth related Aspects this may be trivial.

  • Example: Joe Detective has 3 Stress Boxes, once he gets paid (up to the GM) they will go away. By default that’ll be at the end of the week unless he actually does an in-game Scene to do something about it (maybe calls up some of his deadbeat clients and gets them to pay up). His Uncle the “Millionaire Stockbroker” (Aspect) could probably just make a phone call and sell stocks but not Ole “Blue Collar” Joe.


As with any Stress Pool, a character can take Consequences. If a Character has a Consequence, then the character’s Stress Pool is reduced by the Stress Value of the Consequence. These Consequences can be Compelled or Tagged as with any Aspect, but it has to be relevant to finances.

  • Example: Joe Detective normally has 3 Resources Stress Boxes, however right now he’s got the Mild Consequence “I’m a Little Tapped Out.” Mild Consequences are worth 2 Stress – that means he functions as if he only had 1 Resources Stress Box right now (3 Stress Pool minus 2 Stress Consequence = 1 Box left over).
Recovering Consequences
  • Mild Consequence (2 Stress) – Assuming a Character is employed then “recovery” is always “started” – thus Mild Consequences for ‘employed’ characters always go away at the beginning of the next Pay Period. Depending on the nature of the in-game flow of time, that may happen mid-game session.
    • Example: “I’m A Little Tapped Out” or “Empty Pockets”
  • Moderate Consequence (4 Stress) – The Consequence is with the character for the rest of this game session, and assuming a Pay Period has passed in-game, will go away at the end of the next game session.
    • Example: “Maxed Out Credit” or “Operating in the Red”
  • Severe Consequence (6 Stress) – The Consequence is with the character for the rest of this game session, and regardless of the number of Pay Periods that pass in-game (assuming multiple do), and at least two or three game sessions afterwards. In other words (generally speaking) until the Character gets to his/her next Significant Milestone.
    • Example: “Guido The Shark Owns My @#$%” or “I’m So Dead Broke It Hurts”
  • Extreme Consequence – These are not available for Resources. Extreme Consequences are for matters of Direct “life and death” levels of High Drama… counting copper coins and worrying about bills/debts is not High Drama. If it is… model it with Character Aspects and Refresh Powers/Stunts.

Fate Points

Fate Points can be used to reduce the purchase price in any given scene by 2 Stress levels per Fate Point. As with any Fate Point expenditure, it must have a relevant Aspect (or Stunt).


If somehow a Scene Aspect can be tagged or Compelled/Invoked/etc. then each Aspect lowers (or raises) the purchase price by 2 Stress levels per Aspect.

Resources Table

Basically the same as the Table from Your Story pg. 322
Level Amount Stress Can Buy
(-2) Terrible Under $10 0 A candy bar, cigarettes, a movie ticket, a paperback novel, a cheap meal, a quick cab ride, over-the-counter drugs
(-1) Poor Under $50 1 A night in a cheap hotel, a basic cellular phone, most common hand tools, basic first aid kit, common prescription medications, decent clothes, backpack, common hand weapons (knives, batons, baseball bats, etc.), alarm clock, a good flashlight, cab ride across town
(0) Mediocre Under $250 2 Nice clothes, a good cellular phone, one night in an good hotel, a very comprehensive first aid kit, 4-man tent, a digital camera, most prescription medications, most shop tools, uncommon hand weapons (swords, axes, maces), discount plane tickets
(+1) Average Under $500 3 Fancy clothes, rental of an office or small apartment for a month, bicycle, basic professional toolkit (for a plumber, electrician, or the like), most handguns and shotguns, a very basic personal computer, video game console, a nice pair of binoculars, most plane tickets
(+2) Fair Under $1,000 4 Most hunting rifles and carbines, nice apartment for a month, basic laptop computer, decent personal computer, decent LCD television, an ATV or dirt bike
(+3) Good Under $5,000 5 Military gear (body armor, assault rifles, full-auto submachineguns), a cheap scooter or moped, a tricked-out laptop or personal computer, a large plasma television, a semester at a state college (in-state)
(+4) Great Under $10,000 6 A compact car, a motorcycle, basic surgical procedures, a small motorboat, a semester at a state college (out-of-state)
(+5) Superb Under $100,000 7 A small and/or rural house, a luxury car or sports car, a personal yacht, a motor home
(+6) Fantastic Under $1 million 8 A private jet, a small mansion or nice urban house, a local business
(+7) Epic Under $10 million 9 A small corporation, an office building
(+8) Legendary Money is no object 10 A personal island, a large corporation

Resources Stunts

  • Lush Lifestyle – Gain +2 Resources Stress Pool
  • Filthy Lucre – Consider an illicit purchase 2 Stress levels less than what the monetary amount would suggest in the table above
  • High Quality Workspace – Unchanged
  • Windfall – Spend a Fate Point to reduce Stress hit by 4 levels instead of 2
  • House Rule/Custom Stunts
    • My Buddy Has One Of Those (Matthew Consprite) – may use Contacts instead of Resources to calculate number of Resource Boxes

Resources Stress

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