Red Court

When the White Council went to war with the Red Court, both sides were obliterated in the conflict here in the Metroplex. However, as with the nature of The Red Court – so long as even one of them remains they can replenish their numbers.

Fortunately (or perhaps unfortunately depending on your point of view) it takes two humans to create a full Red Court Vampire. One that is to be the “candidate” and a human to die to complete the transformation process. If they “take” too quickly from the populace, it will stir the hornet’s nest of mortality (bringing down the wrath of other signatories of The Accords) and/or The Church (or Venatori Umbrorum).

Theme or Threat



After recent events, the Red Court is basically a non-player in the campaign. Though 1-2 Red Court vampires remains in the area, they’re sufficiently out of play that we’re unlikely to address them again before the dramatic events of the Novel “Changes” kicks into being.


Red Court

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