No we are not saying Orcs are from Dallas. They’re a hallmark of the fantasy genre after all.

We just wanted to explain a way for them to be in the Dresdenverse and ALSO in Dallas.

Truth in Advertising:

Ok, really we just wanted to call Oak Cliff “Orc Cliff” … because it sounded cool.

Season 2 Finale – The Orcs were all “cannibalized” by The Marchioness to restore all her magical spells and wards following the “War” with The Erlking’s Daughter.

Our Dresdenverse Orcs

  • New Orc clans are created by an ancient ritual.
    • The Goblins of the Erlking are the “source” fae. Pact/trick/sale/kidnapping/etc. is required to get one from the Erlking obviously.
    • A willing mortal is also needed.
    • A powerful Sidhe of the Winter Court casts a spell and corrupts and infuses a mortal with the essence of the Goblin. This creates a pure “High Orc” (a specific kind of Emissary of Power) from which regular “Orcs” descend (a specific kind of Changeling template).
      • Eventually the High Orc succumbs to the lure of the Nevernever and leaves the mortal realm… becoming a sort of ancestor spirit or totemic force that the Orc descendants left behind venerate.
    • It is because a willing mortal was required to create the “High Orc” – who gave himself/herself to dark powers – the Old English word for Demon was “orc” … it sort of seemed a bit like demonic possession after all.
    • Lets not mince words about how regular Orcs eventually spawn all over an inner-city area: Usually by rape, rampant promiscuity and illegitimate childbirth, and even incest. The babies are abandoned or kidnapped (in Fae fashion) to be raised by Orcish “baby mommas” … Generally speaking, it’s not a nice thing.
  • See Lord of the Rings for all the different colors… the Orcs that have fallen to their Wyldfae seemings have white, pink, black, brown, green, and even blue skin. Generally this flows along human ethnic lines.
    • “White” orc changelings become white or pink
    • “Black” orc changelings become black or blue
    • “Brown” or “Olive” orc changelings become brown or green
    • This is a generality! The color of a Orc may be completely different from the original human’s skin coloring, though rarely.
  • Ever since the Lord of the Rings movies… Tolkien terminology has become vogue amongst Orc Clans.
    • The High Orc is called the “Saruman” while still mortal, or the “Sauron” once it goes to the Nevernever
    • The Orcs with the Human Guise template Power are called “Uruk Hai”
    • The Orcs that take on more and more Wyldfae traits until they no longer appear human are just regular “Uruks”

Theme or Threat



This one is tricky. Depending on what is going on it’ll either be:

  1. The Marchioness or
  2. Staple


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