Orc Marches

There’s another problem with Oak Cliff that didn’t originate with mortals. In a city so completely under the power of The Summer Court… something had to be done by the Winter Court to bring it into balance.

  • Oak Cliff is old, there’s a lot of history here… it wasn’t always what it is now.
  • Amongst the supernatural set, Oak Cliff is also known as “Orc Cliff.”

The Marsalis Pact

  • When the Summer Court gained such a powerful foothold in Ft. Worth, the Winter Court made a deal with the Erlking’s Wyldfae here to create a perpetual foil to the Summer Court. Think of it like a “fifth column” or maybe “resistance” in the service of Winter.
  • What was needed was a creature that would forever hunt down and battle the forces of the Summer Court; something agressive and ruthless.
  • The Erlking provided one of his Goblins for an unknown price. It was empowered by the Winter Court, and mixed with a mortal man’s blood to produced Orcs.
  • This happened back in the “white” days of Oak Cliff (pre-1970s) but the old pacts are still in force today even if the mortals who live there maybe don’t know about them anymore.
  • Perhaps the violent natures of the Erlking’s goblins has contributed to the OC’s culture of today… who knows?
  • Curious as to the identity of the mortal who made those old deals with the Erlking and the Winter Court?
  • Mr. Thomas Lafayette Marsalis.
    • The reason nobody knows where he died? Because he didn’t. He fully went over to the Nevernever and embraced his Winter Court powers.
    • His Orc great-grandson however… most people in Oak Cliff know his name…. Hell T. He’s dead now as of season 2

The Park Hotel (1889-1892)

  • The Oak Cliff Municipal Center was built over the ruins of the old Park Hotel (S-SW intersection of E. Jefferson Blvd. and S. Crawford St.).
  • Beneath the Park Hotel were artisian wells that folks used when they visted the hotel/resort in the glory days of old Oak Cliff.
  • From 1892 to 1907 it was a College for Young Ladies… Best not to imagine what happened when the Orcs found all those young women living above their heads.
    • Needless to say, within a few years the place got a reputation and no parent was willing to send their daughters there. That’s why it shuttered its doors and was sold off. It was converted back into a hotel (first the Hotel Cliff (1907-1915), then the Forest Inn (1915-1945).
  • When the building was torn down in 1945 the old artisian wells were mostly forgotten… so too were most of the entry ways into the winding caverns and passages of the Orc Marches.
    • Most people forget that Oak Cliff is a series of winding hills & ridges next to the river. It used to be beautiful back before the city grew up and choked it all in concrete.
  • There, under the streets of Oak Cliff dwell the Goblin-blooded agents of the Winter Court that have fallen to their Wyldfae seemings and cannot live amongst humans anymore.

Theme or Threat



This one is tricky. Depending on what is going on it’ll either be:

  1. The Marchioness (officially) or Staple (the actual resident Face)

Orc Marches

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