NPC Milestones

Because we don’t want “static” NPCs we’ve implemented a system by which they can organically earn Milestones based on player activity.

As NPCs show up in player Postgame Webisodes they earn “credit” towards Minor Milestones.

There are basically three ways to get Minor Milestones

  • A writeup with the NPC as the main character (like Belle Starr’s Tornado Warning postgame), it should be at least around 1500 words or more.
  • Via pure word count, take the various sections of a particular postgame that involves that particular NPC and if they roughly ballpark around 4k words, that’s a Minor.
  • Complex writeups where an NPC is not the central or major focus of a passage (for example, a writeup with multiple NPCs all involved in a situation) get roughly 1/5th credit (or 800 words)

How To Use Earned NPC Milestones

First in, wins. The Minor Milestones earned by/for the NPCs of our Campaign are free game. Need an NPC to fall in love with your character or become mortal enemies? Write short stories and snag an Aspect change. Want an NPC to flip X skill with Y skill? Do it.

Significant and Major Milestones

At the Mid-Season and End of Season “adjustment” periods, NPCs that have seen heavy usage can and most likely will, earn these types of Upgrades so they can stay on par with the PCs. So if you have a favorite NPCs, write stories using them, and help them grow with your PC.

Sheer Volume of Work

As of 6/26/2013 I’m using the same advancement system for NPCs as with PCs. See Simplified Milestones

  • Summary:
    • Gain a 3rd Minor, gain a free Significant. To make it easier for tracking, just add a Significant over and above the Minors.
    • When the NPC has earned enough Significant Milestones to reach the next Power Level, gain a Major, upgrade the newly gained Significant to a Major.

Note, any kind of Mid-Season or End-of-Season juggling that grants skills or points “resets the NPC count to zero”

NPC Milestones

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