New NPC Template

Cut and Paste into Description

<h4>Power Level</h4> <div class="box white"><UL>
<LI> <B>Total Refresh</B>: 6
<LI> Unspent Refresh:
<LI> <B>Skill Cap</B>: Great
<LI> Total Skill Points: 20
<LI> Unspent Skill Points:
<LI><B>Unspent Fate Points</B>: 1
</UL> </div> <h3>Aspects</h3> <div class="box white"><OL>
<LI> <B>High Concept</B>: ?
<LI> <B>Trouble</B>: ?
<LI> ?
<LI> ?
<LI> ?
<LI> ?
<LI> ?
</OL></div> <h3>Skills</h3> <div class="box white"><ul>
<LI> <B>(&#43;5) Superb</B>:
<LI> <B>(&#43;4) Great</B>:
<LI> <B>(&#43;3) Good</B>:
<LI> <B>(&#43;2) Fair</B>:
<LI> <B>(&#43;1) Average</B>:
</ul></div> <h3>Stunts, Powers, Magic</h3> <div class="box white"><ul>
<LI> ???
</ul></div> <h3>Stress</h3> <div class="box code">
<B>Physical</B> (Endurance)&nbsp;&nbsp;: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8)
<B>Composure</B> (Conviction): (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8)
</div> <h3>Consequences</h3> <div class="box code">
Basic Minor (-2): &#42;ANY&#42;
Bonus Minor (-2): P/C
Bonus Minor (-2): P/C
Bonus Minor (-2): P/C
Moderate &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;(-4): &#42;ANY&#42;
<del>Severe &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;(-6): &#42;ANY&#42; </del>
<del>Extreme &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;(-8): &#42;ANY&#42; </del>

If you want to do an actual “Description” box…

<h3>Text Description</h3> <div class="box white"><ul>
<LI> <B>True Name</B>:
<LI> <B>Physicals</B>:
<LI> <B>Coloring</B>:
<LI> <B>Clothing</B>:

If you want to do an “Advancements” box…

<h3>Advancements</h3> <div class="box white"><ul>
<h4>Major Milestones</h4>
<LI> ?
<h4>Significant Milestones</h4>
<LI> ?
<h4>Minor Milestones</h4>
<LI> ?
</ul> </div>

Cut and Paste into Biography

<div class="box white">
Biography Text Here

If you would like to show the “Character Phases”…

<h3>Character Phases</h3>
<div class="box white">
<h4>Phase One: Background</h4> Where Did You Come From?
<div class="box white">
<h4>Phase Two: Rising Conflict</h4> What Shaped You?
<div class="box white">
<h4>Phase Three: The Story</h4> What Was Your First Adventure?
<div class="box white">
<h4>Phase Four: Guest Starring</h4> Whose Path Have You Crossed (In The Campaign)?
<div class="box white">
<h4>Phase Five: Guest Starring Redux</h4> Who Else’s Path Have You Crossed (In the Campaign)?

If you want to do a “Thoughts on” box…

<div class="box white"><h5>Thoughts on Other Characters:</h5>

<div class="blurb"><img class="small" src="link-to-your-pic"><b>NPC Name</b>: Your-text-here </div>

<div class="blurb"><img class="small" src="link-to-your-pic"><b>Another NPC Name</b>: Your-text-here </div>


Rote Template

# <B>Name</B>
** Stress Cost: ?
** Type: ?
*** Wazzit do?
*** Do anything else?
** Duration: ?
** Story of the Spell:

A YouTube Video That doesn’t Break on an iPad

<div class="youtube"><p class="oembed">"YouTubeVideo":PASTE_URL_TO_THE_VIDEO_HERE</p></div>

New NPC Template

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