Little Tokyo

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Though Dallas (depending on your source) has the largest concentration of Japanese-Americans in Texas, in the real world the community is pretty spread out and fully integrated into Metroplex life. There isn’t really a “Little Tokyo.”

That’s in no way a bad thing… just doesn’t work for our game.

However, Carrollton has the Dallas Japanese Association Japanese Language School (where ex-pats and part-Japanese families bring their kids so that they learn Japanese and not be too “gaijin”) and many activities by the DJA are in the Carrollton area. That’s why I picked it to be Little Tokyo.

Itemized List of Changes

  • Starting at the Josey Lane and Belt Line Road intersection and for about a 2km radius all the stores, professional offices, churches, and residences that are Vietnamese, Chinese, and about 2/3rds of the ones that are Korean or Hispanic are now Japanese.
    • The Vietnam Plaza Market at the intersection of Josey and Belt Line is now a Texas branch of Mitsuwa Marketplace (big Japanese supermarket chain in the USA – started out in California).
    • The various restaurants are now the roughly closest equivalent -ya (Japanese restaurant)
      • For example: Vietnamese Pho restaurants become either Soba-ya or Ramen-ya
      • Fried fast foods become Tonkatsu-ya / Yakitori-ya
      • Mom and pop pizza joints now become Okonomiyaki-ya
      • Fancier restaurants become sushi-ya or Kaiten-zushi (sushi joint with conveyor belts)
    • Churches
      • Korean Church of Dallas becomes a Japanese Catholic Church
      • Hanuri Korean Church becomes the biggest Japanese Buddhist complex (and most visible)
      • Disciple Korean Baptist Church becomes the biggest Shinto facility/complex
  • The headquarters of the Dallas Japanese Association are now in Carrollton instead of Dallas.
  • The “Panthers” of Ted Polk Middle School (dedicated in 1997) are now the “Samurai” of Barney F. Hajiro Middle School.
    • When PFC Hajiro finally received is Medal of Honor in 2000 from Pres. Bill Clinton, there was a big ceremony here as well.


  • RPGs with Japanese NPCs and a place like Little Tokyo are just no fun without at least a few Yakuza.
  • Dallas group: Mizu-Gumi
    • Fictional Yakuza clan, created for this game
    • Small group, less than 200 globally
    • Originally from Tokyo / Kantou region
  • Yakuza Interests
    1. Drug trafficking: High-end or designer drugs and/or crystal meth
      • Yakuza in the USA avoid base/common drugs as being “beneath them”
    2. Arms smuggling
      • 1 in 3 illegal guns in Japan came from the USA.
      • Profit on firearms is x2 to x10 investment depending on what/when.
    3. Prostitution/sex-slavery (both local as well as white and hispanic girls shipped back to Japan)
    4. Money laundering
  • Little Stuff
    1. Protection rackets (both traditional small shop style as well as “soukaiya” style against larger corporations)
    2. Plain ole blackmail
    3. Illegal gambling (especially sports)
    4. “Officially” Yakuza do not participate in petty theft, it is considered “beneath them”
      • In actual practice they simply do not practice petty theft against Japanese & Japanese-Americans. Gaijin are fair game.


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Little Tokyo

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