The Lutheran Inner-City Network Coalition (LINC) of North Texas is an interfaith organization that works with kids and their families to change their communities and neighborhoods.

Members of LINC are generally unaware of the supernatural world. While the coalition has seen success in areas like East Dallas; Downtown continues to struggle. Downtown is also unique in that it is very much aware of the supernatural world that surrounds it.

Season 1 – CASE CLOSED

On Christmas Eve 2011 it was discovered that LINC Downtown was the center for a criminal kidnapping ring that – among other things – contracted with various supernatural powers in the Metroplex for body disposal as well as… acquiring humans for “food” to sate the needs of its supernatural clients. The Texas Rangers and Dallas Police – while investigating 12 missing persons in December – were tipped off to this place. The 12 missing were recovered but the coordinator of LINC downtown was not found.

Theme or Threat



Was Brandon Holton – Downtown Coordinator (Deceased / Officially a Fugitive from Justice) now it’s more or less a PC Matthew Consprite.


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