Eye of Thoth

In the Dresdenverse, this is barely able to be called an “organization,” as Father Forthill is the only surviving member. However, the DFRPG (OW74) leaves an opening: “(In your game, perhaps the Eye of Thoth still exists, as the non-empowered adjunct to the Knights of the Cross, or as a component of the Venatori Umbrorum.)”

For purposes of DF:D, the Eye of Thoth is organizationally an empowered adjunct to the Venatori Umbrorum. Well, maybe adjunct is too strong of a term. Actually, even organization is too strong a term.

In line with the original members, the Eye of Thoth is a mark bestowed upon those who have fought the supernatural evils of the world, in whatever form. After fully embracing their role as a protector and defender, the Eye of Thoth tattoo appears on the inside of their right arm.

Eyes of Thoth are neither members of the Venatori or officially sanctioned by the Church, and there are likely less than a dozen or so in the world at any given time, and so spread out that most individual Eyes are unaware that there are others like them. However, both the Venatori and in-the-know Church organizations like the Ordo Malleus are aware of the tattoo and its significance and tend to support those that bear it. That being said, those organizations are also vigilant that Eyes of Thoth do not take their holy writ too far and become Knights Templar.

May God stand between you and harm, in all the empty places you must walk.
- Blessing of the 18th (Thutmosid) Egyptian Dynasty (1549-1292 BCE)

DFRPG Mechanics

In game terms, the character must at least take Eye of Thoth as an aspect, and unless the character has at least two True Faith powers, they must also take Marked by Power, as the Almighty has laid claim to them for this purpose. The tattoo appears once these prerequisites have been met. In the event the character already has a tattoo of that nature and/or in that location, it becomes much more prominent.

Potential uses of the Eye of Thoth aspect:

  • Invoke to: Bolster powers and skills when dealing with or combating supernatural “evils”
  • Compel to: Force a choice between mundane concerns and supernatural threats or obligations

Magic (Soulfire, etc.)
The Eye of Thoth have known Agelomancers (angel magic) in its past though they are rare. Technically the power comes from a disciplined adherence to the member’s faith, and the direct power conduit of Uriel the Archangel. The Rituals and the forms that the magic takes tend to vary wildly (much like the personalities of the individuals that Uriel “hires” to work for him); Hebraic Kabballah, Christian Mysticism of various ethnic flavors, Santeria, etc. etc.

  • -4 Sponsored Magic (Uriel)
    • Fate Point Debt: You’re in debt to an Archangel of God… they kinda get finicky about what you use the magic for and they’re really big on “accountability.” Make good choices.
    • Elements: Light, Flame, Free Will, Fair Play, Protection, Retribution, Truth
    • Thaumaturgy: In addition to the Elements, functions as thematic Photomancy with Evocation’s Method’s and Speed
    • Holy: Uriel’s magic satisfies the catch of creatures affected by “Holy” sources
    • Soulfire, for an additional -1 Refresh (bringing it to -5 total) this gains Soulfire’s ability to downgrades the toughness of supernaturals by 1 step

GM Notes:

  • Thutmosid Dynasty gets its name from so many Pharaohs named Thutmose (which means Thoth-Child)
  • I’ll be running with the legends/stories/evidences that Joseph of the Bible was Imhotep as it helps with telling stories for Eye of Thoth adventures
    • Imhotep served under Pharaoh Djoser in the 3rd Dynasty – sometime around 2691-2625 BCE
    • The Mastaba tombs at Saqqara were both used as tombs as well as the “grain silos” from the Bible (they were already under construction, pressed into service to suit the emergency need, then after emptied of grain, went back to their original purpose once the emergency was over)
    • We’ll use Emmet Sweeny’s reading of the Famine Stela which helps provide the “evidence” that Imhotep and Joseph are one and the same.
    • That gives us 2700 hundred years of secret supernatural “God powered” Jews before Christ’s time (roughly 120-ish generations).
    • We’ll say sometime mid-Thutmosid dynasty is when the Eye of Thoth “formally” came to be from amongst secret Jews and Egyptian converts – roughly 1400 years before Christ (or 63 or so generations).
  • One True God
    • Some of the Eye of Thoth’s greatest work was the popularity of the cult of Aten (the one and only God, the Sun) during the 12th Dynasty – it was the closest they were going to get the Egyptian ruling classes to come to “The Truth” …
    • All comes crashing down at the end of the 18th Dynasty under Horemheb when the cult is smashed to pieces and the Eye of Thoth is smashed apart
    • Horemheb is the last of his Dynasty (“retribution” by a Thoth Thaumaturgist for the destruction of the Cult of Aten). The next Dynasty (the 19th) is founded by Ramesses the 1st, and his grandson is Ramesses II (which again, for our purposes will be the same Ramesses as the Bible/Moses)
  • People of the Book
    • To use the Arabic term, members of the Eye of Thoth are drawn from all of the people of The Book (The Old Testament)
    • Thus Jews (all stripes), Christians (all creeds from Catholic to Orthodox to Coptic to Mormon), Muslims (all sects), or anyone else that believes in the divinity of The Old Testament and the God therein
    • Obviously there are some doctrinal differences between the members. ;) Especially as there is no longer any sort of “official” hierarchy. Those who are called, answer.
  • Angelic Forces
    • Yeah… nobody really talks about it… but Uriel’s pretty much the one that drives this organization along and keeps it afloat through the centuries.
    • If Uriel is “Heaven’s Spook” – then the Eye of Thoth are his MI-6 / CIA / KGB / Mossad …
      • See “One True God” above for a summary of one of Uriel and the Eye of Thoth’s earliest “ops”

Eye of Thoth

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