Evocation Houserules

Like with our Thaum Houserules, though we prefer RAW as a general rule. We’ve found a few grey areas that we feel deserve a bit more tightening up. Those rules are found here for consistency and disclosure.

Targeting Non-Physical Stress

Physical Stress based attacks (the default) are 1 Shift of Power per Weapon:X value. To target any other kind of Stress is 2 Shifts of Power per Weapon:X value.

Rotes are Actually Rote

An Attack Rote no longer requires a Targeting roll (casting a spell is still a regular Action though, not a Supplemental). It is an automatic attack with the Strength of the amount of Controlled Shifts. The defender still gets to roll for Defense as normal.

Example: A Wizard’s rote automatically controls 5 Shifts of power and puts it all into Weapon (Weapon:5) as an Air Element Wind attack. No roll is required, so it’s a +5 (Superb) attack. The defender rolls to defend as normal. Our defender has an Athletics of 2, so adding that to a 4dFudge roll, he gets a final result of +4 (Good). Attack (5) minus Defense (4) leaves 1 leftover Shift from the Targeting phase so that adds to the Weapon:5… 6 Shifts of Damage… ouch.

Evocation Houserules

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