Custom Stunts and Powers

Just a central location to keep our custom Stunts and Powers we either create for ourselves or our NPCs. Feel free to use any that you like for your games.



Anyone that’s tried to jive Pure Mortals from Our World with the Refresh/Skill Points progression knows there’s something wonky there. This addresses some of that.

May only be taken by Pure Mortal characters. Each Refresh spent on this stunt is an additional 2.5 Skill Points (i.e. 2 Refresh for 5 Skill Points). Each time this Stunt is taken the Mortal may immediately “juggle” their Skill Pyramid to incorporate any new skills/boosted skills. The Charater’s Skill Cap still applies.

Spray Attacks

Several stunts are introduced to deal with our House Rules for Spray Attacks


Fire And Brimstone
  • Threatening someone’s body isn’t really your style. You prefer to threaten the soul. You may use your Conviction skill for the Threats trapping of the Intimidation skill when threatening someone with eternal damnation, divine hatred, or some similar fate.


Wonderful Toys
  • “Where does he get all these wonderful toys?” The character has access to 4 Enchanted Items / Potions slots as if they had taken a level of Refinement for Focus Items.
    • To limit “schtick stealing” – if a character has access to the Refinement Power already via Channeling, Ritual, Evocation, Thaumaturgy, or Sponsored Spellcasting, that character cannot take this Stunt.
  • The character must have and maintain a Character Aspect representing representing some kind of awareness of the Supernatural (even at a rudimentary level). Pure Mortals do not lose their +2 Stunt bonus by taking this Stunt.
    • Example, a character has an Aspect, “I think I run faster in my Grandmother’s magic shoes.” or “Collector of Supernatural Curios.”
  • To determine the strength of the Items, the character must select a Skill appropriate to the character concept (it need not be Lore). This Skill, chosen once for teach time this Stunt is taken, does not change. This Stunt can be taken multiple times, and each time the same or a new Skill may be chosen.
    • For example, a wealthy character may choose Resources – the items were purchased with money, perhaps he or she is an avid collector of curios. A social networking character may select Contacts, these items came into his/her possession from friends of friends. An archeologist may base it on Scholarship, these items were found on digs. Etc. etc.
  • The cumulative strength of any single item cannot be higher than the controlling skill.
    • A Resources Great (+4) based version of the stunt = the highest single item Strength is 4. Etc.
  • Enchanted Items may be swapped out, replaced, reconfigured, modified, etc. at a Significant Milestone (or replaced if lost). Potions obviously change as needed as usual.
  • These items need not necessarily be “magical” – this stunt can be used to model rare, expensive, experimental, etc. technological gadgets on a case-by-case basis. However, this is still a campaign world based on the one that features Harry Dresden… and he’s a wizard. So if the gadget is tech based, Hexing (deliberate and otherwise) applies.


My Buddy Has One Of Those
  • Your friends are very willing to let you borrow whatever you need. You may use Contacts instead of Resources for equipment purchases. If it comes into play for whatever reason, anything acquired this way comes with the Aspect “Not Actually Mine.”
Signature Stuff
  • The character has access to 1 Focus Item Slot as if they had taken a level of Refinement.
    • To limit “schtick stealing” – if a character has access to the Refinement Power already via Channeling, Ritual, Evocation, Thaumaturgy, or Sponsored Spellcasting, that character cannot take this Stunt.
  • The character must have and maintain a Character Aspect representing thematic access to the Signature equipment. Pure Mortals do not lose their +2 Stunt bonus by taking this Stunt.
    • Example, a “Stonefaced Marshal of Dodge City” Aspect could probably apply to the character’s gun(s), badge, boots, spurs, horse, duster, saddle, etc. as possible representations of his Signature Stuff
  • When selected, this stunt must be linked to a single controlling Skill. Each time this Stunt is taken, either the same Skill or a new controlling Skill may be selected. The combined total of Slots for any single item may not exceed this controlling skill.
  • Each Slot is a +1 bonus to any dice rolls made with the controlling Skill. Each bonus must be specified as either for Offense or Defense.
  • Each individual item must be detailed as befitting something designated “Signature” gear. The bonuses only apply when using that item. If the item is lost, destroyed, etc. it requires a period of time roughly equal to the character’s next Significant Milestone to swap it out or replace it.
  • Example 1, a swordfighter has two levels of Signature Stuff. He uses both Slots to gain a +1 Offensive and also a +1 Defensive bonus. So he gets a bonus when attacking, and when using the weapon to parry (defend). His gold handled swept hilt rapier was made by his father, originally for a six-fingered man… the six-fingered man killed the swordfighter’s father… now the villain must prepare to die.
  • Example 2, a gunfighter (the marshal from the above example) has four levels of the Signature Stuff Stunt linked to the Guns skill at Great (+4). He puts all four Slots to Offense… “Kindness” is the name of his pearl handled, custom made, deeply carved and etched silver Colt Peacemaker is truly devastating in his hands. The Marshal is famous for killing with Kindness.
  • Depending on the nature of the item, Hexing (deliberate or otherwise) may apply.
  • DESIGN NOTE: The Refinement Version Grants 2 Focus Item Slots, but Spellcasters must spend Stress to use theirs, thus this one is reduced to only 1


    General Supernatural

    Shift Eater (4 Refresh)
  • Any “points” of Consequences inflicted by the monster are “stored” as Shifts can be used later to absorb damage or power spells. Stress Damage inflicted is less efficient and converts to Shifts at 2 Stress per 1 Shift.
    • If the creature “inflicts” a Minor Consequence (2 points) then it stores 2 Shifts. These Shifts can be used to absorb damage (2 Shifts to absorb 2 Stress) or to provide 2 Shifts of Power to a Spell.
  • Optionally Shifts can be used in place of dice rolls
    • Not to augment, but in place of a dice roll – i.e. 4 Shifts can be spent for a 4 Shift “roll” but not to add 4 Shifts to a 4dFudge roll.
  • Cosmetically, as the creature absorbs more and more power it may have physical manifestations (bloated appearance, glowing with energy, etc.)
Sponsored (0 Refresh)
  • Any Supernatural Powers listed under “Sponsored” allow the Character to go into Fate Point debt to boost.
  • Example: Samson might have “Sponsored: Angel of the Lord (0) Controlling: (-6) Mythic Strength” and any strength related action allows the Character to gain Debt.
Catch (varies)
  • Any Supernatural Power may have a Catch that renders the powers inaccessible until the Catch is no longer met.
  • Example: Samson might also have Catch: “Nazirite Vows” attached to his Mythic Strength, meaning if he cuts the locks of hair on his head, drinks of the fruit of the vine (grapes), or touches a corpse … his strength goes away until he can ritually atone (grow his locks back or re-purify himself in the Hebrew fashion).
Absolute Threshold (+1 Refresh)
  • Thresholds for this character type are absolute regardless of Free Will or anything else.
  • Note: Normally Supernaturals with Free Will have some wiggle room (wizards and shapeshifters can enter but leave their power behind them) though zero free will monsters do not (fae, vampires, etc.). This power makes it perfectly clear.
  • If the character is forced, shoved, pulled, dragged, teleported, etc. into an area where they did not receive permission to enter… they take 1 point of Physical Stress each Exchange until they start taking Consequences related to petrification until they are dropped into a comatose/mummified state. They start recovering at the rate of 1 Physical Stress each Exchange once they are removed from the Threshold area.
Marked by Power (1 Refresh)
  • Not a new power (this exists in the book as the pre-requisite for a Scion Template). This is a clarification – I believe it only affects a handful of characters/NPCs in our game.
  • Depending on the Scene, since Marked By Power literally does NOTHING else… if it’s relevant to the Scene and the “Power” to which this is tied becomes relevant – you may tag this Power as an Aspect for free once per session as if it were a “Sticky” Maneuver. Afterwards it remains in play as an Aspect against which Fate Points can be spent (same as with any “sticky” Maneuvers)… or Compelled.
“Good Intentions” Permeable Threshold (0 Refresh)
  • This is derived from Jim Butcher’s most recent book and should be considered added to all beneficial Low Fae (Cobs, Brownies, etc.)
  • A Fae that intends the inhabitants no harm whatsoever and does not intend to reveal itself to the occupants, may bypass a Threshold (but not a Ward unless otherwise allowed to do so).
  • The pre-requisite for this is that the character must be full Fae (not Changelings or anything with Free Will and thus the ability to change their mind once they enter)
Everywhere Is A Portal (1 Refresh)
  • This power adds the “Everywhere is a Portal” Trapping from the Swift Transition Power to the World Walker Power. This allows the possessor to personally transition at any time without ‘tearing a hole’ (World Walker is just once per Scene/Hour and ‘tears’ a rift for multiple individuals).


Werewolf Constitution (0 Refresh)
  • As per Wizard’s Constitution except more regeneration and less lifespan.
  • Note: This is how we chose to model the additional healing the Alphas displayed in some of the later books/short stories. It seemed more like something in between the Wizard’s Constitution Power and the full on Inhuman Recovery Power.


Hellgun (2 Refresh)
  • (+1) Feeding Dependency (Ghost Memories) attached to
    • (-2) Breath Weapon: Hellguns (Weapon:2)
    • (-1) Stunt: Hand-Eye Coordination (This is what allows the Breath Weapon to use Gun Skill)
  • Note: This is how I chose to model the ghostly pistol Sir Stuart used in Jim Butcher’s Novel “Ghost Story”


Sponsored Magic (Freyja) (4 Refresh)
  • Sponsored Magic standard advantages, if Evocation and Thaumaturgy are known lowers Refresh cost to 2 like with other Sponsored Magic Powers.
  • Elements: family, home, birth, protection, sexual attraction, growth, healing, hearth fires, rain storms
  • Thaumaturgy as per above listed Elements plus general Biomancy (healing, stat boosting, potions, etc.) at Evocation’s methods and speed
  • Note: Our Belle Starr NPC had a norse faith based magical theme, kinda like an anti-Valkyrie counterpoint to Odin’s warrior women… this is one of Freyja’s priestess/shamaness/sorceress types.
Light Source (0 Refresh)
  • Technically with the Pixie Entry in Our World, the ability for minor Glamours to create a minor light source is not present.
  • This house rule attaches Light Source (the zero point refresh power found under Pixies) to the 2 point Glamour as an optional add-on.
Lesser Channeling (1 Refresh)
  • Functions as per Channeling but you do not have the ability to perform the Attack Evocation Action, only Block, Maneuver, and Countermagic
Runic Spell Constructs (0 Refresh)
  • This is attached to Thaumaturgy, Ritual, or Sponsored Magic
  • Your character is of a magical tradition that has portable Spell Constructs instead of Magical Circles. For example Norse “Rune” magic, Celtic “Ogham,” or even an East Asian “Calligraphy on Paper” style (Chinese Tao, Japanese Shungendo, etc.)
  • You gain the ability to take a Thaumaturgical Spell Construct along with you after a successful casting, the spell energies are not released until you “break” the Rune Construct (shatter the runestone, break the Ogham stick, tear the paper, etc.).
  • You lose the ability to use Magic Circle Theory – you can’t just draw a circle and block or contain magical energies, etc.
    • Given enough time you could inscribe sufficient runes in an area to accomplish this, but this would take far longer than a single exchange (no Harry Dresden or Butters-like chalk circles).
EvoThaum (1 Refresh)
  • You gain one Thematic type of Thaumaturgy at Evocation’s Methods and Speed (just like with Sponsored Magic). You must specify what/which.

Custom Stunts and Powers

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