Credits and Stuff

This page is for proper credit where credit is due. If something of yours is used here without proper credit please contact Wolfhound to either have it properly credited or removed. This site is for a roleplaying game so none of the art here is used commercially, no challenge to any legal rights/copyrights is intended or implied.

  • The “look” of our homepage, wiki page, etc. was derived from The Dresden Files dynamic record sheet here on Obsidian Portal. We lifted the backgrounds and did all our formatting to match the look and feel. So, thanks to jbteller4 for doing all that.
  • Not really sure who took the photo of the dallas skyline that we’re using. We got it from here
  • A lot of the photos we use for the NPC portraits are from
      • All pictures used for Belle Starr are by photographer Lyubov Serikova’s “The Fox” series.
    • DeviantArt
    • Generic Google image searches
    • Artist Sites
    • Then we applied some GIMP postwork to make them into derivative works. However, if you’re the original artist please let us know and we’ll give you credits here.
      • We did this so that
        1. it creates derivative works instead of just re-posting originals
        2. if we have to use a smaller image than 256 px square, once it gets scaled up and converted it tends to gloss over the pixelization caused by blowing up the image
        3. if we need to use 3D software to render a particular scene, it helps unify the look of everything if everything gets “tooned” prior to pasting.
        4. if we do a “head splice” (put different head on a body) the filter helps unify the postwork
Google Fonts
  • Rye = Campaign Font
  • Emilys Candy = Erica Journal
  • Jim Nightshade = Conor Journal
  • Just Another Hand = Matthew Journal
  • Sue Ellen Francisco = Elena Journal
  • Princess Sofia = Ren Journal
  • Rock Salt = Jamie Journal
  • McLaren = Cody Journal
  • Redressed = Uncle Journal
  • Life Savers = Lucas Quip
  • Courgette = The Reverend Journal
  • Calligraffitti = Midori Journal

The Obsidian Portal community is without a doubt one of the best on the internet. So many tips, tricks, hints, encouragements, etc. have come from dozens of people from all over the world. Your thoughts and words are priceless. There have been many times, I grew discouraged with this, that, or the other, and a friendly PM kept me going. Priceless.

However, a very extra special thanks to a few members who were especially helpful in the creation of this site: Arsheesh, Duskreign, Killervp, StephenWollet, HumAnnoyd, gaaran, Keryth987, tommy19, RobertKey

Credits and Stuff

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