Charm of Making

John Boorman filmed Excalibur in Ireland, where he got an Irishman to translate this for him I’ll never know… and you have to forgive the two English actors for not pronouncing it right… though I can’t help but notice she goes Widdershins around Merlin as she casts the spell. Either great acting or great direction… or maybe an old pre-Christian instinct about the way our ancestors did this stuff? :)

For grins and giggles, and because I freakin’ love this movie – when Fae cast their spells, this is what they’re chanting during the “Powering” Phase.
  • Old Irish
    • Anál nathrach, orth’ bháis ’s bethad, do chél dénmha é
  • Modern Irish
    • Anáil nathrach, ortha bháis ’s beatha, do chéal déanaimh é
  • English
    • Serpent breath, spell (of) death and life, ’tis your charm of making

Additional Fae/Celtic Magic Notes

  • Dancing Around The Magic Circle
    • Widdershins / Counterclockwise / Tuathal – Unseelie
      • Magic that goes contrary to the natural order or against nature (Attack magic/curses, most potions, most Wards)
    • Sunwise / Clockwise / Deiseal – Seelie
      • Magic that restores the natural order or goes with nature (Healing, blessings, protective wards on homes, etc.)
    • Possible Declaration: Athletics, Endurance, Lore, Performance, Scholarship
  • Sacred Sites
    • Physical Gateways (Mountain Peaks, Coastline, Forest Groves)
    • Times of Day (Dawn, Noon, Dusk, Midnight)
    • Times of Year (Equinoxes, Solstices)
      • The Big Four – Samhain (Oct 31/Nov 1), Imbolc (Jan 31/Feb 1), Bealtaine (Apr 30/May 1), Lúnasa (Jul 31/Aug 1)
    • Weather Conditions (Within a Fog Bank, During a Storm)
    • Constructs (Standing Stones, Passage Graves, Bonfires)
    • Possible Declaration: Alertness, Athletics, Craftsmanship, Driving, Endurance, Investigation, Resources, Scholarship, Survival
  • Offerings
    • Food & Drink to Ancestors and Fae (Libations, Bread & Milk Left Out, etc.)
    • Stories and Poetry
    • Crafted Goods (Candles, Carved Ogham Stones, Brighid Cross/Sunwheels, etc.)
    • Blood & Pain (Duels, Martial Arts displays/“Kata,” etc.)
    • Possible Declaration: Athletics, Contacts, Craftsmanship, Endurance, Fists, Guns, Performance, Rapport, Resources, Weapons

Charm of Making

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