Bumping Aspects

These are strongly modeled from the Mechanics found in an early revision of the Fate Core Kickstarter regarding “Always On” Character Aspects. Though it didn’t appear to make the final cut, I liked it.

Bumping the Dice

Character Aspects are now considered “Always On” and thus are always True in any given Scene and can provide a very slight Advantage. While not as powerful as Aspects or Fate points, since they refresh each Scene they can potentially be more beneficial over a long Story Arc.

How is this modeled in Game Mechanics?

  • This only applies to Character Aspects (The Seven main Aspects on the Record Sheet – High Concept, Trouble, etc.) or Campaign/Setting Aspects.
    • This does not apply to temporary Aspects (Scene, Maneuver, etc.)
  • The Character Aspects “Refresh” at the beginning of every new Scene.
  • A Character Aspect may be used to Bump a single die upwards a single face value. This may be done once per Scene per Character Aspect.
    • Example: When shooting a gun, a character Bumps “Expert Marksman” to change a –4 dice result to –3. This is done by turning a [-] on a single die, into a [0]; or a [0] on a single die, into a [+].
  • A [+] value may not be Bumped, thus the best possible result is as if you had rolled a natural +4 with the Fudge Dice.
  • A Bumped Aspect may still be Compelled or Invoked with Fate Points as normal for a +2 (that game mechanic remains unchanged).
After initial playtesting on 9/12/13, I will probably say that a Bump and an Invoke cannot “stack” (for a grand total of +3) but I’d like a longer game session first.

Bumping Aspects

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