Aspect List

This is a consolidated list of all aspects for all characters to date (11/6/12). For PCs (and some NPCs), that includes aspects that they have “grown out of” or just thought about for future use. We’ll try and keep it updated as we go… Click on the character name to go to their page if you want to see how the aspects fit the build/concept.


Matthew Consprite

The Light Shines in the Darkness
My Boss is Out to Get Me
The Church is Mother, The Church is Father
Of the Light, not just In the Light
Yet Not As I Will, But As You Will
White Bread, Street Cred
Sucker for a Pretty (Pathetic) Face
Student of the Supernatural
Somewhat Fuzzier on the Subject of Kneecaps
Unemployed Venatori
Eye of Thoth
Not Quite “Old Testament” Enough
Working on that “Old Testament” Thing
The Things I Do For Love (Barbara)
“May God Stand Between Me and Harm…”
“…In All the Empty Places I Must Walk.” (Eye of Thoth)

Jamie Harper

Sorceror Security Consultant
Psycho Ex-Wife
Logical Mind
Single Parent & Functional Drug Addict
Supernatural Straight Shooter
Sells the Impossible
Hates Guns
I Can’t Be Half A Wizard Anymore
Protector of My People
Reluctant Warden
Kind of a Dick
Family Man
Just Knows Things
Master of The Wand

Hiyashi Ren

Yousei Daughter of Suijin (Japanese-themed Changeling)
Yakuza Princess On the Run
Appearance is Everything
Just Want to Belong…with the Freaks
Phone Call from Uncle
Let the Ink Flow Where it May
White Council Information Broker

Erica Goodchilde

Blind Sonomancer Musician
Hole in my Magic
Aunt Margarette
Paranet Relay
Midas Voice
Hobbes My Seeing-Eye Malk
Broad Spectrum Geek
Arcane Tutor to the Ft. Wolf Posse
Scholarship Student with Two Antithetical Roommates
Scrappier than She Looks

Elena Torres

One Woman Warpath
People Always Trying to Kill Me
Tejanos Gotta Stick Together
And Justice For All
You Know, Like the Punisher
More Than Meets The Eye
Hey, I Got A System

Conor O’Neill

His Mother’s Son (Intractable Sidhe Scion)
I Try to Get Out, But They Pull Me Back In!
Just A Simple Country Boy
Music Moves The Heart
Scrappy Connemara Man
Fellas Call Me To Help ‘Sort Out’ Other Fellas
Colleens are Gonna be the Death of Me
Got His Fool Head in the Clouds
Big Damn Heroes!
Wyldfae Knight Errant
Customs of the Fae

Cody Lorance

Texas Rangers Special Force
Unbelieving Bureaucracy… except my team.
Mixed Martial Artist
Champion Marksman
To Protect and Serve
I Really Hate Bullies
I Don’t Miss Much


Trying to avoid THE CALL (and stay Wyldfae)
Lie Like A Pro
Curiosity Killed the Cat
Fairy Dust Is Not Just For Flying
I Am Inveeeeeencible!!!!!!
Lost Boys

John Wolf

Wolf-Totem DA Investigator
Cops Are Idiots!
Don’t Mess With My Pack
Be Careful What You Ask For

Doran Jensen

Vampire Slayer? Dude, I Can Totally Do That!
Seriously What’s With All These Vampires?
Kinda a Ditz
Unresolved Issues With The Parents
Would Really Rather Be Doing “Normal” Stuff
You Mess With My Friends, You Mess With Me
I Give Off That All American Girl Next Door Vibe


The White Ninja
Yakuza, tengu, and demons… oh my!
Ninja Academy Drop Out
Paying Bills is Hard
Mad Ninja Skills

Alex Kross

Emissary of the Muses
Too Good For Your Own Good
Jill of All Trades
Terrified of Fae


White Court Celebutante
My Worthless Playboy Father
Ambitions and Appetites
Former Miss February
Not-so-Secret Queen of the Dallas Mob
Sexy and I Know It
Pawns, Catspaws, and Minions, oh my!

Arthur Smyth

Venatori Umbrorum Researcher
Not Enough Hours In the Day

Ashley Davis

The Girl Next Door
Other People’s Problems Are My Problems Too
Wall Flower
Zero Ambition
Little Miss Sunshine
Kinda a Fitness Nut (except for Chocolate)
Hard Worker


Talented Student of the World’s Mysteries
Public Face of the Freakshow
Keen Business Sense
The Purple House on Bell
Networking Savant
Aggressive Latina Businesswoman
Closet Geek in Denial
Closet Geek in Love (with Matthew Consprite)

Belle Starr

Sorceress Cat Herder
Bites Off More Than She Can Chew
Southern As Sweet Tea
I Don’t Judge I Just Want To Understand
Mama Bear (because she can never be one)
“An’ it harm none, Do what ye will”
Rot, Weiß, und Blau
Sorceress Counselor & Adviser

Big Jim Courtright

Ghost Marshal
Surrounded by Ghosts and Lemurs
Would Do Anything To Protect Outhouse Sally
I Do The Job I’m Paid To Do

Brandon Holton

Wolf in The Lamb’s Clothing
Bloodthirsty Homicidal Maniac
Mr. Crankypants


Werewolf Gamma Male
Not So Sure About the Werewolf Thing
One for All, All for One
The Hardworking Doormat of the Pack
City-bred Country Boy
Secretly Loves Handcrafts
Car Mechanic By Day


Werewolf Beta Male
American Idiot
One for All, All for One
Thinks with his Fists
The Hot Tempered Thug of the Pack
I be Trainin’, They be Hatin’
I’ll Never it Let Go


Mistress of Potions and Pain
Law Enforcement wants to find out who I am
Double, Double Toil and Trouble, Fire Burn, and Cauldron Bubble
BDSM For Life
Better Living thru (Al)chemistry
Potion Dealer, Freakshow Discount
Tabula Smaragdina

Damocles Ravenborn

Actually Red Court, but Still a Poser
Like, everybody with any power at all is like, tryin’ to kill me!
Folds Under Pressure
Wannabe Master Vampire… like Vincent Price or Bela Lugosi or something.
Sword Lickin’ Samurai Reject
Vicious When Cornered

Dan “VP” Mayne

Conflicted Biker
Cops Up My Ass
Level Headed For A Biker
Did Bad Things To Save JT

Dana Hawthorne

Nosy Werehawk Reporter
Curiosity Killed the Hawk
Can I quote you on that?

Danielle Miller

Future Fortune 100 Trophy Wife
Maybe a bit self-absorbed
I Wear The Pants Around Here
High Maintenance
Greed is Good
Daddy’s Princess
Great with Ideas, Terrible on Follow Through

Detective Antoine Washington

I’m the police, I run $#!+ around here
Sometimes you gotta have a little dirt on you for anybody to trust you
I got eyes everywhere
Nothing’s free in this world, not even arrest warrants
Believe it or not, I do try to do some good in the community
This $#!+’s chess, it ain’t checkers
What’s wrong with street justice?

Die Erlfürstin

Svartálfr Noble
Bound By Ancient Pacts and Magic
There’s a reason the German word for nightmare is Alptraum (Elf-Dream)
Superstition Has A Reason
I Love To Dance
Primordial Magic
Ancient Foe of God And Mortals

Doña Esmeralda

I Will Ask the Spirits for You
Everybody’s Favorite Abuela


Frighteningly Potent Osteomancer
Secret Warlock
The “I Hate Jamie Harper, I mean, the White Council” Club
Bitch to the Bone
Winner of the Freakshow Coup
Fantastic Bone Structure but a Thick Skull


Cowardly Ogre
Dumb As Rocks
Need to Please
Can Dish It Out But Can’t Take It

Eric McCulloch

Jealous Mentalist
Pushed Over the Edge
Friends in Dark Places
Entitlement Complex
In Tune With Ley Lines

Father Joseph Köhler

Pastor & Malleus Maleficarum (Retired)
Sheep everywhere, lost, starving, and otherwise
Sensitive to Anti-Catholic Jokes and Clichés
Sees Much, Hears More
Ally and Friend of Powerful Men of God
(Ps 18:2) The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer
(Ps 94:16) Who will stand up for me against evildoers?

Hell T

Orc Cliff H.N.I.C.
My People are STOOOO-pid
I Go Off Like T.N.T.
Music Soothes The Savage Beast… and by music I mean Soul
I Will Wreck Your World $&%^(#$&%#
Cocaine is a Hell of a Drug
Inflicting Pain Is Like Breathing

Hiyashi Keisuke

Crotchety Old Japanese Wizard
May we live in interesting times
One MORE thing
Magic Must Defeat Magic
Never Doubt the Inscriptions
Time for Research
Uncle’s Antique Shop


Coppery Dew Drop Fairy Huntress
Small but Fierce


Ectomantic Covensister
Paraplegia is kinda new to me
In Love With Miranda
Let Me Think About That
I Get Along Better With The Dead Than The Living
Don’t Make Me Angry, My Friends Don’t Like It When I’m Angry
Theater Was My First Love

Lucinda Esparza

Psychic Stripper
Playing With Fire (and the Emotions of Powerful Men)
Cassandra’s Tears
Afraid of the White Council (due to Domination and “Fuzzy” 3rd/4th Law Enforcement)
Likes The Fast Life
White Court Pawn
Cornered Tiger


Werewolf Alpha Female
One for All, All for One
Philodox Black Fury
Ex-Army Ranger
In Love with Ramon
Female of the Species…


Werewolf Beta Female
Craptacular Self Image
One for all, all for one
Her Bark is Worse than Her Bite
I’m a People-Person
Smart Nursing School Dropout
La Güera (Fair/Pale Hispanic)


Hot Otaku Geisha
Fawning Fanboys
Looks Like A Million Bucks (actually the surgery cost less than that)
My Scars Are On The Inside
Coffee Sommelier/Barista
Video Game Virtuoso
Cooks like a French Pastry Chef


Much Admired Young Sorceress
Deep depression
Prospero’s Daughter
Drama Queen
Much Pitied Young Sorceress

Molly Malone

World’s Greatest Bartender
Other People’s Problems
Good Listener


Summer Baron of Las Colinas
Ant-Master of the Duchy of Panthers
Never Good Enough for the Duke
Napoleon Complex
Horning in on Winter Turf

Outhouse Sally

Ghostly Soiled Dove
Surrounded by Wraiths and Lemurs
In Love With Big Jim Courtright


Moody Know-it-All Wereraven
Militant Gay Rights Activist in Texas
Queer as a Three Dollar Bill
Man I really Hate Bigots
Hipster Douchebag
Belle Starr’s Fylgja
Can’t Keep His Mouth Shut

Pia Delgado

Quiet Little Witch
Thou Shalt Not Suffer a Witch to Live
Wrong Place at the Right Time
“Just Looking…”
Devout Hispanic Catholic


Know-It-All Old Thespian
Lots of Unresolved Guilt
Magic Was a Heavy Burden
Dramatic Former White Council Wizard
Oh I Remember Something Like That
I Will Do Anything For My Daughter (Miranda)


Hidalgo Vampírico de Sangre Real
Beset on all sides by foes
Un-Officially Official Vizconde
Deeper and Deeper into the White Court’s Debt
Cowardly Lion Complex
Goats Blood only, please


Werewolf Alpha Male
More Monsters Than I Originally Thought
Leader of the Pack
Former Dirty Cop
Ragabash Get of Fenris
The Ends Justify the Means
In Love with Luisa

Raven Harper

Wannabe Major Talent
Would Do Anything For True Power
My Child Was Stolen From Me
Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned
Fiery Redhead
My Boss Would Love To Meet You
Burning Hatred

Santiago Martinez

Doctor and Curandero
Lost His License and Still Practicing
Dual Life – I’m also James Martin
(Lawbreaker) I hate it when my patients die

Teresa Williams

The Lord Helpeth My Hands To Cook
By The Sweat of My Brow Shall I Pay All These Bills!
The Lord Said Don’t Spare The Rod… So I Don’t
Hell Hath No Fury Like This Woman Coming After You For Messing With My Family
You Show Some Respect You Young Punk

The Marchioness

Winter Sidhe in Exhile
Crazy, Even For Winter Court
So Sexy It Hurts
You Took My Body And Played To Win
Mistress of Orcs
Destroyed All The Virtues That God Gave You
Lover of the Arts and Artists

The Twins

White Court Femme Fatale
Beholden to House Camposso
Twins Double the Fun
Martial Art: Escrima

The Witch of White Rock Lake

Enigmatic Witch of Glamour and Shadow
Warnings and Portents

Tom Kazansky

Super Confident Cryomancer
Icy Personality (Misanthropic Arsehole)
I’m Just Cool Like That
I’m A Huge Fan of Iceman (Marvel) and Mr. Freeze (DC)
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
World’s Best AC Repairman
Winter Court Ally, I Mean Pawn


Werewolf Gamma Female
In The Center of a Drama Storm is Where I Belong
One for All, All for One;
The Trust Fund Suck-Up of the Pack
Narcissistic Personality Disorder
Discretion is the only part of Valor


Jade Court Yakuza Underboss
Always hungry for more
Really Scary Guy


Not So Wise Saytr
I like the Good Boys & Girls

Aspect List

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