Accorded Fiefs

“… and such Freeholding Lords and Ladies as recognized by their respective Courts, in the Domesday Bookes of each Duchy, Principality, or March.”

~ The Unseelie Accords

These are necessary to know who shall be declared Freeholding Lords for purposes of the Accords as well as the various Sidhe Nobles of the Unseelie (and Seelie) Court. Other Accorded Powers tend to go more often than not with the Fae definitions as the work was already done.

For Lore Skill Tests (aka ‘the final roll’), the following are needed to know the name/basic details of any particular fief.

  • Great (+4) – Gentry Title or Manor
  • Good (+3) – Baron/Baroness or Barony
  • Fair (+2) – Viscount/Viscountess or Viscounty
  • Average (+1) – Earl/Count/Countess or Earldom/County
  • Mediocre (+0) – Any of the High Nobles and their realms

Metroplex Domesday Booke

Accorded Titles and Ranks

Spanish titles are in parenthesis as these titles appear from time to time in the area depending on the origin of the Changeling.
Area High Nobles
Area Low Nobles
  • Viscount/Viscountess (Vizconde/Vizcondesa)
  • Baron/Baroness (Barón/Baronesa)
  • Baronet/Baronetess (Ricohombre/Ricahembra)
  • Knight/Dame (Caballero/Caballera)
  • Laird (Hidalgo/Hidalga)
  • Esquire (Escudero/Escudera)

Accorded Fiefs

Earldoms & Counties

These are of sufficient size and power as to have both a symbolic Winter and Summer Lord/Lady


  • Within Collin County
    • McKinney (Winter)
    • Frisco (Freehold)
      • by Pact with The White Court this Visconty remains empty
    • Richardson (Winter)
  • Within Dallas County
  • Within Denton County
  • Ellis County (Summer)
  • Johnson County (Summer)
  • Kaufman County (Winter)
  • Parker County (Summer)
  • Within Tarrant County
    • Grand Prairie (Summer)
    • Mid-Cities (Hurst/Euless/Bedford) (Summer)
      • The Queen of Ants was the ‘unofficial’ Freeholding Lord here thus it has also ‘unofficially’ passed to Lord Invictus


Great Manors of the Gentry

  • Within Collin County
    • Sachse
      • Yet Unnamed Ogre, Laird (Winter)
    • Murphy
      • Yet Unnamed Ogre, Laird (Winter)
  • Within Dallas County
    • Duncanville
      • Until recently this was Red Court territory. Now, status unknown.
    • Coppell
    • Koreatown
      • Recently Vacated – was left to a group of Korean Fae
    • Deep Ellum (Includes Baylor/Meadows/Bryan Place)
    • Lancaster
      • Yet Unnamed Ogre, Laird (Winter)
    • Urban Park
      • Yet Unnamed Ogre, Laird (Winter)
    • Lower Greenville
    • Ridgewood Park
    • Uptown
    • Farmers Branch
      • Yet Unnamed Ogre, Laird (Winter)
    • Vickery Meadows
    • Greenland Hills (M Streets)
    • Lake Cliff
  • Within Denton County
    • Little Elm
    • Corinth
    • Highland Village
  • Within Tarrant County
    • Summerfields
    • Ridglea
    • Bluebonnet Hills
    • Southlake
      • Freeholding Lord, name/title unknown, referred to as ‘The Dragon’
    • Stockyards
    • Diamond Hill
    • Riverside
    • South Hills
    • Fossil Creek
    • River Oaks
    • Wedgwood
    • Sansom Park
    • Arlington Heights
    • Lake Worth

Accorded Fiefs

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