A Word About The Dresdenverse

Ok, first a couple of obligatory points:

  1. Yes, we’re from the Metroplex and we picked “home” to be our setting for The Dresden RPG.
  2. Yes, we’re huge fans of Jim Butcher’s Dresden books.

“Official” Dallas

In regards to Dallas as presented in the novels… things are a bit different from where we started back in September.

  • This is what we know about Dallas so far from the Novels:
    • Small Favor (April 1, 2008) – that somebody contacted Harry through the Paranet, that it was about a Black Dog (false alarm), and that Bob thinks Dallas has some of the best Strip Clubs in the world. We also learn that a single Warden in Dallas, New York, Boston, and Atlanta all report to Harry Dresden in Chicago.
    • Turn Coat (April 7, 2009) – The Warden Bill Meyers is here and there’s a local entrance to The Ways

Where possible, we’ve tried to see about incorporating those snippets into our games.

  • Strip Clubs… well… ok if Bob is talking about the “best” Strip clubs… that means The Lodge and Baby Dolls. Bob’s a perv but he’s right about those. That’s a White Court thing.
  • Black Dog… even Harry said there wasn’t one.
  • The Paranet… Well we have The Freakshow Confederacy and they serve the same role. Maybe Belle Starr presents it as The Paranet to folks outside the Metroplex… maybe Belle was the one that called Harry?
  • local entrance to the ways … There’s Sen’s Antiques
  • Bill Meyers… he presents a bit of a problem since we wanted to play with minimal White Council influence… Jaime uses him in his Backstory but other than that… we have kinda ignored the character.

Hurricane Harry

Yeah, as of December 2011… we decided to include Harry Dresden up in Chicago.

Timeline matters as they relate to Dallas.

  • Small Favor happens in year X (to be determined) around late November (In the official continuity this would most likely be around 2008-2009).
  • The events of Turn Coat happen in year X+2 in the summertime (2010-2011).
  • The events of Changes happen in year X+3 in October (2011-2012).
  • The events of Ghost Story happen in year X+3 around May 9th (2012-2013).

Wolfhound’s Unscientific “Talent” Population

Using inferred numbers from Ghost story use the Key

  • “Post” = Active in the Paranet Post Dresden Death = 1:250,000
  • “Pre” = Active in the Paranet Pre Dresden Death = 1:750,000 (Call this the “Active” element)
  • “Non” = Assume the rest are completely unwilling to “come out of the woodwork” or are possibly bad guys

Pre/post/non is arbitrary notes for planning. Whatever happens in-game happens. I just want to know how many “slots” I have.

Rough Estimates By Place of Residence

  • By City
    • Dallas (Proper) = 8 (2 Pre/5 Post)
    • Fort Worth = 5 (1 Pre/3 Post)
    • Arlington = 2 (0 Pre/2 Post)
      1. ?
      2. ?
    • Plano & Garland = 2 Each (O Pre/1 Post)
      1. Donna (Garland)
      2. Non: ? (Garland)
      3. Raven Harper (Plano)
      4. Non: ? (Plano)
    • Irving, Grand Prairie, Mesquite, McKinney, Frisco = 1 Each (0 Pre/1 Post)
      1. ? (Irving)
      2. ? (Grand Prairie)
      3. ? (Mesquite)
      4. Prospero (McKinney)
      5. Stacy (Frisco)
    • Carrollton, Denton, Richardson = 1 Each (0 Pre or Post)
      1. ? (Carrollton)
      2. ? (Denton)
      3. ? (Richardson)
    • All Other Cities* = 18 Across All (6 Pre/10 Post)

! These numbers ignore player characters.
* Due to the Nature of the campaign, most of the “All Other Cities” numbers will gravitate to higher population areas, like Dallas and Fort Worth. So I consider this number my “slush fund” of NPC Talents.

A Word About The Dresdenverse

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