White Court

Generally speaking, Dallas (only 1000 miles / 2 hour flight from Chicago) is allied with House Raith through House Camposso (the local Minor House).

Rumors place a few members of Malvora and Nenavis in Dallas as well (though if they are here, they stay hidden). The same rumors put a minor House Skavis presence in Fort Worth.

House Camposso is all that remains of the American Syndicate (Italian Mafia) in North Texas. The only businesses in which it is entrusted is money laundering with dabbling interests in smalltime drugs and prostitution.

Amber and the legitimate “face” of House Camposso runs a chain of successful Italian restaurants througout the Metroplex. Most of the other succubi “of the blood” in House Camposso are deeply involved in the thriving Dallas strip club scene – especially Baby Dolls and to a lesser degree The Lodge (as with any Raith affiliated White Court – also the seedy elements of the porn industry, etc. etc. also have White Court dabbling around).

Members of the Blood

Recent events have led to a unofficial state of “war” between the player characters and the White Court who; at the time, were sworn to the protection of Rafa of the Red Court … when the PCs kidnapped him and cursed him.


Northwest Highway

The area where Northwest Highway, Loop 12, and I-35 all combine is basically the “red light district” of Dallas. Bounded by Harry Hines on the east and Luna Road on the west, this long stretch of Northwest Highway is famous/notorious for all of its various adult entertainment businesses. This area is also the money making “bread basket” of the White Court.

ASPECT: Sodom and Gomorrah of Dallas.

Baby Dolls

Baby Dolls is in many ways like the White Court in Dallas. It’s seen better days. However, Baby Dolls still has national draw (as does The Lodge) among circles that are “in the know” about Strip Clubs. The general business model of Baby Dolls is very beneficial to The White Court succubi… a gigantic stage, 200+ dancers, overworked bouncers, and a history/reputation for being far more liberal with the “no touching” rules regarding lap dances, rubbing/grinding, and whatnot.

These all combine to make it extremely easy for male or female White Court to feed lightly or moderately (yet regularly) from dancers and patrons both. The sheer volume with which Baby Dolls operates ensures their feedings are scattered (even spread out nationally considering how many out-of-town businessmen come to Baby Dolls on any given night).

When a succubus needs to “feed deeply” it is extremely easy to set up “outcalls” and sate those hungers as well. There are several hotels within walking distance of Baby Dolls to cater to “outcalls.” That said, it is considered extremely poor taste to kill bucks/does while feeding. If that “must” happen… they would prefer such feeding happen “out in the wilds” (code for finding street workers or dancers at OTHER clubs not tied to the Court).

ASPECT: Drunk on indulgence

The Lodge

Ironically, this higher class/upscale strip club is actually rarely frequented by Raith-type White Court. Though House Camposso makes some money from it and has been known to use it from time to time; it has a much higher profile and is far more professionally run… which makes feeding more difficult.

However it does make for a far better “business meeting” location; as opposed to Baby Dolls which is more like “the cafeteria.” Many times, if people wish to meet with The White Court in a semi-public place (with witnesses and whatnot) this is the preferred location.

Want what you can never have

This is how we’re defining family bloodlines of the White Court. This is mostly created for this game, feel free to use it if it’s useful to you.

These are the four great houses and a brief description of the emotions on which they feed (plus seat of power and weakness).

Nenavis was fabricated and if Jim Butcher ever officially names the ‘fourth house’ (aka the “anger” house) I’ll retcon.

The Great Houses

Name Emotion Seat Weakness
Raith lust, envy, desire, covetousness, longing, pleasure Chicago, USA (King) Love
Malvora fear, anxiety, shame, awkwardness, insecurity, mistrust Venice, Italy Courage
Skavis despair, loneliness, betrayal, dejection, grief Lodz, Poland Hope
Nenavis hate, aggravation, anger, bitterness, contempt, rage, resentment, spite St. Petersburg, Russia Serenity

The Minor Houses

These are legion. Ultimately every Minor House owes its origins to a member of a Great House. However, generally speaking (for whatever reason) they split from the parent family long ago and took the name of a different progenitor (ostracism, rebellion, betrayal, etc.).

White Court

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