The Purple House on Bell

The Purple House at 5618 Bell St. in Lower Greenville is one of the Dallas supernatural community’s best kept secrets. Even the mortals that know about it barely grasp the significance of a fully stocked and functional herb store.

While quite a few “Wanna-Blessed-Bes” shop here… a lot of legitimate practicioners also shop here. Some of the items sold here are for the normals (Made in China or otherwise). However, most of the items are real (for example, the herbs are all properly grown and harvested). Obscure herbs are often available, you’ve only to know what to ask for. Tools of the trade as well, from cauldrons and athame to even more obscure things are available from time to time.

  • This place has been around a long time
  • It’s been owned by several folks… current name is “The Maze”
  • The owners of The Purple House tend to be able to spot the diference between a real practicioner and a wanna-blessed-be.
  • It’s always been purple
  • While it has no library of “real” occult books, practicioners of every kind and stripe will often come here to have meetings and discuss tips and tricks… the meetings where “real” things are discussed are by invitation only. The rest of the time the classes are for the normals.

Theme or Threat



There are suspected to be two owners. One is well known, and can almost always be found there. The other is strongly suspected (but only by other supernaturals):

The Purple House on Bell

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