Oak Cliff

There’s some debate as to if this is still “black” territory or “mexican” territory. The area is certainly contested. There’s about a hundred gangs here, one for each “hood”– the boundaries between them all are only known to the ones involved.

However, what is not under debate is who the meanest, biggest, nastiest MF’er is in the OC… Hell-T and The OCT.

This page covers “mortal” Oak Cliff. It’s got problems not the least of which is crime and violence.

In the real world, Oak Cliff is on its way back up. A lot of attention and money is being focused on revitalizing Oak Cliff the way that Harry Hines was revitalized. That just doesn’t work for our game.

In the game, Oak Cliff is still stuck in the 1990s. It’s not as violent as Pleasant Grove (as a nod to the efforts of the city in the neighborhood) but outsiders just don’t belong here.

Theme or Threat



There’s not really any single face for all of Oak Cliff. Obviously Hell T and The OCT are major powers here. … were… in Season 2 Hell-T is dead… Staple is honcho.

Oak Cliff

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