Nelson Center

Located off of I-35 in Denton, TX, the Nelson Center is an outreach ministry of Lutheran Social Services. Its purpose is to provide a home for abandoned and abused children, providing a supportive environment in which they can grow and prosper.

The less well-known side of the center is that a fair percentage of the kids end up there because of “unexplained” problems that turn out to be supernatural in nature. White Council wizards have been known to visit (to ensure that any would-be warlocks are accounted for), along with other members of the supernatural community (to nurture the raw talent found).

While no one on current staff is “in the know,” with a little observation it is clear that at some point in the past there was, as there are long-standing guidelines about allowing strangers to enter, but not “welcoming” or “inviting” them in. This is made significant in that there is very little turnover, and most of the kids are there long enough to call the place “home.” As a result, and despite its apparent nature, the building has a substantial threshhold and survived a number of potential attacks over the years through that fact alone. Clergy who are “in the know” tend to end up in the area at those times, strengthening it even further.

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Marcel Poling is the CEO of the Nelson Center, a kindly, aging man who has seen far too many children come through his doors. He is treated (and acts) like a grandfather to the kids at the Center (appearing not too frequently, and always a kind presence – as opposed to the staff who take on the more “parental” role at the facility). He’s a capable networker, and has maintained good relationships with the various Lutheran congregations in the Metroplex, who act as a major source of support for the Center.

Nelson Center

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