Lower Greenville

Greenville Avenue south of Mockingbird Lane is a genuine neighborhood strip, or series of strips, with a semi-urban atmosphere and businesses that range from pawn shops to sushi bars.

The area has evolved more organically than most in Dallas, featuring neighborhood corner Lebanese restaurants, age-old greasy spoons and other urban niceties. During the week you will find many area residents who tend toward the bohemian, but the weekend draws a party-hardy crowd.

As one travels north along Greenville, the strips (there are several, each two or three blocks long and around half a mile apart) become somewhat more mature in tone, though the atmosphere still ranges from laid-back to drunken.

  • The Confederacy is heavily involved in the supernatural scene here
  • In the grand scheme of things, there really aren’t many “threats” in Lower Greenville… but crazy, absurd, random stuff can happen here… especially after 9pm.

Theme or Threat

  • (After 10pm and until 4am) ASPECT: DRUNK AND STUPID


There really isn’t a “face” for Lower Greenville, but Belle Starr works for the supernatural scene.

Lower Greenville

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