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1/19/16 Site Added the long missing Nick’s Story to the frontpage roll of PC updates
1/17/16 Campaign Had a big pow-wow with all the players that were up in Dallas for the MLK weekend and we discussed plans and directions for Season 3, get ready for a fairly big shift around as the main characters stay lost in Don Diablo’s Never-Never trap and we focus on “The B Team” for a while
1/14/16 Campaign So after a very like time away, I’ve added a Season 2 Epilogue and wrote a few sentences concluding the final story arc. We played it but in 2 years, all our notes were lost. I also added a new Roxie story. All are linked from the front page.
7/10/14 Campaign Nick’s Story added
7/2/14 Site (17:08 CST) I believe all the bloody green boxes on characters are all gone. Finally. If you see one let Wolfhound know.
7/2/14 Site (9:35 am CST) Transcripts and Tutorial Pages are converted. If you encounter the green “Fix me” box please message Wolfhound as I’ve missed it.
7/1/14 Site I’ve converted all the Wiki pages – finally – to the new CSS for the Obsidian Portal Reforged
6/30/14 Campaign Postgame is up for Session 47 Abandon All Hope, 1 – at this time Session 46 is just a quick summary.
1/29/14 Campaign Session 45 postgame is up, Friday the 13th, I
1/22/14 Campaign Egality
1/16/14 Campaign Dál Ais
1/15/14 Campaign Love Less Warm
A postgame from a character that’s no been heard much … Cody’s wife – Beth Lorance. See meets a very very powerful NPC and gets in possibly over her head. What is it they say about curiosity?
1/10/14 Campaign I finally added a basic outline of the events from our December game (session 44) Spooked
1/10/14 Campaign To Protect My Love
Cody gets the new year off to a great start!
11/21/13 Campaign Weak of Just Pathetic?
11/6/13 Campaign Ballin
11/5/13 Campaign Fractured and Splintered
10/28/13 Site The Obsidian Portal Reforged Kickstarter went live which broke a lot of things and created this new look. thus I began Reforging DFD on this day… it’ll be a lot of work. If you see any giant green boxes.. that’s code I haven’t fixed yet.
9/25/13 Campaign Game #2.14 – Means to an End
9/19/13 Campaign Game #2.17 – Black Silk
9/17/13 Campaign Game #2.12 – Matters of Faith
9/16/13 Campaign Game #2.17 – Journal 07/12/13
9/13/13 Campaign Postgame for session 2.17 The Birds is up
9/12/13 Campaign House Rules for Bumping Aspects (Character Aspects “Always On”) as well as our slightly expanded rules for Resources Stress are up. Both are derived from Fate Core ideas.
9/5/13 Campaign Game #2.16 – Tea Time and
Girl Talk
9/5/13 Campaign Game #2.16 – Athair Baistí
9/3/13 Campaign #2.2 Bonus – Don’t Mess With
Texas Women
9/1/13 Campaign For “Fae” spellcasters I put up my notes on the Charm of Making. I also created a unified “history of the Dresdenverse” up as part of my GM notes – think of it as Prehistorical Propaganda
8/29/13 Campaign 8/29/13 – Conor-no-Kimi
8/29/13 Campaign Game #2.15 – Exploring Options
8/27/13 Houserules Took some time to clarify Glamours since we have a lot more Fae involved these days… ironic since they were written in as antagonists 2 years ago. Glamour Codification also added a Pure Mortal only Stunt “Skilled” over on the Custom Stunts and Powers page. Helps address characters like John Marcone from Our World with Skill Points far far beyond their Refresh level would suggest.
8/26/13 Campaign Game #2.13 – Weekend Warrior
8/25/13 Campaign Game #2.15 – Céard a déarfá “Mojo”
i nGaeilge?
8/24/13 Campaign #2.2 Bonus – Night of Bad Dreams
8/23/13 Campaign Game 37 Metastasized Motorcycle Mayhem is up!
8/22/13 Campaign Game #2.14 I See All The Things!!
8/17/13 Site Instituted a series of graphic overlays on the character listings to show “star power” (gold/silver/bronze) as well as “case close” vs “case closed/deceased”)
8/16/13 Campaign Game #2.14 Mom
8/15/13 Campaign Game #2.14 Mo Thalamh
(My Land)
8/14/13 Site Major rework on the Wiki Main Page to try and eliminate excessive clicks to “drill down”
8/12/13 Campaign Game #2.13 Ridire Dubh
(Black Knight)
8/11/13 Site Changed up the homepage and created new rollover buttons…
8/10/13 Campaign Cody’s game 36 postgame is up
8/9/13 Campaign Game 36 postgame is up, we’re now done with our “midseason”
8/8/13 Campaign Two from Matthew today – Postgame A and Postgame B
8/7/13 Campaign Conor Postgame
7/31/13 Campaign Another Conor Postgame
7/29/13 Campaign Postgame of Session 34 is up
7/28/13 Campaign And another John Wolf
7/27/13 Campaign John Wolf brings us his first postgame!
7/26/13 Campaign A Conor Postgame is up … and another one
7/24/13 Campaign Another Erica postgame
7/22/13 Campaign Erica postgame AND a Midori postgame (what?!?!) … plus I suck as an Obsidian Portal content provider… and I will get the postgames up for our recent games soon… I hope.
6/26/13 Campaign Unified NPC Milestones and PC Milestone progression using the new “simplified” rule of thumb
6/25/13 Campaign Erica Postgame 2.3 Up
6/25/13 Campaign Slight house rule tweak to Spray Attacks making them available to more than just spellcasters and people using fully automatic guns
6/6/13 Site There’s a Fan Film made about The Dresden Files called Night Light – please go to their Facebook page and check it out! Geeks gotta stick together.
5/31/13 Campaign ‘Queen to Big-D, Check, I’ Postgame is up
5/24/13 Campaign Matthew Postgame Up
5/23/13 Campaign Evocation Houserules are up
5/20/13 Campaign Mechanics for Simplified Milestones added to the wiki page, plus the rework of the Hunger mechanics for “people eaters”
5/19/13 Campaign StageLucas notes for the last game session are up but not yet in final form
5/17/13 Campaign Conor Postgame up – playing around with a new NPC that StageLucas introduced
5/15/13 Campaign Conor Postgame up – however this one is significant as it is a single 40 Complexity Thaumaturgy spell – complete with system discussion at the end.
5/13/13 Campaign Conor Postgame up… nice and Irish … in other words, kinda sad and depressing.
5/10/13 Campaign Elena puts up a postgame as well as a full transcript for the Easy Money game … which is awesome because I never did.
5/10/13 Campaign Postgame for 2.7 is up StageLucas take the GM reins for a wild and fun night of ever thickening mini-plots.
5/8/13 Campaign After everything Elkhorn and I learned about Biomancy etc. etc. while doing his Warding postgame… I wanted to at least get us all on the same page regarding Thaumaturgy Houserules
5/7/13 Campaign Houserule regarding social stress in anticipation of, and caused by, upcoming changes to FATE Core as well as GM preference
5/1/13 Campaign Matthew Postgame 2.3 is up
4/30/13 Campaign Chrys Postgame 2.6 is up her first!
4/29/13 Campaign Conor Postgame 2.5 is up
4/28/13 Campaign Conor Postgame 2.4 is up
4/19/13 Campaign The Postgame for Game 2.6 is up … the spectacular ending of the Hot Water story arc.
4/18/13 Site Thanks to Kallak and madartiste’s work on a CSS alternate listing for the character page, my dream of higher resolution pics of my NPCs is realized!!!!
4/12/13 Campaign I’ve been wanting to work up the CSS for a faux newspaper frontpage so i did that today. I will use these as “bonus” postgames on adventures. The first one is up
4/12/13 Campaign Postgame for Game #2.5 – Hot Water part 2 is up!
3/29/13 Site I added some of my Dallas Soundtrack – just under 20 songs that make me think of Big D
3/29/13 Campaign Postgame for Game #2.4 – Hot Water is up!
3/29/13 Site I was messing around with Windows Movie Maker again, and updated the opening movie to season 2… not sure I like the version that comes with Windows 7. It’ll do. Last season was the Flatlanders, this season… Willie
3/28/13 Campaign Erica postgame 2.2 is up
2/27/13 Campaign Conor postgame 2.3 bonus is up this is the conclusion of the one started with 2.3. Also since I skipped a game 2.2 postgame it’s also “make up” work.
2/27/13 Site Reduced the file size of some of the larger art images. 2.5 meg worth of art data before optimization, 600 kb worth of data after optimization. Enjoy the faster load times.
2/25/13 Campaign Conor postgame 2.3 is up … another one of my example combats using FATE where I “roll the dice” system-wise as I write the scene to show one of the strengths of FATE
2/22/13 Campaign Postgame for 2.3 is up
2/3/13 Campaign Things should start back up again on the 21st or 28th (final scheduling TBA). The new babies for the players of Erica, Matthew and Ren are healthy and happy and so we’ll be back in full swing shortly.


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