Game 7 Transcript

Bah Humbug, Part 1

This is pretty much a straight transcription. It isn’t “pretty," but it’s done. Finally. They’re really fun to read back through, though!

It’s really long. Like 10,100 or so words.

There is some strong language, as a heads up.

Jaime, with Ren as his passenger, pulls around the back alley of Uncle’s. The Shadesphere is under a tarp/blanket in the back seat. Jaime draws a quick chalk circle around his car and puts a veil over it so the BMW won’t get stolen or damaged while he’s inside (bad neighborhood).

Jaime knocks at the back door, carefully floating the wrapped sphere. Ren just opens the door and saunters in. Jaime follows her.

R “Uncle, I’m baa-ack!”

Uncle’s voice from the front of the store “Oh! Very good!”

His voice gets nearer as his footsteps approach “So, how di-” He sees Jaime and his demeanor changes. “Welcome to my shop, Mr. Harper.”

Jaime gives a half-bow. “Thank you.”

Uncle “Take this over there.” Gestures. “On the dragon shaped cradle.”

Jaime gestures nonchalantly and the covered sphere floats to the cradle and comes to a rest.

U “Would you like some tea?”

J “Yes, thank you.”

U to Ren “You! Come help me make tea.”

R “Yes, Uncle.”

Out of earshot of Jaime, who will Listen from a distance (using Spirit).

U “So… As your friends like to say in this country.” He pauses. “What the hell were you thinking?!”

R, patiently “Uncle, we’ve talked about this before. You sent me, I get to do it my way. It worked. That’s all that counts.”

U “You also brought an unstable, not-member of the White Council to this repository.”

R defensively “I had to get it here! What, do you want me to take the bus??”

U “Rather than allow this facility to be compromised?!”

R, speechless

U, emphatic “YES!”

R, still defensive “He’s not that bad.” Hopefully, “He could be useful.” Silence. “Well, I could use him.”

U, still silent.

R, resigned “What, Uncle?”

U, angrily “Take the tea!!”

R, polite “Yes, Uncle.” Takes tea, starts to head out.

U “One more thing!”

Ren turns. “Yes, Uncle?”

U “Biscuits, too!”

Ren puts the cookies on the tray and heads over to Jaime. A few moments later, Uncle comes back in.

U, apologetically “Please excuse. I must go.”

J nods “Just as long as it gets to the right place.”

U, polite “It is about to head on a one-way trip to Scotland.”

J “My intent.”

U “Although my niece brought you here, you understand security of this location?”

J “Ye-es.”

U “Is there something else I may do for you? Thank you very much for bringing the item.”

J, polite “No.” Looks around the shop pointedly “Anything you think I might find interesting?”

U “The truly interesting items here don’t stay long.”

J “Also to Scotland?”

U “You could say that. Yes.” Pauses. “Shall we say, Scotland is not that far away.”

J “Hm.”

U “Oh, and what were any agreements that my niece may have made to facilitate your assistance? I am aware that you tend to charge a fee for your services?”

R laughs. “And you were worried about me!”

J “My arrangements have been taken care of by other parties. Your niece is free and clear.”

U “This… makes me happy. I would dance a jig if I knew how.”

Uncle turns & walks over to the Shadesphere and examines it.

U “Oh. Yes. How many souls, do you know, have been committed to it? It is much more active than it was the last time I saw it.”

Long silence.

U “Do you know?”

J “My information indicates that it is probably about 75% complete. I am no expert, but I believe each demon has to solve it on its own, so I am guessing those souls will drain away? Over time?”

U “I… do not know. This is a matter for the experts in Edinburgh. It is beyond my expertise.” Murmurs something in Japanese. Ren hears it as “Ah, this should be interesting.”

U “Very well. Then thank you very much for assisting my niece. It is, ah, good to see you.” He is plainly lying.

J “You are most welcome.”

Jaime finishes his tea and stands.

U “One more thing.”

Uncle hands Jaime an envelope. “There was a finder’s fee.”

J “Ah. Excellent.”

U “I have taken the liberty of dividing it by two. It is a not insignificant sum. The White Council does allow a stipend for services rendered.”

J “Appreciated. Well, if you’ll excuse me?”

U “Please!”

Ren, liltingly “See you later, Jaime!”

J “Hm.”

U, undertone to R in Japanese “Get inside, you shameless hussy!”

R “It’s in my nature, Uncle. What can I say?”

Jaime, in his car, checks the envelope. It contains a “Resources appropriate” amount of money. Jaime is going to split it in thirds and gives it to Matthew, Conor & Elena with a note that says “Your share” (Jaime is under the assumption that everyone he hangs out with is poor. Which is true about Conor & Matthew. Heh. AND he didn’t want to take the White Council’s money).

In the shop, Uncle makes a phone call & within half an hour or so, a Warden steps through the Ways into the shop. Ren notes that the Warden looks really tired (big bags under his eyes, etc, tattered & dirty cloak). He does not look pleased to be in Dallas even for a very short time. The Warden picks up the Shadesphere and steps back through the Ways.

Month & a half passes.


In Medias Res

Jaime finds himself in Fort Worth. Specifically, he finds himself in the White Elephant Saloon in Hell’s Half Acre. He is there with Conor, Elena and Doña Esmeralda.

Events up to this point: He was hired by a woman named Camilla Johnson, a widow. She was being haunted. She asked around her friends to find out more about what to do about haunting. One of her friends directed her to The Purple House on Bell. She went there to get names about what she could do. An individual by the name “Belle” recommended Esmeralda and Jaime to Camilla. Since Mrs. Johnson didn’t know what she needed, she hired them both.

So Jaime found himself at a house in Fort Worth at a séance of all things, led by Esmeralda, because Esmeralda wanted to do the séance before any wards were in place. Jaime wasn’t pleased, but he was being paid, so…. Eh.

As he was sitting though the séance, it came out that she was in fact being haunted, way back on Halloween. That was the last time the ghost had been at the house. Everything after that has just been normal creaks and bumps in the night. Because she had been so freaked out, she had been crediting everything to the ghost. The ghost was not a malevolent spirit. It was actually the ghost of Carolina Johnson, which Jaime finds out was Camilla’s eldest daughter and a “missing person” from last year. Vanished without a trace, body never found.

According to Esmeralda, she can’t get in touch with Carolina, but she says that’s not unusual around Christmas time. Around Christmas, the spirits that still retain a sense of self tend to hole up in places they can be protected, because around Christmas the wraiths and lemurs (evil ghosts) are out in full force. So Esmeralda can’t get in touch with Carolina, but she thinks she has an idea of where Carolina might be, considering where they are.

Camilla says, “If I’m not being haunted by a malevolent spirit, can I hire you to find out who killed my daughter?”

(Camilla got this idea from Esmeralda who had ‘let it slip’ that Jaime at times has done more than mere defensive security work and that he may have been involved in solving a murder case some time before.)

Camilla hires Jaime to find out who killed her daughter.

Jaime calls Elena to help, and Conor as muscle back-up.

Esmeralda goes with Jaime to the White Elephant Saloon to help with contacting Carolina.

Back to the present

The four of them are at a table off to the side. It’s the beginning of the evening and it’s starting to get festive. It hasn’t reached “rip-roaring,” but it’s VERY festive, with a lot of legitimate rednecks and many tourists trying to pretend to be rednecks. “She thinks my tractor’s sexy” blaring on the speakers, NASCAR highlights on the TV.

Esmeralda sets a candle on the table. Waitress had already set up their drinks, and was asked to give them some privacy.

Jaime knows that there are lots of ghosts active in Hell’s Half Acre. He has noticed that there is no wind, but there are things fluttering – the napkins flutter, the candle flickers.


Elena looks at Doña Esmeralda “So, Doña. Is it always like this?”

The Doña glances at Elena. “Where?”

Elena gestures. “The fluttering….”

Doña “Oh, sí, but maybe not…. this much.”

E “Hm!”

Doña “Do you know the story of this place?”

E “Well, no….. I mean….”

Doña explains (see the wiki about Hell’s Half Acre)

Doña “Around Christmas, Marshall Courtright always brings his…. clients to the White Elephant Saloon because he can protect them easier here rather than if they wander around. So it’s like a ….”

E interrupts “So they’re having a Christmas party?”

Doña “Sí!”

E laughs “Nice.”

Doña “With Marshall Courtright and Outhouse Sally providing the host.”

E curious “What kind of currency do ghosts use?”

Doña “Memories.”

E “Oh. That’s creepy.”

Doña “To be a ghost, you have to have lived an interesting life, and then die without ever fulfilling your potential. So that creates a shade. See? That is very…. Esta mucho delisioso… to the lemurs and the wraiths. So Marshall Courtright and Outhouse Sally….”

E “His girlfriend?”

Doña “After a century, I think it’s safe to say…. companion in all things.”

E “Right.”

Doña “They protect the ghosts who wish to retain their sense of self identity, because if the lemurs and wraiths get them, they eat them. And when all of your memories are gone, you become a wraith yourself.”

E “Oh. Bummer.”

Doña “Sí, sí. Bummer, sí.”

Doña “Ok, so if I wish to speak to Carolina, I must first speak to the host.”

E “Oh, you gotta ask permission?”

Doña “Sí. And since it is you who wish to speak to her, I will be the medium. Sí?”

Everyone nods.

Doña “One minute.”

She sits there, and her eyes roll back in her head. This 60 year old, short, fat Mexican grandma dressed in gypsy-esque clothing. Her head drops down, and all of a sudden lifts, and she hocks a lugie on to the floor.

Doña “So I hear you wanna talk to me?” No trace of a Spanish accent and her voice has dropped like an octave and has a deep Texas twang.

Courtright/Doña “Who are ya, anyway?”

E “I’m Elena Torres.”

Courtright/Doña nods “How do, Miss Torres?”

E “Marshall.”

J “I’m Mr. Harper.”

Courtright/Doña “How do, Mr. Harper. How can I help?”

E “We need to speak with Carolina Johnson.”

Courtright/Doña “Carolina Johnson? Yeah, I know her. What about?”

E “Um… Her recent demise?”

Courtright/Doña “Ah, yep. Darndest thing. ’Bout this time last year got herself kilt at Christmas.”

E “Yes.”

Courtright/Doña “What abouts? Yall trying to solve her murder or somethin?”

E “Yes, absolutely.”

Courtright/Doña “Aw, hell! All ya had to do was say that thar. Lemme go get ’er.” Pauses. “Um, they takin care of yall on that side? I hear they water down the damn beer these days. That true?”

E shrugs “I dunno. I drink tequila.”

Courtright/Doña “You are a fine woman after my own heart. You take care of yourself, Miss Torres.” Nods. “Mr. Harper.”

E “Thank you, Marshall.”

Courtright/Doña “Enjoy yourselves.”

The Doña’s head droops again, then she straightens and looks around.

Doña “Did I spit?!”

J “Multiple times.”

They sit in silence for a moment.

Doña nods. “Ah. Carolina is here.” Her head slumps again. When her head lifts, she shifts in her seat and adjusts her hands primly in her lap.

Carolina/Doña “Yes?” Her voice is soft and shy, again no trace of the Spanish accent.

E “Hi, Carolina. I am Elena Torres. I’m here to find out what you know about your murder.” Pauses. “I’m sorry. I don’t know how to put that delicately. But I’d like to find out who did it and give you some justice.”

Carolina/Doña, hesitantly “Well, I don’t really remember much….?” Pauses. “It was Christmas. I was just doing some shopping. I had some friends in town and they wanted some real, honest-to-goodness cowboy stuff, so I was just down here picking up some trinkets and stuff out here in cow-town. I don’t remember…. I heard something…. I knew…. I knew better…. I should have just let it go. I went to go see what it was. There was a blur….. Then I heard someone talking to me in Spanish. I don’t speak Spanish, but I know it a little because of my mom. I was never really good at it. He said something like ‘you should have been more careful’ and then…. um…. I felt… I have this still.”

She shows a gruesome, jagged wound on her jugular.

Elena notices that it looks exactly like the wound from that guy in the car that the vampire killing chica finished off.

Carolina/Doña “And then I remember…. I remember right before everything went black…. them saying there at the end ’I’ll take care of this one. You get the rest of them back to Dallas.’ And then that’s all I remember until I woke up, for lack of a better word, at the same spot, around Halloween? And there were…. things. I just ran. I got lucky and found Marshall Courtright. He told me how things work.”

E “Did you go back to your mom’s house?”

Carolina/Doña “I tried. I tried, but I couldn’t figure out stuff. I think I just scared her. I’m still kind of new at what I am.”

E “Ok.”

J “Where exactly did this happen?”

Carolina/Doña “To me?” She points over toward the train station over with the touristy stuff. She just went down the wrong alley. She had exited a shop and went over to investigate a noise in an alcove.

Carolina/Doña “You know the candy store? The saltwater taffy shop?” Describes it. “That’s all I know.” Looks at them expectantly. “Was I any help at all?”

E nods. “That and the method…” Pauses. “Your wound.”

Carolina/Doña “This?” Points at her neck.

E “Yeah. I know what did it. I don’t know who, but I know what.”

Silence around the table.

J wonders to himself: I think this is a Red Court vampire. If in the creation of the Red Court…. Could she be walking around as a Red Court vampire? It IS possible. In the creation of a Red Court vampire two people have to die – the person turning into the vampire, and its first prey. She could have been either. Or just another snack.

Elena has been hanging low recently because the Texas Rangers are in town since there have been about a dozen missing persons reports in the past two weeks in West Dallas and Downtown alone. The average is usually twelve a YEAR. Rangers are tough, and Elena doesn’t like running counter to cops. There is SOMETHING going on in Dallas this year for sure.

Carolina/Doña “Ok, well, Merry Christmas. Good luck?”

E “Merry Christmas.”

Carolina/Doña “Let me know?”

E “Absolutely. You might know before we can get back, if we’re lucky.”


Scene change, a day or so prior to the Saloon scene.

Uncle comes into the back room, where Ren is doodling with water colors.

U “There is something very strange going on in the southwest of Dallas. I sense…. involved in these events is an item of Dark Magic.”

Ren sighs. “Yes, Uncle?” Sets the brush on the easel.

U “I want you to go…. Don’t you know someone who works with, eh…. poor, broke gaijin?”

R “Ah. Yes.” Nods, mutters under her breath, something about listening to God-types.

U “His aura keeps coming up many times.”

R “Ok?”

U “It’s a belt.”

R “It’s a belt? Ok?”

U “And I sense… I sense a great animal magic bound into the belt. I am afraid… afraid it may be a hexenwolf belt.”

Ren sighs.

U “If it is, you keep your round head down and get the belt.”

R, resigned “Yes, Uncle.”

U “Hexenwolf veeeery dangerous.” Sharply “Do you understand?”

R “Yes, Uncle.” Pause. “Are you gonna get after me for who I choose to get to help me this time?”

U glares “Just get the belt back!”

R “Ok!”

U “And be careful!”

R “Yes, Uncle.”

U “One more thing!”

R “Yes, Uncle?”

U “BBQ place in Deep Ellum. Joe Mama’s?”

R “Joe Mama’s, yes.”

U “You bring me back ribs. And peach cobbler!”

R sighs “Yes, Uncle.”


Scene change again, shortly after Ren’s scene.

Matthew is at Joe’s Mama’s. He just wanted some dinner. Some BBQ. He had heard this place was good. Conor had recommended it (in his thick brogue: You know, you and the lady who owns the joint will get along just fine. There’s a quote in there that I think will be especially pertinent to you…. There’s a big fella. Do you know a fella by the name of Kinky Friedman? Right. There’s a quote by him on the wall. “Jesus loved barbecue.” I mean, you’ve got to eat it. If Jesus loved bbq!")

Matthew sees Ren walk in. She’s making an order. It’s Christmas. Big young black man bussing tables, wearing a hoodie that says El Centro Junior College. He comes over to Matthew.

Joe “Hey, uh. This is gonna sound a little weird. You 23?”

Matthew nods.

Joe “What are you doin in here?”

M “I heard the food was good. I am not disappointed!”

Joe “Yeah, it’s good! It’s my momma’s cookin. You know, she’s ok with the brisket. How’s the cobbler?”

M grins “Ooo. Sinful!”

Joe laughs then looks serious. “Hey, 23, you got a minute?”

M nods “Yeah! Of course!”

Joe “I, um… Alright. Word on the street, bro, is there some stuff goin down. Some of my boys in…. I used to run with the OCT.”

M “I heard rumors about that. Something about getting dragged out by the ear?”

Joe shows Matthew his ear “See this little scar right here? She tore my ear!” He sounds proud. “Yeah, they ain’t rumors!”

M nods “Hell hath no fury….”

Joe “You know what? They’s two ways of getting out of a gang. Right? One is dead, and the other is have a momma like mine.”

M laughs, Joe too.

Joe serious again “But, no. I used to run with the OCT. I hear things. I think they’re involved with some bad stuff. you know, the coke is one thing. It ain’t a good idea, but in the grand scheme of things it ain’t that bad.” Pauses. “But…. oh and the gun runnin.” Pauses again. “But one of my boyz, Tyrel, he’s…. I think he’s helpin some folk hurt people real bad.”

M serious too “Like how?”

Joe “Well, you work in the like city outreach, right?”

M “Uh-huh.”

Joe “That’s what I remember. Oh yeah, 23 is like a bible verse, right?”

M “Exactly.”

Joe “Preacher man! You’re a preacher man! You and my momma are gonna get along great!”

M smiles “I heard that as well.”

Joe “Yeah. You know, if I gotta rank third in anybody’s hierarchy, if I’m behind Dad and Jesus, I’m alright.”

M laughs “It’s not a bad place to be.”

Joe serious again “I think Tyrel is like kidnapping folk for money?”

M inhales a deep breath.

Joe “And, um, I don’t really know what’s going down on the street. I been keeping my nose down, studyin for my tests. I wanna be a nurse and medical school and stuff. I don’t have a lot of time for that. Could you put yo ear to the street and figure out what’s goin on and stuff? Cuz… I dunno. If my boy Tyrel is involved… He’s a… It’s the money. He’s an idiot. He’s got expenses. His little brother got autism and’s real sick, single mom. I mean, if he’s involved, just tell me?”

M “I’ll see what I can find out.”

Joe “If I gotta beat Tyrel to an inch of his life, I’ll do it. I just gotta know.”

M nods “I’ll see what I can find out.”

Joe sighs “Thanks, man.”

M “I think Oak Cliff is coming up soon on my rotation, anyway. Can’t hurt to bump it up a notch.”

Joe “You gonna spread the Word of God in Oak Cliff?”

M “Part of my job.”

Joe “Put on the jersey.”

M laughs “Yeah.”


M “Keep to your studies.”

Joe nods “I plan on it.”

Ren has her to-go package and her own plate of food, and walks over to Matthew, who has been talking to the waiter.

R, liltingly “I was just looking for you!”

M “Really?”

R “Uncle sent me to find you.”

Joe “I’m gonna go now….” As he turns away, he looks at Ren’s face “Damn, girl! You got blue eyes!!”


Scene change, back to Elena & Jaime

Jaime, Elena & Conor go to the alley that Carolina died in. It is out of the way, way back in the back. Jaime opens his Sight.

He Sees a couple of bat-creatures lurking in the corner. One is holding a butterfly chrysalis looking thing dangling under its arm, with a body in it. Then Jaime Sees a girl who has had a little too much to drink round the corner (that part had been left out).

She’s quite festive. Slurs “Hey! Wha’s goin’ on, yall?”

One of the bat-creatures turns and sees her. It grabs her and chomps. Then it says to the other “I’ll take care of this one. You get the rest of them back to Dallas.” The other picks up another chrysalis and leaves.

The bat-creature feeds on her until it leaves a skeletal husk that crumble to pieces.

Jaime also Sees Elena. She looks like a “chrinos” form were-panther in full Kachina warrior clothes, scattered on her person are various quivers and bows. Where her pistols are tomahawks that give off thunderstorm vibe.

Three victims. Two in cocoons, and Carolina. Jaime doesn’t recognize the Red Court vampires because they were in their bat-forms. Jaime tells Elena what he Saw (not the part about Looking at Elena, though).

E “So they had two newbies. And she got dead.”

J “Yeah.”

E “Well, at least she didn’t get turned, cuz then we’d have to re-dead her.”

J “Yes. That would be unpleasant.”

E “Not that unpleasant, actually. Killing vampires is actually pretty satisfying.”

J “Do you have some extracurricular activities I don’t know about?”

E “I’ve had a recent run in with some Reds.”

J sighs “I’m glad you survived that. I’ve been worried that your lack of knowledge would get you killed.”

E “I’ve been working on that.”

J “Well, good.”

E “I have access to a library and I’ve been hitting it pretty hard.”

J “Oh? A library?”

E “Yeah.”

J “Not the public library, I take it.”

E “Prospero’s daughter.”

J “Ah! How is Miranda?”

E “Mm. I dunno. Still doing all that art stuff.”

J “Well, I hope she stays off the Reds’ radars.”

E “She is not ignorant about the whole threshold thing. She’s powerful and has a coven. I’m not worried about her.”

J “I’m not sure how this helps you.”

E “Well, since we don’t know what they look like, we’re going to have to find their lair. As for what they did with the…”

J “The cocoons I interpreted as their intent on what they were going to turn.”

E “No, those ones were probably already turning. Hence the butterfly crap.”

J “Well, at the time, perhaps before they had someone fed to them?”

E “Maybe, but that’s too late. The cocoon is as bad as the full thing.”

E “Anyway, we know exactly how she died, but we don’t know where the body is and finding a body after a year is tricky at best.”

J “If I had a piece of the body I might be able to track it to its resting place.”

E “I don’t think I’ll be able to find anything here.” Looks around the alley. “It was a year ago. The site is cold.”

J “The mother will probably have something.”

E “Ah, true.”

J “Hair brushes, tooth brushes are wonderful for things like this.”

E “Good idea.”


Scene back to Ren & Matthew

M “Can I finish my dinner first? Looks like you need to eat, too. What’s up?”

R sits “So, Matthew. There are some bad things going down nearby.”

M “Really? Wouldn’t happen to be in Oak Cliff, would it?”

R “That sounds about the area. Uncle thinks, um, there might be an… a hexed item or something like that?”

M “A hexed item?”

R “It’s really…”

M “Another artifact type item?”

R “Probably? The way Uncle was reacting? Yeah, probably.”

M “I suppose you have a vehicle?”

R “Actually, I do!”

M “Probably better sooner than later.” Stands.

R “Hey! I want to finish!” Gestures at her food.

M “Get it to go.”

R “I want to finish! And I still have to take this back to Uncle.”

M “I’ll drive.”

R “I don’t know if I want you driving my car.”

M defensively “I’ve got a license.”

R “But you take the bus everywhere.”

M “I know the streets. I don’t have a car by choice.”

R “Ah, ok.”

M “I’m more effective in my job when I have feet on the street.”

R “Ok. Well, I still have to go by Uncle’s. Do you need to go to your place and get anything?”

M “Yeah, probably.”

R “I’ll drop you off at your place, then head over to drop this off at Uncle’s.”

M “OK. I thought Uncle wanted to talk to me?”

R “No, he just wanted me to use you.”

M “How does he even know me?”

R “Uncle knows.” Pauses. “He knows you’re a friend of mine.”

M “Loosely speaking, sure.”

R chidingly “Matthew, Matthew. We’re on friendly terms.”

Matthew flags Joe’s mom. “Can I get this to go?”

Joe’s momma comes over. “Yeah, sure, honey! Whatever you need. Saw you talking to my boy?.”

M “He’s a good kid.”

Teresa “You know my boy?”

M “Just recently. First impression. I can tell he has a good momma.”

Teresa “Aw! For that, I’m gonna give you some extra cobbler!”

M smiles “I’ll have to make my way back here more often, ma’am.”

Teresa “You do that!”

R “So is there anything you want me to ask Uncle?”

M “See if you can get him to maybe write down some information about this item he wants us to find?”

R “That would require me to do research.”

M “Just have him write down what he told that you couldn’t remember.”

R “That’s going to require me to do research! You don’t understand. I’ll be there for an hour!”

Ren is going to drop Matthew off at his place, drop Uncle’s food off, then pick Matthew back up. Matthew packs up his stuff. Then they’re off to Oak Cliff.

Scene change, Jaime, Elena & Conor

back to 1:19

Back at Camilla Johnson’s house. Camilla’s room is the same as it was a year ago. Jaime finds some hairs from Camilla’s hair brush and does the divination in her bedroom. He finds a pen in her room and ties the hairs to it and uses the swinging pen like a compass. It points towards Dallas.

Scene, Ren at Uncle’s


R, sheepishly “Uncle, he wants you to write down that stuff you told me earlier…”

Uncle stares at her.

R defensively “What?”

U “And why can you not write it for him?”

R very, very quietly “Cuz I forgot…”

U “Aahhh.”


Uncle gets out a piece of paper and hands it to Ren.

U “Write for me.’”

Ren sighs.

U “Belt.”

R murmurs as she writes “Belt.”

U “Again. Belt.”

R says and writes again “Belt.”

U “You know what? I’m going to go drink some tea. I will be back. Write it, until I get back.”

Ren sighs and writes, using a bit of her water magic. Uncle returns and looks at her work.

U “Hm. And now? In kanji!”

R does so.

U “So. What did I send you to go find?”

R impatiently “A belt!!”

U “Ah, yes. And now, write kanji for yoma.”

R murmurs “Yoma” as she writes it.

U “And kanji for ukami.” Pauses as Ren writes.

U “Which in English would be a…” Enunciates “Hexenwolf.”

R triumphantly “Hexenwolf! Thank you!” Defensively “I remembered the hex.”

Uncle stares at her, then looks at her work.

U “Your calligraphy sucks!”

R “Fine!” Passes her hand across the page and it’s perfect.

U “Hm.”

U “So, I think he does not need me to write anymore. Hai?”

R resigned “Hai.”

U “Hai?!”

R still resigned “Hai.”

U “One more thing. Stop smoking crack!!”

R defensive “I have not!!”

Scene, Jaime, Elena & Conor


Elena is driving while Jaime navigates using his “compass.” It becomes clear that they are going to Oak Cliff, going in some weird back way.

J “Looks like we’re going to Oak Cliff.”

E “Oh. Exciting. We’re going to stick out like the proverbial sore thumb in this car.”

E conversationally “Did I tell you that the Rangers are in town?”

J absentmindedly “I thought baseball season was over.”

E “Uh, not those Rangers.”

Jaime looks over at her quizzically. “The New York Rangers?”

Elena rolls her eyes “Um, no. The police.”

J “Oh! The Texas Rangers.”

E “Yeah.”

J “This doesn’t have to do with the motorcycle incident, does it?”

E “No. Twelve missing persons in the past week. Which is extremely unusual.”

J “That makes even the Steel Knights look like amateurs.”

E “Yeah.”

E “Wonder if it’s Red Court.” Pauses. “I’m pretty inactive when the big guns are in town.”

J “I don’t… I’ve never encountered a Texas Ranger before. Assuming from the TV show…”

E “Chuck Norris. It’s not that much of an exaggeration.” Pauses. “They usually carry a .45 as their sidearm. In their car they have a shotgun, an AR15, and more than 300 rounds of ammo.”


J ties the hair to his rearview mirror. Jaime’s in a suit, and they’re in Jaime’s BMW.

E “Do we want to maybe switch to my car?”

J “Yeah, let’s do that.”

He conjures up himself a black hoodie and some dark jeans. They swing by Elena’s current residence and switch cars. Jaime switches the hair/pen, also.

At the no-tell motel.

J “Always a different car, always a different place…?”

E “Well, yeah.” With the duh tone in her voice.

J “You know, the offer still stands. If you ever decide to settle down somewhere….”

E “That ain’t happening.”

J “Well, eventually…”

E “Is there any way to do like…. an alarm system, like a portable one?”

J “Not really portable.”

E “Why not?”

J “It’s usually based around an area, like a threshold.”

E “You sure there isn’t a portable one? Like an item or something?”

J pensively “I’ll see what I can do for you.” Thinks. “I don’t know that it’ll have much range…”

E “I don’t need a lot of range. Just like a room. And it only has to be ‘on’ when I’m sleeping.”

J muses “Maybe a sentinel type spell…..”

Back to Ren & Matthew


They are driving into Oak Cliff in Ren’s car. Hexenwolf Belt…. Matthew explains it to Ren while they are driving.

M "Um.

R “Do you know anything about this?” Points at the note she wrote.

M, slowly “Yeah.” Pauses. “Someone makes a pact with a really nasty spirit. Then they get to turn into a werewolf whenever they wear the belt.”

R “Oh! That sounds like…. Ok, no it really doesn’t sound fun. Never mind.”

M “Fun wouldn’t be the first word I’d use to describe it, no. But I can understand why the Council would want it kept out of the hands of a gang. The spirit bound to the belt usually ends up overwhelming the wearer.”

R “Oh. That would probably be very bad. No wonder he would want it off the street….”

M “Ideally, we get it before it’s taken over someone. I just don’t think we’re gonna be that lucky.”

M “What sent me this direction before you told me all this is that apparently there’s a rumor that the gangers down here have been involved in some kidnappings.”

R thoughtfully “Oh…. Is it girls? Cuz if it is, we’ll see Conor.”

M “He wasn’t clear on the subjects of the kidnappings…”

Matthew directs them to a safer area to park, not too far to walk into gangland. They park and start walking into Oak Cliff. Matthew looks for some of the guys he’s spoken to before, when he was here ministering. They don’t tell him anything, so he looks for Tyrel.

Tyrel still wears the colors, so he’s in their neighborhood. They head over there, and are watched by glaring eyes, until they notice the jersey and then it’s “Oh. Him.”

M “What’s up my homies?”

Ganger “So, what’s with your little somethin somethin on the side, 23?” Gestures at Ren.

M “We’re trying to find Tyrel.”

Gangers say various unflattering, racist remarks about Matthew’s new Asian arm candy.

M “Gentlemen, be nice. It’s nothing like that.” Smirks. “This is my ninja.”

Gangers bust up laughing. Ganger “What up, my ninja?!”

Ganger “So, what do you want? We ain’t seen you in a while. We ain’t goin to church.”

M “I have to keep trying. No, I have a friend of mine. I’m trying to find Tyrel. Have yall seen him around?”

Ganger “T? He’s over there.” Points.

M “Oh, thanks.”

Ren is wearing tight pants and a bolero jacket. They’re ogling her pretty hard, which is her intent, of course.

M “Appreciate it. Hang cool, guys.”

Gangers snort and shake their head. “Damn, son.”


Tyrel is playing some street ball with friends. Matthew and Ren head over there. They sit to the side and watch for a while. They look at the spectators and then ignore them. After a while, one of them finally approaches.

Ganger “What do you want, 23?”

M “I want to talk to T.”

Ganger “So talk.”

M “Might want to talk private.”

Ganger scowls “This better be good.”

M “I hope so.”

Ganger goes and gets Tyrel.

T “I hope this ain’t about church. If it’s about church, I am gonna punch you right in the face.”

M “It’s not about church. Your boy Joe is worried about you.”

T “Huh?”

M “Your boy Joe is worried about you.”

T “Joe Williams Joe?”

Matthew nods.

T “Why?”

M “He’s heard you’ve gotten into worse stuff than normal.” Silence. “Look, I’m not here to judge. I’m here for a power far greater than me.”

T “Uh, I think this is something you don’t need to be stickin your big white nose into, you know what I’m sayin?”

Scene back to Jaime, Elena, & Conor


Jaime is navigating with the hair/pen device. Elena is driving into one of the less pleasant parts of Oak Cliff. Elena is wearing a knit cap & gloves, Jaime is “wearing” the conjured hoodie, and gloves covering as much of his white skin as possible.

Scene change, Matthew & Ren


M “I’m only here as a favor to Joe. He’s heard that you’re into some missing persons stuff.”

When Matthew said ‘missing persons,’ he saw the clear, open shock on Tyrel’s face.

T “You tell Joe to focus on his bein a nurse and him bein a college boy and not worryin about it and we’ll be fine.” He is very nervous.

M “You’ve heard the Texas Rangers are in town?”


T mutters “I figure they’re always in town. I mean, they’re Texas Rangers.”

M “In force. Related to the missing persons.”

Tyrel is speechless for a bit.

R “If you think the Rangers are bad, there are other things that can make them look cuddly. Warm and fuzzy.”

T “Hey, 23. What’s your little piece doin even talkin to me?”

M “I’m not sure.” Significant look at Ren.

M “I know you guys are mixed up in some bad stuff. But this, this is bad bad. Let me help and I can see if I can get you out of it when everything goes down.”

T disdainfully “You ain’t a cop. You don’t got contacts. You’re just a street preacher. Go on back to downtown. It’s nice and safe. You’ll be alright.”

Ren changes her veil and lets her true seeming show through her aqua eyes.

T “What the hell?”

M “There are bigger things going on here than you realize. Let me help.”

Scene to Jaime, Elena, & Conor


Elena drives up. Some black youths playing a game a street ball. Six youths plus Matthew and Ren talking to a man off to the side.

E “Aw, man.”

J “What the …?”

E “Don’t ask me, man.”

J “What the hell are those two doing here?”

E, resigned “I don’t know. Guess we’re gonna find out.”

Elena and Jaime look at the hair/pen spell to check on the body location. The pen is pointing past the guys playing ball, directly (and clearly) at a detached garage.

J, urgently, whispers “Drive, drive, drive!”

There is one more youth, sitting on the porch as they drive by. It looked a bit like a drive-by, and it was odd enough that everyone noticed the car drive slowly by, but since it kept on going, everyone resumes their game. Matthew didn’t notice, but Ren did.

E “The body’s there?”

J “Yeah.”

E “It’s in the garage? He has kept the body here for over a year?? What a freaking moron.”

J “Yeah. It’s in the garage.”

E “So what do we want to do about that? Do we want to involve the police? And they’ll take care of it.”

J “We could do that…”

E “It didn’t work so well with the motorcycle thing.”

J “Will the cops even come here?”

E “Maybe…”

E “Let’s wait until dark and take a look ourselves before we decide anything.”

J “Sounds good.”

Scene back to Matthew & Ren


Ren makes some really swirly weird tattoo-ink stuff on her arm, to try to freak out Tyrel.

T “Look, um. That ain’t the weirdest thing I’ve seen, ok?”

R “Oh, really?”

T “Look, a three foot tall Chinese doll ain’t the worst thing in this neighborhood, alright? I ain’t afraid of no ink on her forearm either.”

M “If you hear anything, or get to the point where you want to pass any information on to me, you know how to get ahold of me.”

T “But really? You should probably go back. And tell Joe to focus on his studies.”

M “He is.”

T “Don’t worry about the ’hood. He left the ’hood.”

M “Technically he was dragged out.”

T “Yeah, same deal. He’s uptown now and that’s fine. We don’t begrudge him bein uptown. But he needs to not worry about his boys down here.”

M “He’s human. He’s worried about his friends.”

T “We’re fine. We’re paying bills.”

M “Well, thanks for your help.”

As they walk away, Ren asks “So do we want to keep walking around here at night in the open where everyone can see us?”

M “I guess, since we’re still looking for info.”

Back to the car, Jaime, Elena & Conor

So, they were contemplating calling the cops. They’ve driven a few blocks away and found an inconspicuous place to park. They’re going to wait for everyone to clear out so they can check the garage. They haven’t figured out what to do about Ren and Matthew.

Conor “So, I’m not that good at veils, but I can disguise the car if we want to drive by again.”

But they decide to walk to check out the garage instead, so Jaime does a veil on the car and they leave it. It’s mostly dark, with the exception of a front security light. The area back by the garage is pretty dark.

Conor veils the group, Elena sneaks in addition to the veil. Elena blends into the shadows, whereas the large “Mexican” and the thin hoodie wearing guy are not so sneaky. They “run into” Matthew and Ren.

Matthew sees a large “Mexican” under a veil, and peers at him.

Everyone also sees….


Coming around the side of the house, everyone sees two hulking black youths, but the thing that immediately draws everyone’s attention, however, are the glowing red eyes. Elena and Ren get the distinct vibe of the Never Never. Jaime and Matthew know immediately they’re orcs. Jaime also knows that they are a weird hybrid of Winter Court and Wild Fae. Strictly speaking they’re not Winter Court, they’re wild fae themselves, however, here, in Dallas, they tend to self-identify as Winter because their “patron” is the Marchioness.

They come out and see everyone staring at them.

Orc1 growls “Wild fae are not welcome here.” Stare at Ren and Conor.

Conor gives off strong Summer vibes. Ren gives off some unknown fae vibe.

Matthew pulls out a length of rebar.

They see that and Orc1 growls “As you wish, mortal!”

The other orc throws his head back and lets out a bestial three-pulse call, kind of a really loud bark/growl/howl.

The people playing basketball hear that sound and the ball is dropped and everyone scatters. Those boys don’t want anything to do with what is about to happen. They seem to be quite familiar with the sound, though. Tyrel and the other guy sit on the porch watching.

Conor drops the veil.

Jaime is a little confused. He thought they were looking for Red Court.


Elena smoothly switches magazines (Fast Reload) and shoots the orc closest to Matthew with a steel jacketed round. Her gun is also silenced. Tack! The orc (Orc1) jerks and staggers dramatically.

E aside, softly, to Jaime, “Go check on the body. We’re not here for orcs.”

Matthew stands defensively with his cross in one hand and the rebar in the other.

Orc1 lunges for Matthew, while Orc2 goes after Conor.

M “You wouldn’t hit a preacher would you?”

Orc1 pauses and drops his big hand “23??” Incredulously.

Orc2 swings at Conor, who deftly blocks it. “Is that the best you’ve got, son?”

Jaime studies the garage, noting the door on the side of it. The garage is not in view of the people still watching from the porch. Jaime notes they’re watching the fight and slips off to the garage, utilizing his faint veil.

Ren does a maneuver with her fae Glamour to make the orc think Ren is holding iron.

Conor pounds Orc2. The orc tries to block, but Conor punches right through it.

Elena notes that Orc1 recognized the preacher, so she determines to wait. If she doesn’t have to fight, this isn’t what she came here for. She steps to the side and fades into the shadows so she can re-assess the situation.

Orc1 growls at Matthew “What’re you doin here?”

M “Not looking for a fight with the orcs.”

Orc1 “What brings you to the Bad Place?”

M “Kidnappings.”

Orc2 continues to fight Conor. They are both “It’s ON! Come on!!” Because it’s fae vs. fae, they’re getting regenerated, so they’re just going to town on each other.

M to Orc1 “Do you wanna call your boy off? The other guy is kinda with me.”

Orc1 shrugs “It’s just a fight. You’re the one that pulled iron, 23.”

M “Purely defensive. I’ve been down here once or twice.”

Orc1 significantly “You need to not worry about the kidnappings.”

M “I need to worry about the kidnappings.”

Orc1 “Why? You act like you don’t know what’s going on.”

M “That’s what I’m trying to find out!”

Elena creeps up behind Orc1 and puts her gun at the back of his head.

E hisses “Tell us about the kidnappings.”

Orc1 “Those steel jacketed rounds?”

M “I’m assuming that’s what already hit you.”

Orc1, through clenched teeth “I can’t. Tell you. Anything.”


M “Can you point us in the right direction?”

E “Is it the Red Court?”

Matthew and Ren are totally confused.

Orc1 “Is it the Red Court that does what?”

E “Keeps them.”

Orc1 “I have no orders concerning our… I do not know, but I suspect it is. We work for someone else.”

R “Someone wearing a belt?”

Orc1 contemptuously “I’m wearing a belt. Wal-Mart. Five bucks.”

M “This one would be a little more unique.”

Orc1 “You were already talkin to the boy who could answer that question.”

R “No more nice guy with Mr. T.”

M “I don’t do not nice guy.”

Then a LOT more orcs show up.

Orc1 “Tell you what, 23. You should probably leave.”

Scene to Jaime, while the others have been talking/fighting

Jaime hexes the lock. It pops open. He steps in and closes the door. It’s a dirt floor two-car garage. Clearly the body is buried here. Nothing freshly disturbed. It does have a distinctly unpleasant smell. Jaime uses the hair/pen to triangulate where the body is. He recalls the excavation of the body at the bikers’ hang out, and determines to do it here. He uses Spirit to dampen the sound on the garage, so there will be no interruptions.

Then Jaime summons the bones to the surface. A decomposed, zombie-like body comes “bubbling” up from the dirt floor. Then more than one decomposed, zombie-like bodies comes up. Quick estimate, over a dozen. Ick. Smells really bad now.

Jaime looks at his handiwork.

J “Hm. Crap.”

He peeks out the door to see what his compatriots’ status is.

Conor just finished beating the snot out of an orc, Elena has a gun to someone’s head. Matthew and gun-head Orc are talking. And a bunch of orcs just showed up. Jaime feels uncomfortably like Custer.

J “Yeah… Time to go.”

Back to everyone

Jaime sneaks out of the garage and appears by Ren.

A particularly big, bad nasty gnarly orc steps through the crowd of orcs semi-circling the party.

BigOrc “Yall have fifteen minutes to GTFO.” Pause. “Or you stay here forever.”

Matthew tucks away his rebar. Elena keeps her gun out, but drops her hand to her side.

M “Appreciate the courtesy. Didn’t come here looking for a fight.”

BigOrc glares at Conor and Ren. “Wild Fae aren’t welcome here.”

Conor glares back. “Oh, really? I’ll fight ya in single combat for the right to come here whenever I wish!”

M shakes his head. “Oh, Conor…”

It’s a close, drawn out fight, but Conor beats up the BigOrc. Now the leader of the Orc has been defeated in front of his tribe, so he’ll have it rough.

(Elena could care less about the chaos they just wreaked among the orcs. Maybe they’ll kill each other determining their new leader. Sweet.)

M “OK, Conor. I think you made your point.”

He wipes the blood off his nose “See ya around!”

After Ren hands it to him, Conor tips his hat.

C, cheerfully “Top o’ th’ mornin’ to ya!”

They walk away.

M “So! What brings you guys to Oak Cliff?”

E “Um. We’ll talk about it in the car?”

M “Ours isn’t too far from here.”

J “Yeah, and compare notes.”

Matthew names a restaurant just outside of Oak Cliff. “Meet there?”

E “Sure thing.”


At the restaurant, veiled etc.

M “You’re hunting vampires and we’re hunting a Hexenwolf belt.”

J “Hexenwolf? How did the orcs get involved?”

M “It’s news to me….”

E “Sounds to me like they’re kidnapping people and feeding them to the Red Court.”

M “So where does the hexenwolf belt come in then?”

R “Maybe that was the payment?”

M “Orcs don’t need a hexenwolf belt.” Pauses. “Vampires don’t need a hexenwolf belt.”

E “Need… Want…”

R “The dude said he doesn’t work directly for the Red Court. There’s a go-between.”

((DM explains hexenwolf belt to Jaime’s player. Jaime already knows all this.))

J “So you guys are chasing a hexenwolf belt?”

R “Mm-hm.”

M “Uncle said there’s one somewhere around here, and he’s asked…. Somehow he’s decided that I need to be involved. Which I’m still not clear on.”

E “So it’s got something to do with your special abilities, I imagine.”

M “Or the fact that I’ve got a rep down here.”

E “Or maybe because your special abilities work against the Red Court, and it’s still tied into that.”

M “Oh. Yeah. My powers are quite effective against them.”

E, pleased. “Awesome. I have two magazines of those on me from before.”

Matthew laughs.

J “So we need to figure out, what is the tie in? What is the largest game here?”

C “Yeah, what is the tie? What is the tie with the orcs, that house, and the Red Court.”

E “There’s a bunch of dead bodies in the garage.”

M “There’s a bunch of dead bodies in the garage, including the one you know for a fact that the Red Court fed on.”

E “Do we want to call the police or media about those bodies? Those people need some resolution.”

M “If they’re not gone by now, they will be shortly. The first person that walks in there and sees all that, exhumed… They’re gone.”

J “There’s a lot of chaos around there right now. It might take them a bit, but we do need to make that decision quick.”

E “Media, then. They’ll be faster.”

M “Don’t you guys have a connection?”

E “Conor does.”

((Discussion about the mortal authorities and accords, etc. Player brings up that the Texas Rangers are already in town looking for bodies. Pointing them in the right direction might be ok.))

J “Whether the mortal authorities find it or not, that’s like rolling a grenade into the situation. We know it’s there. We now just need to follow the clues.”

E “Well, tell me this, then. How do I get that girl some restitution?”


E “And all those people.”

J “We know who did it, so let’s find out what’s going on and then you can start putting bullets in the back of people’s heads.”

E “Those bodies need final rest, I imagine. Right? For their ghosts to be at peace or whatever?”

J “I don’t know how to do that right now…”

E concedes "Well, right now… Eh. I’m patient.

J “I appreciate that.”


M “Daylight helps us somewhat against Red Court, but that doesn’t help with the orcs.”

J “No, we need to figure out what’s happening and how these three things are connected.”

Thoughtful silence.

J “I can do some divination work and see what I can come up with.”

R “I don’t know if I have any contacts in the right area.”

M “I kinda used all my contacts in the area.”

E, to Jaime “You can find her body again, right?”

J “Oh, yeah. Easy.”

E nods. “Ok.”

M “I need to have another talk with Tyrel.”

R “Yeah, you need to have another friendly chat.”

J “Who’s this Tyrel?”

M “One of the kids on the porch.”

E “Do you need me to tail him and catch him when he’s alone some time?”

M “Yes. He’s definitely not going to talk when he has back up. He might not be able to talk, but he definitely won’t talk while he’s got back up.”

J “So, you need to scare him.”

M “We need to separate him from his back up, and then scare him. We need to convince him that there are bigger things on the side of the kidnapees than on the side of whatever is backing him up.”

Elena tails him to his house at 2am and calls in the crew. They get into his house. Jaime is also glamoured to look Hispanic and more “buff.”

Jaime, Elena, Matthew, Ren and Conor are all there. He’s asleep when they get there, but with the veil that Ren & Conor stack… They’re undetected and standing over his bed in his room. Conor picks him up, shakes him, and tosses him back on the bed and pins him there.

Tyrel “Who are you!? What’re you doin in my house!!?” Kicking his feet pointlessly.

Matthew flicks “on” his Maglite, and the exterior of the tube begins to glow. Not the bulb.

M “Tyrel. I told you this was bigger than you think.”

Tyrel looks very concerned. And he is already very freaked out.

Jaime leans in. “So. Tell the preacher man what. you. know.”

((Intimidate!! With his glasses, a creepifying veil, freaked out, etc. Total +8 w/o rolling to start. Jaime rolls another +3. Tyrel takes a -6 “I just pissed myself” and concedes.))

T mutters “What do you wanna know?”

Tyrel lies there limply and looks down at his pajama bottoms. Matthew motions for Conor to move him. Conor shakes Tyrel like a rag doll.

M “Who were the kidnappings for?”

T “I can’t believe you don’t know, man.”

M “Confirm it for me.”

T “Your boss.”

Matthew is taken completely aback. “Wait, what?”

T “Your boss is the buyer.”


T “You seriously don’t know?” Hisses disdainfully. “Thought you knew.”

Jaime leans in. “No attitude. Talk.”

M “What do you mean, my boss is the buyer??”

R mutters “And they were worried about me being around??”

M “God doesn’t order kidnappings. Wait.” Pauses. “Not Big B Boss. Little b boss.”

T “The redheaded asshole that you work for is the buyer, man.”

M “Brandon?? What?”

T “He’s always… He contracts. He tells us what the order is and we provide.”

M “Ok.” Pauses. “Aw, man.”

M “But he’s not Red Court.”

T “Don’t think so.”

M “So what does the Red Court have to do with this?”

T snorts. “Hell, I don’t know.”

M “They’re responsible for at least one of the bodies in that garage.”

T shrugs. “We do body disposal for who Brandon tells us to dispose.”

M “Who did he tell you to dispose bodies for?”

T “We don’t ask. Why would we care? He pays us to dispose bodies, we dispose bodies.”

M “Who delivered them to you? Where do you get them? Where do you pick them up?”

T “People drop stuff off, man.”

M “At the house??”

T “Yeah. We’re contractors! They pay us money, we do what they pay us to do!”

J “How are the orcs involved.”

M “Body disposal.”

T “It’s what we do. Where do you think you are? Have you seen Oak Cliff?”

R to Matthew “The belt.”

M “Has anyone you’ve been dealing with been wearing an unusual belt? Fuzzy.”

T “Uh, no.”


T “He puts in orders. He pays us well.”

M “How long has this been going on?”

T “I dunno. Couple of years? Three years? Long time.”

J “Who else puts in orders? Is it just him?”

T “He’s the one I work with. And then I work with this hot chick up in Frisco from time to time.”

J “Who else.”

T “That’s it for me. HellT doesn’t exactly let… You know, plausible deniability.” Pauses. “My contacts: chick in Frisco and Brandon in downtown. That’s me. Other guys, they in charge of other stuff.”

E “Well, I guess we know our next visit.”

M “If you hear anything about the Red Court or that fuzzy belt I was asking about, leave word for me.”

T “What are you guys gonna do? Cuz chances are I’m gonna have to leave town.”

M “I don’t know yet.”

T “I just snitched on my boys. I’m pretty much a dead man if I stay in Oak Cliff.”

M “I’m sure Joe’s Momma would take you in.”

T laughs w/o humor. “East Dallas ain’t exactly far enough away.”

M “You’d be surprised how much protection a family like that has.”


T “No offense, man. I seen a lot of people prayin to God and get a bullet in the back of the head.”

M “How many people you seen pray to God and stop a punch from an orc?”

T “So you different. So? When I was a kid I didn’t believe in orcs neither.”


T “I answered your questions.”

Matthew nods to Conor, who releases Tyrel.

T mutters “Guess I better pack my stuff since I gotta leave Dallas…”

M “Check in with Joe. He might be able to help you out. He and his momma are good people.”

T scoffs. “The only thing is gonna protect me is witness protection or some crap.”

M “You don’t know who they know. Give it a try.”

C “Well, you know. He could be the one that tips off the Texas Rangers in exchange for witness protection. Solves two problems, really.”

E to Tyrel “Yeah, so how about that? You want witness protection.”

T “You want me to call the Texas Rangers??”

M “They’re already looking for the bodies. You give them the tip, they’ll cut a deal with you.”

E “Did you ever want out of here, anyway, or are you happy here?”

T “Nobody wants to live in Oak Cliff forever.”

E “Well, then this is your out, buddy.”

T “I cannot believe I just went narc on my boys.” Pauses. “Alright. I’ll do it. Better n gettin shot.”

M “Markedly.”

E “So call.” Hands Tyrel the handset.

T “Man.”

He calls 911. “Man. I don’t know.” Pauses. “Look, I know about some murders in Oak Cliff and I want protection in exchange for information. I wanna talk to the Texas Rangers.”

M “You’re doing the right thing.”

T “Can I at least go with you guys out of Oak Cliff??”

M “Yeah. I’ll give you a ride.”

Matthew sets him up in a hotel room for the night. Elena picks one, and pays cash to the staff, which Elena had made friends with during a different stay.

M “Until tomorrow, just to give you a place.”

T listlessly. “Whatever, man. I don’t even care. My old life is over, so it doesn’t even matter to me now.”

Everyone else starts heading to LINC while Elena waits at the hotel and watches for the Rangers to show. After a bit, one shows up in a big Suburban. He straightens his weapon, looks at his notes, and walks up to the door.

Ranger “Texas Rangers.”

Tyrel opens the door.

Ranger “You got a minute to talk to me, son?”

Tyrel nods. “Yeah.”

Ranger “Can I come in?”

Elena listens to everything.

T “I want protection. What I’m about to tell you, I pretty much can’t go back to Oak Cliff. Ever.”

R “You’re asking for witness protection?”

T “Yeah.”

Ranger nods “Texas Rangers have contacts with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. We’ll work with FBI for witness protection if that’s what you need. Don’t worry about that. But the information has to be good. What do you know?”

T “They’s about 15 or 16 bodies buried in a garage on ((street)) in Oak Cliff.”

R “How do you know this?”

T “I helped put ’em there.”

R “What do you mean? Are you a murderer? Did you kill them?”

T “No, I accepted money to bury them.”

R “Who paid you?”

Tyrel gives the Ranger all the information he has on Brandon, name, place of work, etc.

R “Alright, son. I’m gonna make a phone call and you’re gonna come with me. You’re going to stay in my Suburban. It has tinted windows. If you wish, you can put on one of several baseball caps in the back to try to conceal your identity. We’re going to go check out this establishment, now. Feel like taking a ride?”

T “Do I have a choice?”

R “Not really.”

Elena heads to Oak Cliff to watch the house.

Three Texas Rangers and DPD SWAT show up at that address. The bodies have already been exhumed (obviously) and things proceed as planned. Elena goes back and reports.

Next session, talking to Brandon.

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