Primary Cast

Jamie Harper

Family man, Wizard, drug addict. Jaime is known in the supernatural community as “The Wardsman;” a spellcaster for hire that deals in matters of unconventional security. However, what folks don’t know is that his coldly logical façade hides a home life that’s falling apart around him… held together by cocaine and the love of his son.

Elena Torres

Former DEA agent, Tigua avatar, vigilante. It is said that the United State Justice System is gone, replaced with a mere Legal System. When Agent Torres lay betrayed & dying on a high mesa, it was an ancient Pueblo warrior spirit that answered her prayers for vengeance. She gave up the badge but kept the guns. Now, Dallas is her new hunting ground.

Conor O’Neill

Irish scrapper, bard, sidhe aristocrat. Conor fled Connemara to escape his heritage as a scion of the Fae courts. Never one for following the rules, he finds joy in the company of beautiful women, soul-stirring songs, and avoiding the politics of his mysterious birthright. He can only wonder… how long will the vacation last and what will be the piper’s fee when it ends?

Erica Goodchilde

Broke college student, blind musician, sonomancer. Until recently she had never been directly involved in any of the “big events” of the city – being content to attend school, make a little money at gigs, a help out the Freakshow occasionally by passing messages. However, Erica has discovered the world is getting darker and it’s becoming more difficult to sit on the sidelines.

Matthew Consprite

White-bread, street preacher, man of God. Matthew was raised within the evangelical faith by good folk that taught him right and wrong. That same sense of purpose guided him to give back to The Metroplex as a street preacher and worker for the poor and disposessed. He is a light in a dark world, bolstered and empowered by his faith in the Lord Almighty.

Hiyashi Ren

Manga artist, Harajuku Girl, Japanese water Changeling. Ren came to America so as to bring no further negative attention or dishonor to the power players of her family’s “Family” – the Yakuza. However, now that she finds herself here she has to learn to adjust and adapt somehow. Luckily she’s not alone; Uncle is here to help… but there’s always just one more thing.

Cody Lorance

Good ole boy, protector of the weak, Texas Ranger. They don’t talk much about the Texas Rangers “Special Force” except as a historical footnote. However, the “Special Force” is alive and well and a significant player in the supernatural world of Texas. There aren’t many of them, but then again there never have been. Besides, Dallas was the place where the Rangers earned the motto “One Riot, One Ranger.”

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Recurring Characters


Pixie, fairy godmother, Wyldfae changeling. Chrys has very nearly gone over to her fae nature completely. However, two things hold her to the mortal realm of her birth. First, she actively seeks to avoid the politics of the Courts in any way. Second, she’s adopted various street urchins as her very own “Lost Boys” and if she leaves who will care for them?

John Wolf

Cherokee tribesman, special investigator, werewolf. John Wolf enjoys his job working for the Dallas DA “Project Innocence” task force. He gets to travel around and use his special talents and skills to make sure that the wrongfully convicted go free. The part he doesn’t tell folks is why he’s so good… he’s a werewolf blessed by the Great Spirit to sense what has happened in a place and see the truth of things.

Doran Jensen

Former cheerleader, popular girl, vampire slayer. Maybe life imitates art after all. Doran grew up in a life and circumstances eerily similar to her favorite TV Show character… “Buffy: The Vampire Slayer.” Perhaps that’s why when goons that looked like cheap dimestore vampires attacked her friends one night she got involved. Regardless, a secret society took her in and trained her to be like her hero in real life.


Broke college student, coffee shop barista, ninja academy dropout. Sara had excellent hand-eye coordination and gymnastic ability growing up (and a love of ninjas). When she was old enough, she went to Japan and actually she did manage to find and train at a secret academy, but for reasons of her own she dropped out before she could “graduate.” Now she’s just trying to get on with the next phase of her life.


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