The Marchioness

The Lady of Elms, Ruler of the Deepwinter March


Power Level

Total Refresh: 19
Unspent Refresh: 0 (No Free Will, Full Fae)
Skill Cap: Fantastic
Total Skill Points: 58
Unspent Skill Points: 0
Unspent Fate Points: 0 (Sponsored)


  • High Concept: Disney Evil Villainess Sidhe
  • Trouble: “Good” Triumphs Again? Wonderful!!!!
  • Lover of the Arts and Artists
  • So Sexy It Hurts
  • The Mistress of Orcs
  • The Wicked Fairy’s Gifts
  • I Do So Enjoy My Role In The Game. Let’s Play.


  • (+6) Fantastic: Conviction, Rapport
  • (+5) Superb: Intimidation, Deceit, Discipline
  • (+4) Great: Alertness, Lore, Resources
  • (+3) Good: Endurance, Contacts, Empathy
  • (+2) Fair: Athletics, Craftsmanship, Scholarship
  • (+1) Average: Fists, Investigation, Performance, Weapons

Stunts, Powers, Magic

  • Powers
    • (-2) Swift Transition
    • (-1) Demesne
    • (–2) Glamours
      • (0) Light
    • (-3) Thaumaturgy
    • (–3) Sponsored Magic Unseelie
    • (-1 Subtotal) The Catch: Cold Iron and the Like (+4, only 3 credit)
      • Inhuman Toughness (-2)
      • Inhuman Recovery (-2)
    • (-2) Lawbreaker (2nd)
    • (-5 Subtotal) Red Pegasus Silver Signet Ring (Item of Power Bonus +2, Obvious)
      • Refinement (-7)
        • Specialization x4
        • Focus Item Slots x3
Specializations (Thaum Tree)
  • Crafting Strength +3 (1.5 Refinement)
  • Crafting Frequency +2 (1.0 Refinement)
  • Entropomancy Control +2 (1.0 Refinement)
  • Entropomancy Complexity +1 (0.5 Refinement)
  • Divination Control +1 (Free with Thaum)
Focus Items (3 Slots)
  • A Wicked Stepmother’s Diadem – +2 Unseelie Offense Control, +1 Power (3 Slots)
Enchanted Items (6 Slots)
  • Base Strength 7, Base Frequency 3
    • Black Choker with Silver Acorns (Block 8 Armor:4, 3 Uses) (2 slots)
    • Handful of Glitter (Countermagic 8, 3 Uses) (2 slots)
    • Nightshade Perfume (Maneuver, 3 Uses) (1 slot)
      • Establish Sticky Aspect “Unspeakable Thoughts,” each use lasts 4 Total Exchanges
      • If Target has Discipline higher than 3, lose Exchanges to meet (i.e. Discipline 5 reduces to 2 Exchanges).
    • Blood Red Lipstick (Grapple Block 7, 3 Uses) (1 slot)
      • Must Invoke/Tag a previously established or Assessed Aspect
Potions (8 Slots)
  • Base Strength 7, 6 when used by others (all below are 6)… favorites include:
  • She usually disguises her potions to look like candy
    • M&Ms (Magic & Mayhem)
      • The Blue Ones (3 Power Mana Potion)
      • The Green Ones (5 Strength, 2 Exchanges gain “Seized by Lust” Aspect)
        • Discipline less than Superb +5 adds Exchanges; likewise higher than subtracts
      • The Orange Ones (Counterspell 6 Instant)
      • The Brown Ones (See notes for Green Ones, Aspect “Bad Luck” vs Conviction)
      • The Yellow Ones (Add 4 Zones of Movement, 3 Exchanges)
      • The Red Ones (See notes for Green Ones, Aspect “I’m a Rage Machine” vs Discipline)
    • Skittles
      • Includes Red, Green, and Blue from the above M&M List
      • The Pink Ones (See notes for Green Ones, Aspect “Charming Aren’t I?” vs Intimidation)
      • The Purple Ones (See notes for Green Ones, Aspect “Rough Tough Real Stuff” vs Endurance)
    • Pixie Stix
      • Skill used to aim is up to user (Athletics is default or Gun), Weapon:3 Composure Attack
      • The user bites off the ends and blows out the powder at the target, if a Consequence is suffered it should be related to hallucinations
    • Apple Jolly Rancher
      • Skill used to deliver candy is up to the user (Deceit/Rapport for Guile, Fists/Might for Force resisted by Alertness/Empathy for Guile or Athletics/Might for Force… or just Endurance), Weapon:7 Physical Attack
      • The user partakes of the poison Apple Jolly Ranger, if a Consequence is suffered it should be related to slipping into a coma
  1. Sweet Dreams
    • Stress Cost: 1
    • Type: Maneuver (Unseelie Slumber)
      • Strength 5 vs Discipline or Endurance, Sticky Aspect “Getting Sleepy”
    • Duration: 2 Exchanges (if target Disc. or End. are less than 5, add Exchanges)
    • Story of the Spell: The target is seized by the desire to fall asleep, the drowsiness affects their actions until the spell ends.
  2. Freeze
    • Stress Cost: 1
    • Type: Attack (Unseelie Cold)
      • Target: 7
      • Weapon: 7
    • Duration: Instant
    • Story of the Spell: The target freezes up and turns to ice
  3. Madness
    • Stress Cost: 1
    • Type: Attack (Entropomancy)
      • Target: 7
      • Weapon: 3 (Composure Stress)
    • Duration: Instant
    • Story of the Spell: The target starts having a panic attack of all their innermost fears, phobias, unresolved issues, stresses, etc.
  4. My Hellhound
    • Stress Cost: 1
    • Type: Maneuver (Evothaum Entropomancy Curse)
      • Take Out (5 of 9 Shifts) (If Physical Stress pool is less than 4, add Exchanges)
      • Grant Human Form (involuntary) (Gain back six Shifts to use on following, net 3 of 9 Shifts)
        • Grant Beast Shape (3 Shifts)
          • Assuming the target has at least 20 Skill points/Skill Cap Great (Feet in the Water) = Athletics and Fists of 4, Endurance and Alertness 3 (4 Physical Stress), Might and Athletics 2, Investigation and Survival 1
        • Grant Claws (3 Shifts)
        • Grant Demonic Co-Pilot (Rage) (3 Shifts)
    • Duration: 2 Total Exchanges (1 of 9 Shifts)
    • Story of the Spell: The Marchioness grants a beastly mantle to one of her “favored”
      • Notes: Entropomantic due to Demonic Co-Pilot grant and the “making it worse” clause of Entropomancy for thematic justification, this is also Transformative and gains her Lawbreaker bonus
Thaumatugy “Common Spells”
  • My Fighting Uruk-Hai
    • Complexity: 35 (Complexity Reduction of 2 thanks to Lawbreaker, Complexity 33)
      • Take Out (5 Default)
      • Powers
        • Grant Inhuman Strength (6)
        • Grant Inhuman Toughness and Inhuman Recovery with the Cold Iron Catch (3)
        • Grant Echoes of the Beast (Dog) (3)
        • Grant Human Guise (0)
        • Grant Marked by Power: The Marchioness of Dallas (3)
        • Grant Stunt: No Pain, No Gain (3)
      • Duration, “A Liftime” up from “A Day” (12) (2nd Law Violation)
    • Meeting Complexity Notes
      • See “Proper Spell” with a single sacrificed “Human Plaything” (usually the Uruk-Hai usually selects his or her own “victim” that must die for them to adopt their new form – she only does this on willing targets) and a single “couple” (Human Party Favors)
    • Powering Phase Notes (2 bonus Power per Exchange thanks to Lawbreaker)
  • Frog Prince
    • Complexity: 32 (Lawbreaker reduces to 30)
      • Take Out (25 Complexity)
      • Powers
        • Grant Beast Shape (3 Complexity) – Target Turns Into A Frog
      • Duration, “A Year” (“a year and a day”) up from “A Day” (8) (2nd Law Violation)
      • Complication (Fairly Escape Clause) “Unless you receive the kiss of a beautiful woman” (meaning after Stunts, Rapport of Great +4 or better – Best Foot Forward and Sex Appeal apply) … same complication regardless of original gender of the cursed individual (-4)
    • Meeting Complexity Notes
      • Two couples “Human Party Favors” – she also prefers to do this with her victim in front of her so she can see the expression in his/her eyes when they realize they’re a frog
Winging It Magic Notes
  • Unseelie Evocation (wildness, decay, slumber, death, cold, entropomancy)
    • Power with Focus: 7 (6 without)
    • Control with Focus: 7 (5 without)
  • Unseelie Thaumaturgy
    • Trivial Spell
      • No-Prep Complexity: 5 (with Specialization)
      • Control Roll: 7 (with Specialization)
      • Power Per Exchange: 6
    • Simple Spell
      • Determine Complexity Phase: 13
      • Meeting Complexity Phase
        • No-Prep (5)
        • Conviction Dec. (2) “I Make This Look Easy”
        • Discipline Dec. (2) “Obsessive Compulsive Methods”
        • Alertness Dec. (2) “Trust Me, I’ll Know If Something Is Out Of Place”
        • Lore Dec. (2) “Oh Please, Unlike The Monkeys, The Fae Have Done Magic Like This Before”
        • Time Increments for Prep Phase: “A Few Minutes”
      • Powering Phase
        • Two Exchanges: 12
        • Additional Composure Stress: 1
        • Time Increments for Casting Phase: “A Few Minutes”
    • Proper Spell
      • Determine Complexity Phase: 19
      • Meeting Complexity Phase
        • See Simple Spell (13)
        • Rapport Dec. (2) “Talked young naive humans back to my lair for a party”
        • Deceit Dec. (2) “Tricked young naive humans back to my lair for a party”
        • Resources Dec. (2) “All The Best Food, Drink, Drugs & Alcohol for my Party at my Club”
        • Time Increments for Casting Phase: Increased to “An Hour”
      • Powering Phase
        • Two Exchanges: 12
        • 2 Exchanges of Environment Bonus (Frenzied Energy/Night Club) (2)
        • Additional Composure Stress: (1)
        • Assistant: Zanna for 2 Exchanges: (4)
        • Time Increments for Casting Phase: “A Few Minutes”
    • Modular Bit: Human Party Favors
      • Each Pair of Humans She Convinces to Participate In Her Orgies contribute 6 Complexity and 6 Power (for the Pair) – both will have a Minor and a Moderate Consequence afterwards
        • Minor (Composure: Stoned/Drunk, Physical: Really Tired)
        • Moderate (Composure: Flashbacks And Nightmares, Physical: Still Going Through Detox)
        • With a Rapport of 6, she can handle three couples (six human “helpers”) total
        • Regardless of the Number of Couples, add 2 Time Increments for Extra Time … because that’s how it needs to work out (2). This added complexity is offset by the Marchioness herself taking a Composure Minor “Drunk on Power” to add the (2) Power to match it.

  • “Evil People Eater” stuff follows…
    • Human Plaything
      • For “Little Spells” she can add 10 Complexity and 10 Power by killing a single mortal.
      • If she goes this route instead of what’s below… she’ll also add Endurance Dec. “I Played With My Toy Till It Broke” (2) for Complexity (adding 1 Time Increment for Prep Stage) and Minor Physical “I’m Actually Tired… Huh.” (2) for Power (no additional Time Increment to Powering Stage). Generally the Marchioness doesn’t do this in addition to the stuff below.
    • Scary Old Black Magic
      • When the Marchioness is feeling particularly bloody add the following
        • Instead of a “3rd Couple” …
        • Two Humans die Contributing 20 Complexity and 20 Power for the pair
        • Two More Declarations Come Into Play taking Prep phase to “An Afternoon” (it takes an afternoon to do all the proper torture, etc.) and adding (4) Complexity
          • Intimidation Dec. “Terrified Little Monkeys”
          • Empathy Dec. “I Drank Your Agony Like Fine Wine”
        • Zanna and or Elga are involved as the actual ‘Assistants’ and they also contribute a Minor Physical “Tired” from each totaling (4) Power but this doesn’t add any extra time to the Powering Phase.
    • So what are we talking here?
      • The Marchioness’s Biggest, Nastiest Spell Using the Above Guide
        • Complexity: 57
        • Meeting Complexity: An Afternoon (pre-party preparations and torture)
        • Powering Phase: Half An Hour (orgy itself and the murders)
      • She could probably eek out another 6 Complexity/Power by going to a 3rd Exchange during the Powering Phase, leveraging some Declarations from her Assistants (Elga “Tenderized Monkey Meat” Fists, and “She Screamed Real Good” Intimidation, Zanna “He Died Happy” Rapport)… but that’s really and truly it.
        • That would up the Prep Phase to “A Week” for all the torture of the 2 human victims performed by her “Assistants” and up the Powering Phase for her to a full Hour, but she hates taking that long, so she’d actually incur a Sponsored Fate Point debt to bring it back down to half an hour again.
      • If she were desperate for those last 6… she’d probably do the Human Plaything (above) as well. Which brings the grand total (with 3 dead humans, 4 seriously messed up humans, Marchioness/Zanna/Elga all with Minor Consequences, 1 Fate Debt, taking a Week of Prep phase, etc.) at 75 Complexity.

        You remembered this is a villain… right?


Physical (Endurance)  : (1) (2) (3) | (4) (5)
Composure (Conviction): (1) (2) (3) (4)
Armor(s): 1 vs Physical Stress


Basic Minor (-2): *ANY*
Bonus Minor (-2): C
Moderate    (-4): *ANY*
Severe      (-6): *ANY*
Extreme     (-8): *ANY*
The Lady of Elms usually rules from her “palace” in Deep Ellum, where she’s surrounded by hangers-on. She’s also just as likely to “rule” from her secondary seat of power beneath the streets of Oak Cliff in the Orc Marches.

Though, as the ruler of the Orcs of Dallas, she’s generally a rather aggressive and violent individual… there are times when her other side is closer to the surface.

Like all fae (and for that matter, women)… she can go from terrifying to heart-rendingly beautiful in the blink of an eye. In her role as the mistress of the arts of Deep Ellum, she has inspired entire generations of music and musicians.

Aspects & Motivation

  1. High Concept: Disney Evil Villainess Sidhe
    • Invoke: Lots of Sorcerous power, trappings of political power, social compulsions
    • Compel: To be petty, vain, vindictive, or to be weak/susceptible to “good”
  2. Trouble: “Good” Triumphs Again? Wonderful!!!!
    • Invoke: To make a getaway, to “recover” from her now thwarted plan
    • Compel: To actually find a hole or flaw in one of her plans, to escape
  3. Lover of the Arts and Artists
    • Invoke: Being a patron, giving resources or boosting resources rolls, rapport or social interactions with artists
    • Compel: to focus/zero/obsess about a particular artist
  4. So Sexy It Hurts
    • Invoke: boost social interactions, rapport, seduction, etc.
    • Compel: To hurt the ones she “loves,”
  5. The Mistress of Orcs
    • Invoke: Magic involving orcs, social interactions over them
    • Compel: To have her plans complicated or thwarted by her idiot minions
  6. The Wicked Fairy’s Gifts
    • Invoke: Boost Thaumaturgical crafting, boost resources rolls to give away money/things
    • Compel: To add some kind of fairytale complication/monkey’s paw problem to the above
  7. I Do So Enjoy My Role In The Game. Let’s Play.
    • Invoke: When she is directly involved in a ploy, aids to her tactical/strategic planning or anything related to being the “main villain” in the scene
    • Compel: To force her to do any traditional villain schtick – monologueing, unnecessarily slow dipping mechanisms, … basically anything off the Evil Overlord list
Sponsored Debt
  • Re: Her Trouble and “My Role In The Game…” Aspect
    • So long as whatever “Hero” escapes from her plot or scheme “Stronger” than they were before, she can recoup some or all of her Sponsored Fate Debt. If they’re even more prepared to face Outsiders at the end of it, double the Sponsored Fate Debt repaid. The Marchioness remembers well the original purpose of the Unseelie Accords, even if other Winter Fae have forgotten.
      • Winter makes stronger … (though the target may not enjoy the process)
      • It’s one of Winter’s ancient jobs to mercilessly/pitilessly cull the weak and sickly from the herd so that only the strong and healthy can go skipping off towards spring – and mating etc.)
      • Fair Warning… in her mind, not all “mortals” are “Heroes” … some are just there to move her story along (and die).
  • Her fascination with Art and Artists is a DIRECT result of her desire to ensure that Heroes are stronger. In the ancient days, Bards told the stories of the heroes and the stories of heroes inspired lesser mortals. Today, the Bards still sing songs, but also make movies and other forms of inspiring art.
    • Mortals that tell heroic stories or stories with morals or whatever tend to get more money from her than others… however, even an artist that “burns out” (like Janice Joplin) serves as an example to other mortals and thus serves a purpose.
By mortal definitions, she’s completely insane … and just like The Leannan Sidhe does with Harry … has a terrifying grand purpose to it all.

Advancements & Milestones

  • 5/25/2013 – Retooled for Season 2
  • 9/14/2011 – Initial Creation

The Model for The Marchioness is the amazing Jolien-Rosanne and her “Vampire Queen” from the Elf Fantasy Fest 2011… please please check out her work.

Marchioness 01
Marchioness 02
Marchioness 03
Marchioness 04
Marchioness 05
Marchioness 06
Marchioness 07
Marchioness 08
Marchioness 09
Marchioness 10
Marchioness 11
Marchioness 12
Marchioness 13
Marchioness 14
Marchioness 15
Marchioness 16
Marchioness 17
Marchioness 18
Marchioness 19
Marchioness 20
Marchioness 21
Marchioness 22
Marchioness 23
Marchioness muirin1
Marchioness muirin2

ps – These images found via Google and used without permission, should Ms. Jolien-Rosanne ever stumble across our site, please don’t be mad. We love your work and it inspired a major villain in our RPG campaign.

The Marchioness

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