The Duchess

Duchess of Panthers, Lady of the West


Power Level

  • Total Refresh: 24
  • Unspent Refresh: 0 (Fae, No Free Will)
  • Skill Cap: Epic
  • Total Skill Points: 70
  • Unspent Skill Points: 0
  • Unspent Fate Points: 0


  1. High Concept: Ancient Dryad and Duchess of the Summer Court
  2. Trouble: Stuck Near My Tree And Nobody Tells Me Anything
  3. I Really Don’t Care
  4. Dryad, Kodama, Salabhanjika… I am a shade of all those names.
  5. I Have Produced Many, Many Nuts
  6. Made of Hardy Stuff
  7. I Make Everything Just A Bit Better


  • (+7) Epic: Endurance
  • (+6) Fantastic: Lore
  • (+5) Superb: Conviction, Discipline, Scholarship
  • (+4) Great: Intimidation, Rapport, Deceit, Performance (Dance)
  • (+3) Good: Alertness, Resources, Craftsmanship, Fists
  • (+2) Fair: Athletics, Gun (Bow), Weapon (Club), Survival
  • (+1) Average: Burglary, Contacts, Investigation, Might, Empathy, Stealth

Stunts, Powers, Magic

    • (-1) Demesne
    • (-2) Glamour
    • (-2) Sponsored Spellcasting (Seelie)
    • (+1) The Hunger (Water of Life), Controlling:
      • (-2) Upgrade to Greater Glamours
      • (-3) Thaumaturgy
      • (-3) Evocation
      • (-6) Mythic Strength
        • +12 Might lift/break, +3 Grapple plus 4-stress hit supplemental, +3 to any skill Might can modify, +6 damage
      • (-4 Subtotal) Physical Immunity (-8) (Catch Fire, Cold Iron and the like +4)
    • (-2 Subtotal) Salabhanjika Diadem (Item of Power Rebate, +2 Obvious)
      • Refinement (-4)
        • Specialization Bonus x4
    • Specializations (1 Evo, 1 Thaum)
      • Evocation (Earth, Water, Spirit)
        • Power: +1 Water, +2 Spirit, +3 Earth
        • Control: +1 Spirit, +2 Earth
      • Thaumaturgy
        • +1 Crafting Strength
    • Focus Items (2 Slots)
      • Shimenawa Rope Belt (+1 Earth Offensive & Defensive Control) (2 Slots)
    • Enchanted Items / Potions (4 Slots, Base Strength 7, Base Frequency 1)
      • Dhoti Skirt (Block 6 or Armor: 3, 2 Uses)
      • Perfume (Maneuver: Fragile Aspect: “You’re Enraptured,” Frequency 5)
      • 2 Potion Slots
        • Mana Acorn – 8 Strength (2 Slots) which yields 4 Power for Thaumaturgy
    • Rote 1
    • Rote 2
    • Rote 3
    • Rote 4
    • Rote 5
    • Rote 6


Physical (Endurance)  : (1) (2) (3) (4)
Composure (Conviction): (1) (2) (3) (4)


Basic Minor (-2): *ANY*
Bonus Minor (-2): P (Superb Endurance)
Bonus Minor (-2): P (Epic Endurance)
Bonus Minor (-2): C (Superb Conviction)
Moderate    (-4): *ANY*
Severe      (-6): *ANY*
Extreme     (-8): *ANY*

Her Grace, the Duchess of Panthers, The Lady Panther (before World War 2 and The Duke’s arrival, she was known as the Lady Carya)

The Hollow Pecan in the Ft. Worth Botannical Gardens is her birth tree and her heart, over 200 years old… it also anchors the Demesne of whoever wears the Ducal Crown (an artifact she created herself, for the Fae that she chose as her Duke long, long ago). Many have forgotten in the long centuries who’s the real source of the Summer Court of Ft. Worth’s power.

Classical Summer Fae Notions of “Fidelity”

While The Duke is a doting father on Kenna (and likewise The Duchess is a loving mother)… they’re completely not faithful to each other… nor does it seem they particularly care so long as the dalliances don’t interfere with the other one’s schemes.


Power: Hunger (Water of Life)

Like all fae she consumes ambient life energy of mortality – enjoying the whirl and rush of humanity – singers, dreamers, etc. are just as welcome to her as any other Fae of Summer… she also consumes body fluids of all sorts … and two very important components of plant fertilizer is blood and bone meal after all.

Aspect: I Really Don’t Care

She’s old, she’s a tree-bound Dryad, and she’s surrounded by Sidhe… bleh.

  • Invoke: To boost a defense roll of any kind
  • Compel: To simply ignore something going on (perception, etc.)
Aspect: Dryad, Kodama, Salabhanjika… I am a shade of all those names.

Tree spirits are found all over the world. Her original form was likely Native American, then over the centuries it became a white woman, after WW2, she gained a belt that looks a lot like a miniature Japanese Shimenawa rope, and in the past decade, she’s donned traditional Indian silks (though not much of it during the summer, as with Salabhanjika statues of old) and her skin grows more pecan-brown. Her hair and eye color, as always, changes with the seasons (light green, dark green, red-gold, ice-blue).

  • Invoke: To aid with fertility things, seductive dance/movement, death omens and augury, cursing those that have injured her, to lend strength
  • Compel: To leave a public place, to go and be alone, to be lewd or lascivious (nymph)
Aspect: I Have Produced Many, Many Nuts

She’s crafted or birthed many fae over her two centuries, mainly with Sidhe (thought she dislikes them as a rule… summer fire burns, winter chills… no tree likes either one).

  • Invoke: To have sway over an interaction involving Fae, she’s probably related to one of them in some way or to know intimate, familiar things about people (like a mother might know about friends of her children) and most significantly, to boost Biomantic Healing (mom knows how to fix it)
  • Compel: To be annoyed/disappointed/dissatisfied with someone for a past act (i.e. forgetting to call mom on mother’s day times ten)
Aspect: Made of Hardy Stuff

200 year old trees are pretty stout… kinda have to be.

  • Invoke: To boost defenses
  • Compel: To reduce effectiveness in Social scenes (callousness, insensitivity, etc.)
Aspect: I Make Everything Just a Bit Better

There’s pie… and Pecan Pie. There’s BBQ… and Pecan smoked BBQ. Pralines.. and Pecan Pralines. Pecan just makes things a bit better… well, at least in the South anyway.

  • Invoke: When crafting, performing, or doing something with others
  • Compel: To meddle, a scene that’s basically resolved, gets a new infusion of ideas and energy which often just adds to confusion… to add Time Increments representing her “help”

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  • Actor/Model Used For Photos: Amelia Thomas by GARETHHH on DeviantArt

The Duchess

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