Hiyashi Ren


Power Level

  • Total Refresh: 12
  • Unspent Refresh: 1
  • Skill Cap: Superb
  • Total Skill Points: 40
  • Unspent Skill Points: 0
  • Unspent Fate Points: 1


  1. High Concept: Yousei Daughter of Suijin (Japanese-themed Changeling)
  2. Trouble: Yakuza Princess On the Run
  3. Appearance is Everything
  4. Just Want to Belong…with the Freaks
  5. Phone Call from Uncle
  6. Let the Ink Flow Where it May
  7. Deep Fried Twinkie


  • (+5) Superb: Deceit, Performance
  • (+4) Great: Contacts, Empathy
  • (+3) Good: Conviction, Discipline, Rapport
  • (+2) Fair: Alertness, Athletics, Craftsmanship, Lore
  • (+1) Average: Endurance, Fists, Intimidation, Might, Resources, Stealth

Stunts, Powers, Magic

    Powers and Stunts:

    • (-1) Marked by Power (Suijin)
    • (0) Human Guise
    • (-1) Toughness (Inhuman Toughness, Inhuman Recovery
      • (+3) The Catch (Onmyodo Spells))
    • (-1) Aquatic (Athletics)
    • (-2) Glamours (Illusion spells)
    • (-2) Channeling Magic (Aquamancy)
    • (-4) Water Body (Human Form (+1)) Affecting:
      • Physical Immunity (-8) with any existing Catch plus new Catches:
        • Stacking Catch: Fire/Red Hot Items (480c/896f degrees+ i.e. “red hot+”) or “getting Scooped/Bottled” (+2 Easily Found Out, +2 Easily Available)
      • Liquid (-1) (variant of Insubstantial from Spirit Form)
        • May “flow” and reduce zone borders to nearly zero, waterproof zone Borders still have effect
        • Thresholds are full barriers

    Focus/Enchanted Items:

    • Fountain Pen focus (+ 1 offensive control for Water evocations)
    • Pink Lotus Necklace (Social Armor:2,once per session)
    • Inkwell (+ 2 performance, once per session)


    • Water Whip – 3-shift Water Attack (Weapon:3), requires Fountain Pen focus
    • Ice Bonds – 3-shift Water Attack (Grapple, manifests as “cuffs” around arms and legs), requires Fountain Pen focus


Physical (Endurance)  : (1) (2) (3) + (4) (5)
Composure (Conviction): (1) (2) (3) (4)
Armor(s): 1


Basic Minor (-2): *ANY*
Moderate    (-4): *ANY*
Severe      (-6): *ANY*
Extreme     (-8): *ANY*


    Major Milestone

  1. 1/12/12 – A Buffalo Clover in Winter – Refresh: Banked (used after Outlaw); Skill: Discipline + 1 (to 3); Minor: Banked _(This was a 3rd Significant that got upgraded, combined with Malignant Motorcycle Mayhem 3 and Bah Humbug 2)
  2. 4/12/12 – Outlaw – Refresh: Bought Water Body (used this and banked point); Skill: Contacts + 1 (to 4) and Performance + 1 (to 5); Minor: Banked

Significant Milestone

  1. 11/30/11 – Malignant Motorcycle Mayhem (pt. 3) – skill: Deceit + 1 (to 5); Minor: Banked
  2. 12/22/11 – Bah Humbug! (pt. 2) – Skill: Empathy + 1 (to 4); Minor: Banked
  3. 3/8/12 – Kawaii Desu Yo …Ne? (pt. 1) – Skill: Athletics + 1 (to 2); Minor: Banked (This was a 3rd Minor that got upgraded to a Significant, combined with Malignant Motorcycle Mayhem 2 and Bah Humbug 1)
  4. 3/22/12 – Kawaii Desu Yo… ne? (pt 2) – Skill: Banked (used after Outlaw); Minor: Banked

Minor Milestone

  1. 11/10/11 – Malignant Motorcycle Mayhem (pt. 2) – Banked
  2. 12/08/11 – Bah Humbug! (pt. 1) – Banked


Character Phases

Phase One: Background

Father is Japanese Yousei Suijin – Mother (Yumi) from political family was engaged (arranged) when she meet Suijin and became pregnant (will not say who father is). Since the arranged marriage was so important to both families the two married (Yumi and Akio) at once and Hayashi Ren was entered into her Stepfathers family register. Akio is the 2nd son Yakuza family (Ren is unaware of family business) who runs the cover business for the family. Ren is an outcast in family and has 2 half-brothers who are perfect and will run family business one day. Went to best conservative schools until she reached puberty then blue streaks started to appear in her hair and she could not get rid of them even when she dyed them. After several issues and school it was decided to send her out of the country for the rest of high school and college as not to be an embarrassment for the family.

ASPECT: “Appearance is Everything”

Aunt and Uncle confront Mother and are given a token that was given to her by Suijin. Akio (stepdad) finds out that step daughter could be useful to the family. They escape back to the United States out of the “family” grasp. Uncle does best to protect Ren from the Yakuza and starts to teach her how to use her powers to blend in and sneak around.

TROUBLE: “Yakuza Princess on the Run”

Phase Two: Rising Conflict

Ren is sent to live with her Uncle and Aunt in the United States. Aunt works for a company in Dallas and Uncle owns antique shop in Lower Greenville and is a wizard. Uncle soon realizes she is a Yousei as her ability to manipulate ink and watercolors develop. During this time she is having issues with classmates.

ASPECT: “Just want to belong…..with freaks”

Phase Three: The Story

When the White Council asks Ren to check out Jamie Harper and report back if really is a minor talent, when she is attacked by Red the Court. Will she be able to tell the Council his real power when he saves her from the Vampires?

ASPECT: “White Council Information Broker”

Phase Four: Guest Starring

When Uncle calls Ren after class and asks her to pick up a package from Professor Pierre Cornett for his meeting with the White Council. Will she succeed when the O.C.T. attack under orders of the Professor and can she get the package back in time for meeting?

ASPECT: “Phone call from Uncle”

Phase Five: Guest Starring Redux

When Ren is asked by Belle to go draw pictures of some of the new potential freaks at a Pub some of KBZ members object. Will she be able to get out of the pub with her drawings in one piece?

ASPECT: “Let the Ink Flow Where it May”

Thoughts on Other Characters:
Conor: Charming as ever and definetly knows how to use his hands.
Elena: She seems like she is quite a firecracker. She might be a lot of fun; can’t wait to find out.
Jamie: He is more powerful than he lets on but he needs to learn how to relax and not be so uptight. Hmmm maybe I should teach him how to relax.
Matthew: He can’t resist a damsel in distress but then he has to start talking about his god, oh well at least he is helpful.
Uncle: Demanding, overprotective, all ways has to be right, and the only family that has cared about it me no matter what. I know he trusts my judgement and will never betray me.
Erica: She is a really gifted person; it is hard to believe she cannot see. She seems like she has been sheltered, and I feel it is my job to make sure she gets to enjoy all sorts of new experiences.

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  • Actor/Model Used For Photos: Unknown Harajuku Girl from Japan, taken from a Blog

Hiyashi Ren

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