Raven Harper

Psycho Ex Wife of Jamie Harper


Power Level

  • Total Refresh: 14
  • Unspent Refresh: 1
  • Skill Cap: Superb
  • Total Skill Points: 45
  • Unspent Skill Points: 0
  • Unspent Fate Points: 1 (Sponsored)


  1. High Concept: Wannabe Major Talent
  2. Trouble: Would Do Anything For True Power
  3. My Child Was Stolen From Me
  4. Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned
  5. Fiery Redhead
  6. My Boss Would Love To Meet You
  7. Burning Hatred


  • (+5) Superb: Conviction, Discipline
  • (+4) Great: Deceit, Lore, Rapport
  • (+3) Good: Alertness, Intimidation, Resources
  • (+2) Fair: Empathy, Burglary, Investigation, Guns
  • (+1) Average: Athletics, Contacts, Driving, Scholarship, Stealth, Survival

Stunts, Powers, Magic

    • (-3) Evocation
    • (-1) The Sight & (0) Soulgaze
    • Grimoire Maleficarum (+2) Item of Power
      • (-3) Thaumaturgy
      • (0) Wizard’s Constitution
    • (-3) Sponsored Magic (Hellfire)
      • +1 Power/Complexity to Inflict Stress/Consequences
      • Diabolism, Entropomancy, and Disruption at Evocations Methods/Speed with Sponsor OK
    • (-2) Refinement (x2)
    • (+5) Catch (Mundane Sources of Harm – see Ogre in O.W.)
      • (-8) Immunity to Mortal Magic

    Specialization Bonus (Evoc Pyramid)

    • +2 Fire Element Power (Additional +1 if used to inflict Stress/Consequences)
    • +1 Earth Element Control, +1 Fire Element Control, +1 Earth Element Power

    Specialization Bonus (Thaum Pyramid)

    • +1 Summoning Control
    • +1 Complexity to any Thaum used to inflict Stress/Consequences

    Focus Item Slots

    • (+2) Fire Element Attack Power – Red Dragon Tattoo (tramp stamp) (2 slots)
    • (+2) Fire Element Attack Control – Black Dragon Wings Tattoos (shoulder blades) (2 slots)


  1. Égkayma – Attack – Weapon:10 Fire Element (Fireball)
  2. Kólash – Attack – Zone – 4 Stress – Weapon:11 Fire Element (Inferno)
  3. Dérma – Block – Armor: 2, 3 Exchanges – Earth Element (Stoneskin)
  4. Aíma – Maneuver – Zone – “I’m Burning Up Inside,” 5 Exchanges


Physical (Endurance)  : (1) (2)
Composure (Conviction): (1) (2) (3) (4)


Basic Minor (-2): *ANY*
Bonus Minor (-2): C
Moderate    (-4): *ANY*
Severe      (-6): *ANY*
Extreme     (-8): *ANY*

Raven and Jamie met while they were in college and married shortly there after. She helped teach Jamie Evocation and The Sight while Jamie attempted to instruct her in Thaumaturgy. Raven became distant from her family after the birth of her son Jake and began experimenting with dark magic. She attempted to take her son from Jamie which resulted in a nasty magical dual in which Jamie nearly killed Raven, but he allowed her to escape. Her current whereabouts are unknown.

Raven was member of the Freakshow Confederacy and worked at The Purple House on Bell before her fall to dark magic and disappearance. Some members of the Confederacy consider Jamie to be a aloof jerk who probably killed his wife. Others appreciate the help he occasionally gives to spell casters in trouble and feel sorry that his wife went nuts.



  1. Re-created as 14/45 Character at start of Season 2


  • Earned


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  • Actor/Model Used For Photos: Jessica Stam

Raven Harper

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