Power Level

Midori mh 1
  • Total Refresh: 10 (Submerged)
  • Unspent Refresh: 1
  • Skill Cap: Superb
  • Total Skill Points: 35
  • Unspent Skill Points: 0
  • Unspent Fate Points: 6


Midori mh 2

  1. High Concept: Hot Otaku Shugenja
  2. Trouble: Ex-Modern Day Geisha
  3. Kunoichi in Training (Kunoichi = Female Ninja)
  4. The Blind, The Bad, and the Hairy
  5. Coffee Sommelier/Barista
  6. Spellbreaker (Item of Power)
  7. Cooks like a French Pastry Chef


Midori mh 3
  • (+5) Superb: Discipline
  • (+4) Great: Rapport, Performance
  • (+3) Good: Conviction, Empathy, Lore
  • (+2) Fair: Athletics, Scholarship, Resources, Fists
  • (+1) Average: Alertness, Contacts, Deceit, Endurance, Stealth

Languages: English (Native), Japanese (Scholarship 1), French (Scholarship 2)

Stunts, Powers, Magic

Midori mh 4

    • Stunts
      • (-1) Sex Appeal (Rapport)
      • (-1) Pointed Performance (Performance)
      • (-1) Artist in the Kitchen (Performance) (use Performance for Scholarship/Craftsmanship roll involving food and non-alcoholic drink preparation)
      • (-1) Armed Arts (Fists) – Ninjatō (Kenjutsu – Sword) and Shuriken (Shurikenjutsu)
      • (-1) Lush Lifestyle (Resources)
    • Powers
      • (-3) Thaumaturgy
        • Former Item of Power “Scroll of Onmyōdō” acts as Thaum-derived Focus Items
        • +1 Control and +1 Complexity for Warding Magic when using the Scroll of Onmyōdō
        • (-0) Runic Spell Constructs (see Custom Stunts and Powers)
      • (-1) Item of Power: Ō-Nenju (Buddhist Prayer Beads) (+2 Obvious Rebate)
        • Channeling: Spirit (-2)
          • Focus Items
            • Slot 1 – +1 Attack Power Spirit (the beads themselves)
            • Slot 2 – Used for Enchanted Items/Potion Slots (to represent Claret etc.)
        • The Sight & Soulgaze (-1) – When she uses the Ō-Nenju (which literally means “Thought Beads” then she’s able to see through illusions and what is not true, this is an aspect of her spellbreaking)


Midori mh 5
Physical (Endurance)  : (1) (2) (3)
Composure (Conviction): (1) (2) (3) (4)
Resources (Resources): (1) (2) (3) (4)
Armor & Weapons:

  • Karuta (small armor plates) reinforced Ninja outfit with shin guards (suneate) and bracers (kote): Armor:1
  • Ninjatō (Sword): Weapon:2
  • Shuriken: Weapon:0


Basic Minor (-2): *ANY*
Moderate    (-4): *ANY*
Severe      (-6): *ANY*
Extreme     (-8): *ANY*

Text Description

  • True Name: Satō Midori 佐藤 翠
  • Physicals: 5’5" 106 lbs BDay March 8
  • Coloring: Black hair, brown eyes
  • Clothing: Whatever’s fashionable; Japanese Schoolgirl if she’s feeling…playful…


Mid-Season Re-write (after Queen to Big D, Check III)
  • Changed Trouble from Secret Scars to Fawning Fanboys to Ex-Modern Day Geisha
  • Changed Modern Day Geisha to
  • Swapped Lore and Resources (due to “arcane studies over job” choice
  • Swapped Discipline and Athletics (due to workout regime now more mental than physical)
  • Raised Deceit to Fair (old habits coming back now that she has to lie about magic)
  • Removed J-Pop Artist Stunt (loss of interest, time, and job pressure)
    • (with new refresh point) spent on eliminating Item of Power Requirement on Thaumaturgy.

Major Milestones

  • #1 (Minor 4/5/6 – Rolled Up Significant due to hitting the 10/35 Threshold) – Bought Item of Power – Buddhist Rosary Beads, “Video Game Virtuoso” changed to reflect Item of Power “Spellbreaker” representing her focus on Countermagic and to be compelled to represent her incomplete grasp of magical theory, spent skill point on Discipline to 5
    • At the same time I also spent ALL her Banked lesser Milestones at once

Significant Milestones

  • Earned (Minor 1/2/3) – Bought Weapons (which was swapped out for Stealth later due to picking up Armed Arts)

Minor Milestones

  • Earned
    • Minor #1 – “Scroll of Onmyōdō” changed to “Kunoichi in Training”
    • Minor #2 – Dropped Stunt: Best Foot Forward to Stunt: Lush Lifestyle based on recent campaign events (Mizuage issue has been resolved). Best Foot Forward has dropped representing a subtle and even subconscious change in her demeanor to be less interested in pleasing men/customers/others and more confident in herself (Discipline 5).
    • Minor #3 – With Discipline at 5, Dropping "Calm Blue Ocean) (was at 3 with 2 bonus with stunt, now at a full 5 regularly) in favor of Armed Arts (Sword and Shuriken)
      • (9/5 Credit) Conor-no-Kimi (double credit as she is focus of the PoV)
    • Minor #4 – Flipped Empathy and Discipline (mentally turning inward, not outward)
    • Minor #5 – Flipped Deceit and Fists
    • Minor #6 – Flipped Weapons to Stealth since Armed Arts now resolves the sword/shuriken issue – she’s still Weapon:0 with the other assorted Ninja weapons. She focuses on them less.
    • Minor #7 – Banked
      • (5/5 Credit) Black Silk (main PoV – double credit)
    • Minor #8 – In Progress
      • (1/5 Carryover)

Archived Milestones

Upgrade to 8/32 at end of Season 1, reset count to zero

  • Location Face
    • Season 1 Midseason – Raised Resources to Good
      • Changed Aspect “Repository for Otaku Lore” to “Coffee Sommelier/Barista”
    • Season 1 End of Season – Raised Performance to Great
  • Erica
    • Erica-san when around strangers
    • Erica-chan when talking to her in “best friends” mode
    • Erica-sensei when in “student” mode learning about magic stuff
  • Ren
    • As per Erica except also:
    • Ōnēsan (big sis) talking about her, Nēchan (same meaning) if directly to her
  • Uncle
    • Normally just as Ōjisan (Uncle) as that’s how she first knew him
    • When speaking about his memory, Keisuke-Sensei
  • Conor
    • Conor-san when talking about/to him generally
    • Conor-sama when talking to him/about him formally in “Patron” mode
    • Conor-no-kimi when talking about him to close friends
  • The Scooby Squad
    • Almost always uses -san honorific talking to/about/etc.
  • Claret
    • No honorific used – deliberately
  • Hobbes
    • Usually just “Hobbes” but sometimes Hobekun (Hobbes-Kun as close as Japanese can approximate)
  • Roxie
    • Roxie-san but since she calls her “Ms Midori” in return… seriously considering calling her Roxie-chan to see if that will get her to just call her Midori.

Ninjutsu Notes
  • Ninja Jūhakkei
    • (Taken from 18th Century Scroll of the Togakure-ryū ‘style’)
    • Seishinteki kyōyō – spiritual refinement (Conviction/Endurance)
    • Taijutsu – unarmed combat (Fists/Endurance)
    • Kenjutsu – sword techniques (Weapons)
    • Bōjutsu – stick and staff techniques (Weapons)
    • Sōjutsu – spear techniques (Weapons)
    • Naginatajutsu – naginata techniques (Weapons)
    • Kusarigamajutsu – kusarigama techniques (Weapons)
    • Shurikenjutsu – throwing weapons techniques (Weapons)
    • Kayakujutsu – pyrotechnics (Scholarship/Craftsmanship)
    • Hensōjutsu – disguise and impersonation (Deceit/Rapport)
    • Shinobi-iri – stealth and entering methods (Stealth/Burglary)
    • Bajutsu – horsemanship (Survival/Driving)
    • Sui-ren – water training (Athletics/Driving)
    • Bōryaku – tactics (Scholarship/Alertness)
    • Chōhō – espionage (Alertness/Scholarship/Deceit/Empathy/Rapport)
    • Intonjutsu – escaping and concealment (Alertness/Athletics/Stealth)
    • Tenmon – meteorology (Scholarship)
    • Chi-mon – geography (Scholarship)
  • Shugenja is a practioner of Shugendou which is practiced by
    • Yamabushi who are mystic/occult types and their belief structure is formed from a fusion of
      • Shingon Buddhism
      • Tendai Buddhism
      • Shinto
      • Taoism
  • The principles of the Shugyo (tests and challenges endured by Shugenja) are today incorporated into styles like Aikido
  • Shungendō is “intent” and “intensity” (Discipline and Conviction)


Rin – Strength
Words: On baishiramantaya sowaka …ōm
Spirit (Buddhist Shugendo): Bishamon-ten
Cut: Horizontal (Yang)

Pyō – Channeling
Words: On ishanaya intaraya sowaka …ōm
Spirit: Gonzanze Myō-o
Cut: Vertical (Yin)

– Harmony
Words: On jiterashi itara jibaratanō sowaka …ōm
Spirit: Jikoku-ten
Cut: Horizontal

Sha – Healing
Words: On hayabaishiramantaya sowaka …ōm
Spirit: Kongō-yaksha Myō-o
Cut: Vertical

Kai – Danger Sense
Words: On nōmaku sanmanda basaradan kan …ōm
Spirit: Fudo Myō-o
Cut: Horizontal

Jin – Sensing Thoughts
Words: On aganaya in maya sowaka …ōm
Spirit: Gundari Myō-o
Cut: Vertical

Retsu – Space and Time
Words: On irotahi chanoga jiba tai sowaka …ōm
Spirit: Komoku-ten
Cut: Horizontal

Zai – The Sky and Elemental Mastery
Words: On chirichi iba rotaya sowaka …ōm
Spirit: Dai-itoku Myō-o
Cut: Vertical

Zen – Enlightenment
Words: On a ra ba sha nō sowaka …ōm
Spirit: Zocho-ten
Cut: Horizontal


Case Update

9/17/12 – Extreme Mental Consequence and the Aspect thereon removed (due to in-game actions of members of the party)

Case Update

Due to the events of the Kawaii Desu Yo… ne? story arc, Midori is currently suffering from extreme mental trauma. She’s pretty much just staying at her parent’s home in her room most of the time (Extreme Mental Condition: Schizophrenia).

Midori mh 6

Original Text

Works at the Meido Kafe as the number #1 Maid (by reservation only, client list only).

Modern Day (Otaku) Geisha
Midori considers herself (and anyone who works as a Maid Cafe hostess) a “Modern Day Geisha” – giving men entertainment/fulfilling their fantasies… but not sex. She has none of the traditional training of a geisha (and Japanese Traditionalists “see red” when girls like Midori claim to be “modern geisha”).

In her mind:

  1. instead of making tea… she makes European coffee and fancy French desserts in the Maid Cafe
  2. instead of playing the shamisen or doing traditional geisha dance… she can put on an amazing J-Pop song & dance numbers.
  3. instead of being a master of the art of conversation, gaming, and smalltalk… she is a master of Otaku Pop culture, video games, and can carry on conversations with other Otaku. In her mind, for her customers this is better than the old way.
  4. instead of thick white face make-up, leaving the “erotic” back of the neck bare, geisha robes, and geisha hair style… she wears a french maid outfit, has dyed/styled/teased big hair, modern makeup, and leaves different “erotic” areas bare (cleavage, thighs, etc.)
  5. like traditional geisha maikos (young girls) Midori is willing to sell her virginity (the mizuage ceremony)… the rumor was that the highest bid was $500,000 and would be consumated on the night of her 18th birthday (she was 17 and a Senior at R.L. Turner High School at the time) assuming she could figure out how to go about doing it without getting arrested.
    • Beginning of Season 2 Update: Midori is a freshman at UTA, current major: Music. She still works at Meido Kafe, elegantly balancing college school work with her prestigous client list. Her “Mizuage Status” is still technically open, but she is not taking any bids at this time.

Midori’s Reservation/Client List

  • $1200 to currently get on the client list outright or auction to highest bidder if an existing client does not renew (last auction a spot went for $600)
  • $60 monthly retainer to stay on the client list (pre-established clients on ‘good terms’ pay their initial retainer rates)
  • Rates are based on how much time is reserved, on which night, what time of night, etc. plus or minus “considerations” depending on the individual client.
    • Reservations for the upcoming week are done via email/phone each Monday from 10am to 4pm via the Meido Kafe – first come/first serve from the client list only (except birthdays, which get special accommodation when scheduling).
  • Midori works at the Meido Kafe Thursday through Sunday, 4pm to 11pm
    • (last year, due to the city curfew law she only worked until 10pm)
  • Midori usually takes home about $500-$700 per night, plus the occasional “gift”. Not too shabby for a 18 year old college freshman.


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