Maeve, The Winter Lady

She's The Winter Lady.... oh jeez... yes THAT one.


Power Level

  • Total Refresh: 36
  • Unspent Refresh: 0 (Full Fae, No Free Will… like she cares)
  • Skill Cap: Legendary
  • Total Skill Points: 100
  • Unspent Skill Points:
  • Unspent Fate Points: 0 (Sponsored… Magically limited only by number of Aspects in play. Fate Points for magic are Unlimited.)


  1. High Concept: The Winter Lady
  2. Trouble: More Power Than Smarts
  3. Cruel and Vindictive
  4. Party Girl
  5. My Whim Is Your Command
  6. Scary Sexy
  7. Cold… freezes


  • (+8) Legendary: Lore, Conviction
  • (+7) Epic: Deceit, Resources
  • (+6) Fantastic: Discipline, Intimidation,
  • (+5) Superb: Contacts, Endurance, Guns, Weapons
  • (+4) Great: Athletics, Alertness, Fists, Scholarship
  • (+3) Good: Investigation, Might, Performance, Rapport
  • (+2) Fair: Craftsmanship, Empathy, Driving (Boats), Stealth
  • (+1) Average: Burglary, Survival
  • Floating Skill Pyramid Rule: Average No Longer Counts Against

Stunts, Powers, Magic

  • Stunts
    • Takes One To Know One (Deceit)
    • Custom: Confidence Is Sexy (Rolls Conviction instead of Rapport for Seduction)
    • Riposte (Weapons)
  • Powers
    • Supernatural Senses (Strange Senses) (–1)
    • The Sight (-1)
    • Greater Glamours (–4)
    • Swift Transition (–2)
    • Inhuman Strength (-2)
    • Supernatural Speed (–4)
    • The Catch (+4) is cold iron and the like and the trappings of Summer
      • Supernatural Toughness (–4)
      • Inhuman Recovery (-2)
    • Evocation (-3)
    • Thaumaturgy (-3)
    • Unseelie Magic (–2)
    • Refinement (-9)
      • Additional Element: Unseelie Magic x1
      • Specializations x7
      • Enchanted Items / Potions x1

  • Evocation: Elements (Air, Spirit, Water, Unseelie Magic)
    • Power (Air +3, Unseelie Magic +1)
    • Control (Air +4, Unseelie Magic +2)
  • Thaumaturgy:
    • Control (Unseelie Magic +2);
    • Complexity (Unseelie Magic +3);
    • Crafting (Strength +1)
Focus Items (4 Slots)
  • Ring of Air (+2 Offensive Control and Power and with Air)
Enchanted Items (4 Slots)
  • Winter Mail (Block 8 or Armor Value 4, three times per session) (2 Item Slots)
  • Potions (2 Slots, Base Strength 9)
  1. Freeze
    • Stress Cost: 1
    • Type: Air Element Attack
      • Target: 12
      • Weapon: 12
      • 1 Point of Fallout is built into the spell, manifesting as coldness and the “Snowflake Brand”
    • Duration: Instant
    • Story of the Spell: Maeve’s basic freezing attack, things freeze and turn to ice
  2. Popsicle
    • Stress Cost: 1
    • Type: Maneuver
      • Sticky Aspect “Body Shutting Down” (4 of 12 Shifts)
      • Sticky Aspect “Blood Freezing Up” (4 of 12 Shifts)
      • 1 Point of Fallout is built into the spell, manifesting as coldness and the “Snowflake Brand”
    • Duration: 5 Total Exchanges (4 of 12 Shifts)
    • Story of the Spell: The target feels like they’re in a deep freeze, their body starts to shut down/go to sleep almost as with hypothermia
  3. Elementary Magic
    • Stress Cost: 1
    • Type: Maneuver
      • Add Exchanges to an Existing Spell
      • 1 Point of Fallout is built into the spell, manifesting as coldness and the “Snowflake Brand”
    • Duration: Add 12 Exchanges (12 of 12 Shifts)
    • Story of the Spell: Magic obeys the Winter Lady’s Whims
  4. Ice Ice Baby
    • Stress Cost: 1
    • Type: Block
    • Block 10 or Armor: 5 (10 of 10 Shifts)
    • Duration: 1 Exchange
    • Story of the Spell: It’s almost as if Maeve is made of ice, or sheathed in ice, or something… it’s like trying to hit a glacier
  5. Bow Down Monkey (aka “Kneel Before Zod!”)
    • Stress Cost: 1
    • Type: Maneuver and Block
      • Creates the Fragile Aspect “Sudden Urge to Bow” (3 of 12 Shifts)
      • Tags Aspect to establish a Grapple Block 7 (Defend with Discipline or Conviction) (7 of 12 Shifts)
    • Duration: 3 Exchanges (2 of 12 Shifts)
    • Story of the Spell: She’s fear and madness incarnate, not to mention a dead sexy monarch of ancient powers… when she says bow… you bow (or you spend the entire time fighting the compulsion to bow)… either way, you stand in place unless you’re strong enough to break free.
  6. Something Wrong?
    • Stress Cost: 1
    • Type: Entropomantic Curse Attack
      • Target: 10
      • Weapon: 5 (Composure Attack, 2 for 1 Shifts for attacking Non-Physical Stress)
      • 1 Point of Fallout is built into the spell, manifesting as coldness and the “Snowflake Brand”
    • Duration: Instant
    • Story of the Spell: All your inner fears, inadequacies, nightmares, character flaws, phobias, and quirks all break loose from their bonds and you go a little crazy
  7. I Wish You Luck
    • Stress Cost: 1 (2 Sponsored Debt Invoking “The Winter Lady” & “Cruel & Vindictive”)
    • Type: Entropomantic Curse Maneuver
      • Establishes the Sticky Aspect “Bad Luck” on the target (4 of 14 shifts)
      • Duration: Evothaum Time Increments up from “A Few Moments” to “A Few Days” (10 Shifts)
    • Story of the Spell: It’s like… you’re just cursed with bad luck or something. Player Characters hit with this get Fate Points any time the GM Compels it as with any Compelled Aspect. However, it should be used at the moment dramatic and inconvenient times… funny thing is, since this GIVES a character Fate Points, in Maeve’s head… this is actually a blessing/assistance/help.
  8. Oops
    • Stress Cost: 1
    • Type: Counterspell
    • 12 Strength Counterspell following a Lore Test (target difficult of opposing caster’s Discipline, not an opposed roll)
    • Duration: Instant
    • Story of the Spell: The Lady of Winter does not like your magical effect, item, or potion. It appears to freeze and shatter (if that even remotely would work for a visual effect).
Generic Thaumaturgy Notes
  • A Trivial Thaum Effect
    • Complexity: 10
    • Meeting Complexity: 10 (Instant) (Her No-Prep is actually 11)
    • Powering: 10 in Exchange 1 (1 Minute Casting Time)
  • A Simple Thaum Effect
    • Complexity: 20
    • Meeting Complexity:
      • No-Prep of 11
      • Invoke “The Winter Lady” (Sponsored) (2)
      • Invoke “My Whim Is Your Command” (Sponsored) (2)
      • Conviction Declaration: “I Am The Winter Lady Fools” (2)
      • Lore Declaration: “This is Rudimentary Magic” (2)
      • Discipline Declaration: “Shut Up And Let Me Concentrate or I’ll Freeze your Eyes” (2)
      • 3 Declarations, Takes “A Minute” Prep Time (to create the spell construct, etc.)
    • Powering: 20 in 2 Exchanges (“A Few Minutes” Casting Time)
  • A “Real” Thaum Effect (i.e. “A Proper Spell”)
    • Complexity: 30
    • Meeting Complexity:
      • See “A Simple Thaum Effect” above for 21 Complexity
      • Invoke “Cruel and Vindictive” (Sponsored) (2)
      • Invoke “More Power Than Smarts” (Sponsored) (2)
      • Alertness Declaration: “Magic is Trixxy, But Complications Don’t Escape My Notice” (2)
      • Resources Declaration: “I’ll Use This Absurdly Expensive Bauble I Have Here” (2)
      • Intimidation Declaration: “Scared Some Nearby Fae into ‘Donating’ Consequences” (2)
      • 3 more Declarations, now takes “An Hour” Prep Time
    • Powering: 30 in 2 Exchanges (still “A Few Minutes” Casting Time)
      • 2 Exchanges as with a “Simple” Spell (20)
      • Sacrified Minor and Moderate from the Fae “volunteer” (6)
      • Self Inflicted Minor Mental Consequence “What a Rush” (2)
      • Self Inflicted Extra Composure Stress (2 boxes) (2)
  • Human Playthings
    • Her toys that she’s used up or broken are worth 10 Complexity (Moderate 4 and Severe 6) and 10 Power (Extreme 8 and Minor 2). At least they usually die “happy” …
      I went on the search for something true. I was almost there when I found you. Sooner than my fate was wrote, perfect blade it slit my throat, and beads of lust released into the air.
      - The Avett Brothers, “February Seven” (Lyrics)


Physical (Endurance)  : (1) (2) (3) (4) | (5) (6) (7) (8)
Composure (Conviction): (1) (2) (3) (4)
Armor(s): 2 plus Enchanted Item


Basic Minor (-2): *ANY*
Bonus Minor (-2): C (Superb Conviction)
Bonus Minor (-2): C (Epic Conviction)
Bonus Minor (-2): P (Superb Endurance)
Moderate    (-4): *ANY*
Severe      (-6): *ANY*
Extreme     (-8): *ANY*

Maeve is a True Sidhe and the Lady of the Winter Court. She is the daughter of Winter Queen Mab.

Using Deadmanwalking’s work as the starting point, modded for our game.

From DMW:

Unseelie Magic is a perfectly valid thematic Specialty for Thaumaturgy.

Her magic is her own, hence the Evocation and Thaumaturgy. Also, it let her get Specialties.

She’s a bit more combative than Aurora was, or than Lily is likely to be, but significantly worse at the social thing.

And, post Cold Days…I’d say she’s not quite as good in a physical fight, and better at manipulation than I thought. Also, she uses guns as readily as melee weaponry. Stats adjusted accordingly.


Source photos found via Google image search, in general used without permission, and digitally modified for our usage (claiming fair use: parody/pastiche). This is a non-profit site, no challenge real or intended to legally held copyrights. Please contact the GM if you would like your image/likeness removed or if you prefer different credits/notice.

  • Actor/Model Used For Photos: Alexandra Daddario

Maeve, The Winter Lady

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