Lily, The Summer Lady

She's The Summer Lady.... you know... THAT one.


Power Level

  • Total Refresh: 33
  • Unspent Refresh: 0 (Full Fae, No Free Will… anymore)
  • Skill Cap: Legendary
  • Total Skill Points: 93
  • Unspent Skill Points: 0
  • Unspent Fate Points: 0 (Sponsored… Magically limited only by number of Aspects in play. Fate Points for magic are Unlimited.)


  1. High Concept: The Summer Lady
  2. Trouble: Desperately Lonely
  3. Curvy and Lovely
  4. Sweet and Gentle as a Fairy
  5. Manipulative and Manipulated
  6. I Never Got To Choose
  7. Fire… burns


  • (+8) Legendary: Lore
  • (+7) Epic: Discipline
  • (+6) Fantastic: Conviction, Rapport, Resources
  • (+5) Superb: Athletics, Deceit, Weapons
  • (+4) Great: Contacts, Endurance, Empathy, Survival
  • (+3) Good: Alertness, Scholarship, Intimidation, Performance, Stealth
  • (+2) Fair: Burglary, Craftsmanship, Driving, Fists, Investigation, Guns (Bow), Might
  • (+1) Average: -
  • Floating Skill Pyramid Rule: Average & Fair No Longer Counts Against

Stunts, Powers, Magic

  • Stunts:
    • Sex Appeal (Rapport) (-1)
  • Powers:
    • Supernatural Senses (Strange Senses) (–1)
    • The Sight (-1)
    • Greater Glamours (–4)
    • Swift Transition (-2)
    • Inhuman Strength (-2)
    • Inhuman Speed (–2)
    • The Catch (+4) is cold iron and the like, as well as trappings of Winter.
      • Supernatural Toughness (–4)
      • Inhuman Recovery (-2)
    • Evocation (-3)
    • Thaumaturgy (-3)
    • Seelie Magic (–2)
    • Refinement (-10)
      • Specializations x9
      • Additional Element: Seelie Magic
  • Evocation: Elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Seelie Magic);
    • Power (Seelie Magic +2, Fire +3)
    • Control (Seelie Magic +1, Fire +4)
  • Thaumaturgy:
    • Control (Seelie Magic +2);
    • Complexity (Divination +1, Seelie Magic +4, Transportation and Worldwalking +3);
Focus Items (4 Slots)
  • Ring of Fire (+1 Offensive and Defensive Power and Control with Fire) (4 Slots)
  1. Burn
    • Stress Cost: 1
    • Type: Attack
      • Target: 12
      • Weapon: 10
    • Duration: Instant
    • Story of the Spell: Your basic jet of angry hot flame from the hands of The Summer Lady
  2. Broil
    • Stress Cost: 1
    • Type: Maneuver
    • Sticky Aspect “Blood is Boiling” (4 of 10 Shifts)
    • Sticky Aspect “Suffocating Heat” (4 of 10 Shifts)
    • Duration: 3 Total Exchanges (2 of 10 Shifts)
    • Story of the Spell: The target feels his/her blood boil and cannot breathe from the heat
  3. Turn Up The Heat
    • Stress Cost: 1
    • Type: Maneuver
      • In the Zone (2 of 10 Shifts)
      • Sticky Aspect “Really Hot Around Here” (4 of 10 Shifts)
    • Duration: 5 Total Exchanges (4 of 10 Shifts)
    • Story of the Spell: Everything in the area begins to smoke, grow warm, and be infused by Summer’s Heat
  4. Elementary Magic
    • Stress Cost: 1
    • Type: Maneuver
    • Adds Exchanges to an existing spell
    • Duration: Add 10 Exchanges
    • Story of the Spell: Magic obeys the Summer Lady and only ends when she wishes it to
  5. Too Hot To Touch
    • Stress Cost: 1
    • Type: Block
    • Block 10 or Armor: 5
    • Duration: 1 Exchange
    • Story of the Spell: Anything that tries to harm her that gets to close catches fire (usually burning up) as guardian flames lick and leap to her defense
  6. The Look
    • Stress Cost: 1 (Plus 1 Sponsored Fate Point, Invoking “The Summer Lady”)
    • Type: Maneuver
    • Sticky Scene Aspect “Charmed by The Summer Lady” (4 of 10 Shifts)
    • Sticky Scene Aspect “All Your Words Have Weight With Me” (4 of 10 Shifts)
    • Duration: 3 Exchanges
    • Story of the Spell: She doesn’t even know how she does it, but most who speak with her one-on-one are smitten by her beauty, grace, and charm (not a sexual thing per se, just absolutely stunningly charming)
  7. Running with the Wind
    • Stress Cost: 1
    • Type: Biomancy Evothaum
    • Add four zones to movement (4 of 8 Shifts)
      • Per other examples in the rules, merely adding Zones does not require “Take Yourself Out”
    • Duration: 5 Total Exchanges
    • Story of the Spell: She moves really, really fast when she wishes
  8. Fairy Wings
    • Stress Cost: 1 (Plus 2 Sponsored Fate Points, Invoking “The Summer Lady” and “Sweet and Gentle as a Fairy”)
    • Type: Biomancy Evothaum
    • Take Herself Out (5 of 12 Shifts)
    • Grant Wings Power (3 of 12 Shifts)
    • Her own Athletics is 5 (0 of 12 Shifts)
    • Duration: 5 Total Exchanges (4 of 12 Shifts)
    • Story of the Spell: She sprouts fairy wings and can fly


Physical (Endurance)  : (1) (2) (3) (4) | (5) (6) (7) (8)
Composure (Conviction): (1) (2) (3) (4)
Armor(s): 2 vs Physical Stress


Basic Minor (-2): *ANY*
Bonus Minor (-2): C
Moderate    (-4): *ANY*
Severe      (-6): *ANY*
Extreme     (-8): *ANY*
The reason her Extreme is not in play even though she’s a major, major, NPC is because… she really doesn’t wan’t to be the Summer Lady … she probably wouldn’t be all that difficult to Take Out.
Using Deadmanwalking’s work as the starting point, modded for our game. Her skills reflect a Mortal Changeling that has juts been handed tremendous power and knowledge and she’s still learning what she can do with it.

From DMW: And there’s Lily. She’s young and new at her role…which is interesting for her stat-wise. She’s actually more mystically potent than Maeve…and better socially too…but no real match for her in combat.

Thaumaturgy Notes

In The Lap of The Summer Lady

Inspired by the Aurora & Harry Scene from ‘Summer Knight’

  1. Complexity Phase
    • 5 Take Target Out to Modify Record Sheet (facilitates the Aspect Change)
    • 8 Extreme Consequence Reduction (Basic Biomancy)
    • Accelerated Healing (8 Time Increments from “A Month” to “30 Minutes”)
    • 3 A Fate Point/Refresh Equivalent as forced Aspect Change is technically not possible in the rules outside of healing an Extreme Consequence… we’re fudging it because that’s “also” happening so we’re piggybacking effects to reflect physical and possibly mental healing.
    • Total: 24 Complexity
  2. Meeting Complexity Phase
    • No-Prep: 12 of 24 Met (Time Increment: Instant)
    • Invoke “The Summer Lady” (1 Sponsored Debt, 14 of 24 Met – technically this spell is not possible in the rules, so a big Aspect and a Fate Point is needed to pull it off)
    • Lore Declaration: Ancient Healing Magics Like This No Longer Exist (16 of 24, Time Increment: A Few Moments)
    • Empathy Declaration: Listening, Touching, Feeling (18 of 24, Time Increment: Half a Minute)
    • Conviction Declaration: I Am The Summer Lady (20 of 24, Time Increment: A Minute)
    • Rapport Declaration: Sleep And Be Totally At Ease With Me (22 of 24, Time Increment: A Few Minutes)
    • Scholarship Declaration: The Summer Lady knows Much About Bodies (24 of 24, Time Increment: 15 Minutes)
  3. Casting Phase
    • Exchange 1: 8 of 24 Power (Time Increment, 1 Minute)
    • Exchange 2: 16 of 24 Power (Time Increment, A Few Minutes)
    • Exchange 3: 24 of 24 Power (Time Increment, 15 Minutes)
  4. The Story of The Spell
    • Target must be Willing (or, if unconscious, must have pledged their troth to Lily or the Summer Court already)
    • Lily cradles the wounded in her lap and begins massaging, gently touching, talking soothingly, singing, etc. until the patient falls asleep (15 minutes meeting complexity phase)
    • Then she continues to massage and trace ancient symbols of power invisibly on the skin as the patient dreams wonderful dreams (15 minutes powering phase, half hour total)
    • The victim awakens healed of
      • An Extreme Consequence slot is fully cleared (all “time passage” is fulfilled for that single Extreme, the equivalent of a month of rest and healing passes in 30 minutes. Only the Extreme Slot is cleared.)
        • Note that as the entire time spent in her lap is a Scene, any Minors are cleared after the target awakes per basic rules for clearing Minor (because after they awaken, they’re in a new Scene “after Healing begins”).
      • If the injury inflicted an Aspect Change, an immediate Aspect change is allowed to represent the healing. Note that any Extreme Consequence causes an Aspect change that goes away once healed, however this spell is even more Powerful than that (5 base instead of Reiki’s 4, plus Fate Point requirement) and may allow an Aspect change even of a lesser wound than Extreme so long as the Aspect represents some kind of injury once sustained (or birth defect).
        • Example: An ancient Sidhe Warrior suffers the Extreme Consequence “Collapsed Lung” and takes the Aspect Change from “Battle Hardened Veteran” to “No Lung Capacity” as a result – Additionally, the Sidhe Warrior is a grizzled veteran of many battles and has the character Aspect “I See Only Death” (Fae Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
          • After Lily’s spell completes, the Extreme Consequence is completely gone as is the “No Lung Capacity” Aspect which was caused by the wound (he is once again “Battle Hardened Veteran”).
          • Additionally, “I See Only Death” may be changed if desired.. the Warrior does, changing it instead to “Ever Loyal to the Summer Lady.” Cosmetically, it’s unlikely even a month would fully heal a collapse lung, so he’ll cough a little for the rest of the story arc (but that has no game mechanic effect).
  5. Variant 1: If the target has both an Extreme and a Severe, she can bring both the Extreme to a Severe and the Severe to a Moderate, but they still occupy the same Slots (in other words, they’re not ‘Cleared Out’ but will go away at the end of the story arc as normal for wounds of that severity). However, since 2 shifts of Time Increment remain, cosmetically the wounds will have healed up externally as if a few weeks had passed under medical care (bruising will be gone, lacerations will not be raw and bleeding, bones will be well on the mend, etc.). Both the Aspect for the Extreme and the “one additional” Aspect may change as with the regular version. Minor Consequences are all cleared as with the regular version.
  6. Variant 2: If the target has a Severe and a Moderate, then only the Moderate will remain when the target awakens. However, this Moderate will be gone at the end of this session, and not next session (basically the magic gives you 1 session worth of time passage). Also, the “Severe” slot is Cleared Out (technically the Severe downgrade to a Moderate, the Moderate downgraded to a Mild and was cleared out like normal). Cosmetically, the remaining Moderate will look like a wound that has been healing for several weeks. As there was no Extreme Consequence, only a the “one additional” Aspect may change. Minor Consequences are all cleared as with the regular version.
  7. System Note: Any character with “Godly Healing Magic” could probably replicate this spell so long as they can spend the Fate Point and have a big ole honkin’ miracle workin’ Aspect to Invoke it (like “Living Saint” or “Reincarnation of Vishnu”)… i.e. probably out of the hands of PCs. PCs should model their versions of Reiki Healing from the rulebook (no reduction in Time Increments, no magical Aspect rewrite)

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  • Actor/Model Used For Photos: Emma Stone

Lily, The Summer Lady

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