Steampunk Enchanter


Power Level

  • Total Refresh: 14 (Sorceress)
  • Unspent Refresh: 1
  • Skill Cap: Superb
  • Total Skill Points: 45
  • Unspent Skill Points: 0
  • Unspent Fate Points: 1


  1. High Concept: Steampunk Thaumaturgist
  2. Trouble: Doom of Damocles
  3. My Very Vietnamese Mother
  4. Brass-Hearted Bitch
  5. MA: Bartitsu
  6. Victorian Technologist and Gunsmith
  7. Loser’s “Lost at Sea” Club


  • (+5) Superb: Lore, Guns, Craftsmanship
  • (+4) Great: Weapons, Athletics, Fists
  • (+3) Good: Discipline, Scholarship, Conviction
  • (+2) Fair: Resources, Alertness, Intimidation
  • (+1) Average: Endurance, Investigation, Contacts

Stunts, Powers, Magic

Wolfhound—-I love this character for so, so many reasons. ps – the picture I have no idea who it is, random image search and I dropped the hat down to cover the eyes so it could be anything/anybody.
Stagelucas—-Thanks! Me too. I originally made her to be boss-fight lvl, but I ran out of session time…

    • Thaumaturgy (-3)
      • Crafting Strength: +4 (Base-9)^
      • Crafting Frequency: +3 (Base-4)^
        • Zero Focus Items; 18 total Enchanted Items^
      • Transportation and Movement Complexity: +2 (Base-7)^
      • Ward Complexity: +1 (Base-6)^
    • Refinement (-8) (“^” included in above stats)
    • Wizard’s CN (-0)


    • Alertness
      • On my Toes (-1)
    • Craftsmanship
      • Old is the New New (-1) (-1 Diff and -1 Time incr to Build/Repair working non-electronic pre-modern tech equivalents of non-electronic post-modern technology.)
    • Languages Known:
      • English (Native)
      • Vietnamese (Native)
      • French
      • Latin

    Enchanted Items (Warning from SL: umm… I may have had a little too much fun with these…)

    • Collapsible Hand-Held Quad-Coiled Hydrostatic Plasma Projector (1 EI) (Guns skill)
      • Shots: 4
      • Power: 9 (Fire→Plasma dmg stress)
        • Recharges: Specially prepped Water capsules broken down into H, O2, and Plasma.
    • Electro-Pistol (1 EI) (Guns skill)
      • Shots: 4
      • Power: 9 (Block-8 vs. most physical actions as appropriate to a Taser effect, resisted by Endurance; Duration +1 shift, 2 exchanges Total)
        • Recharges: Electrical Power Source
    • Cold-Iron French Rapier (2 EI) (Weapons skill) (Base Weapon:2)
      • Uses: 5
      • Power: 8 (+8?/Weapon:8? physical stress for one attack or 8 shifts of "cuttable counter magic) (See “Warden Sword” write-up in DFRPG Your Story for basis)
        • Recharges: Special rack while within sheath)
    • Sword Sheath (1 EI) (Weapons skill)
      • Uses: 5
      • Power: 8 (Steam-based “push attack” vs. Targets Might or take forced movement)
        • Recharges: Special Rack with Rapier inside
    • Stylish Victorian Long Coat (1 EI) (-)
      • Uses: 7
      • Power: 6 (Armor:3 vs. Physical Dmg)
      • Mundane addition: Ballistic Cloth (+1 Armor vs. Ballistic dmg only) (Always on)
        • Recharges: “Vents” Absorbed Kinetic Energy as Ectoplasm
    • Deflector Shield Cufflinks (1 EI) (-)
      • Uses: 7
      • Power: 6 (Dodge-6, as appropriate for a full-spectrum magic shield, must be aware of attack) (buckler-shaped)
        • Recharges: Absorbs fractional amounts of ambient energies, like heat, light, sound, momentum, etc.)
    • Noetic-Equalizing Top Hat (1 EI) (-)
      • Uses: 5
      • Power: 8 (Armor-4 vs. Composure Stress dmg)
        • Recharges: Filled to the brim with treated rock salt and left to “soak”
    • Tinted Aviator Goggles (1 EI) (-)
      • Uses: 5
      • Power: 8 (-6 Difficulty vs. visual-based Illusion/Glamour/Veil, with +2 Duration per instance—→a few minutes?)
      • Mundane addition: High Grade Tinting (+1 Armor vs. stress-causing vision-based intensity-based effects, +1 Difficulty to see in the Dark) (Always on)
        • Recharges: Washed with Special Magnetic Fluid Solution
    • Magna-Coiled High-Heeled Knee-High Victorian Lift Boots (1 EI) (Athletics skill)
      • Uses: 8
      • Power: 5 (5 shifts of “Lift” force, applied to zones of movement and/or appropriate Barrier circumvention)
        • Recharges: Absorbs fractional amounts of Kinetic Energy from foot movement
    • Cloaking Belt (1 EI) (-)
      • Uses: 4
      • Power: 9 (Veil @ 6 shifts, Duration +3 shifts, 1 hour non-combat or 4 exchanges in combat, prorated appropriately)
        • Recharges: Exposure to moderate UV light, direct sunlight counts
    • Phase Watch (1 EI) (-)
      • Uses: 4
      • Power: 9 (Negates an appropriate up to 8 shift purely physical Border/Barrier; Duration +1, can sustain for up to 2 exchanges or a few minutes to avoid phasing into solid matter, depending on the barrier/border, prorated like Cloaking Belt)
        • Recharges: Immersion in Specially Prepared Water
    • Ethermantic Transition Corset (1 EI) (-)
      • Uses: 4
      • Power: 9 (Never-Never Transition @ 9 shifts, self only)
        • Recharges: Venting of Ectoplasm in Physical Reality
    • Kirlian Macroscopic Imager w/ Ready View ArcanoFilm (1 EI) (Lore skill)
      • Uses: 4
      • Power: 9 (Arcane PC Assessment @ 8 shifts, one target; Duration +1, “Film” lasts for 1 full scene after imaging before disintegrating into Ectoplasm)
        • Recharges: Old-style Film Prep using Alchemical Bath
    • Potion Slots (4) (4 EI) (Base Power:9, Uses:4 for each) (Pills, vials, inhalers, grenades)
      • Possible Flavors:
        • Various Energy-based Grenade types (dmg stress over 1 zone, lethal and non-lethal
        • Tangler Grenades (Block vs. physical actions over 1 zone)
        • Steam-body (9 shifts of Movement, similar to Dresden’s Storm Front-equiv. potion)
        • Never-Never Time Dilation Mitigation Ointment (Block of 8 with +1 Duration to avoid getting screwed by over by losing time in the Never-Never.
        • Moon-fall (alters personal gravity to Moon-standard for 1 exchange to allow for safe falling) (Nate borrowed one of these during Charade I and jumped out a 5 story window)
        • Clueless Smoke Bomb (increases difficulty to obtain definitive physical forensic evidence within 1 zone, primarily fingerprint and DNA-based.
        • Magic Bullets (procs on successful hit, even if hitting unintended target, must be declared before attacking))
          • “Armor-Piercing” (-9 to targets Armor Rating, cannot inflict extra dmg)
          • “Burning” (6 shifts of dmg spread of +3 shifts (4 exchanges total) of combat time starting on the round after impact, i.e. 1 stress, then 2 stress, then 1 stress, then 2 stress; resisted by Endurance each round, unless violating a Catch) (As seen vs. Hags in Charade I)
          • “Exploding” (8 shifts of fire/metal physical dmg stress with Delay of 1 exchange)
        • Potions that require Hermia being “Taken Out” (Taken out at 4 shifts, 3 shifts=1 Refresh, 2 shifts= +2 Duration= approx. 1 minute)
          • Possible Choices: Ghost Speaker, Cloak of Shadows, Wings, Echoes of the Beast, Claws, Aquatic, Spiderwalk, Diminutive Size, Flesh Mask, The Sight/Soulgaze, Beast Change, Inhuman Toughness/Recovery with a +1 Catch.


Physical (Endurance): (1) (2) (3)
Mental (Conviction) : (1) (2) (3) (4)


Basic Minor (-2): *ANY*
Moderate    (-4): *ANY*
Severe      (-6): *ANY*
Extreme     (-8): *ANY*

Story Notes

  • Niece to Frankie Chavez, Very Vietnamese Mother was sister to Frankie’s dead wife.
  • Lapsed Catholic
  • Borderline Recluse: only goes out for Crafting, Warding, Steampunk events, or Loser Club attacks
  • Warded the homes of all of the Loser’s Club, Base-6 strength
  • Previously lived in Omaha, Nebraska
    • Force Push Landmine on her wards triggered during a burglar’s attempted entry, sending him flying. Burglar landed on an upturned piece of concrete at just the wrong angle and broke his neck, killing him almost instantly.
      • Wardens investigated, tried, and convicted her. Would have put her to the sword had not Ancient Mai stepped in to “vouch” for her, in a possible attempt to use Hermia’s crafting ability to make more Warden Swords.
  • Bathysphere Project: A full-blown steampuck bathysphere the size of an efficiency-sized apartment, designed to be arcane workshop/lab, mundane workshop, Hermia’s Home, and vessel to explore the Deep Never-Never in peace, protection, and privacy.
  • Events of Charade II caused Hermia to prematurely set off the Bathysphere’s Arcane “engine”, sending her slap-shot into the Never-Never and becoming hopelessly lost.

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  • Actor/Model Used For Photos: Cosplayer & Artist Shea Standefer


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