Power Level

  • Total Refresh: 10
  • Unspent Refresh: 1
  • Skill Cap: Superb
  • Total Skill Points: 35
  • Unspent Skill Points: 0
  • Unspent Fate Points: 1


  1. High Concept: Frighteningly Potent Osteomancer
  2. Trouble: Secret Warlock
  3. The “I Hate Jamie Harper, I mean, the White Council” Club
  4. Bitch to the Bone
  5. Winner of the Freakshow Coup
  6. Fantastic Bone Structure but a Thick Skull
  7. ?


  • (+5) Superb:Deceit
  • (+4) Great:Lore, Intimidation, Conviction
  • (+3) Good:Contacts, Discipline, Rapport
  • (+2) Fair:Alertness, Empathy, Scholarship
  • (+1) Average:Endurance, Guns, Athletics

Stunts, Powers, Magic

    • (-2) Channeling: Osteomancy
    • (-1) The Sight/Soulgaze
    • (-0) Wizard’s Constitution
    • Lawbreaker
      • (-1) 2nd (Transformation)
    • (+2) Aradia’s Fingerbone (Item of Power)
      • (-3) Thaumaturgy
      • (-1 x2) Refinement
    • Stunts
      • (-1) Takes one to know one (Deceit)
      • (-1) Scientist (Scholarship): Forensic Anthropologist (+1) Osteoarchaeology (+2)


Physical (Endurance)  : (1) (2) (3)
Composure (Conviction): (1) (2) (3) (4)



Basic Minor (-2): *ANY*
Moderate    (-4): *ANY*
Severe      (-6): *ANY*
Extreme     (-8): *ANY*

Text Description

  • True Name: Donna Maria Bonazzi nata Rambaudi (on US paperwork her name is Donna Maria Bonazzi, maiden name Rambaudi)
  • Physicals: 5’8" tall, average (but toned) build, wide hips, long straight hair
  • Coloring: white hair, pale white skin, pale hazel/nearly white eyes
  • Clothing: tight… always black, high heel boots so she appears 6 feet tall.

As far as the party knows… Donna’s primary claim to fame is being Captain of the “We Hate Jamie Harper” club.

Officially she’s divorced and the husband took off back to Italy… but then again, she’s secretly a Lawbreaker…. hmm…. (her married life/divorce/etc. etc. is not known in-game by any except her very closest friends)



  1. Created as 10/35 Character at start of Season 2


  • Earned


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