Don Diablo

Scariest Mexican in Dallas


Emissary of Power (Demon)


Don Manolo Damián Trujillo Rivera is probably the most terrifying Mexican in Dallas Fort Worth. Most people don’t even really believe he exists… but all the Hispanic gangs believe in him. He’s the one that if he shows up… somethings going to happen. No telling what.

In short… he’s possessed! Old school. The Devil is in him!

He has a soft spot in his heart for the MS-13 gangsters… they’re violent and sociopathic enough to suit him just fine. Because of this, it’s sometimes said that he’s the leader of the MS-13 in the DFW area… but that’s not really the case since the various MS-13 gangs aren’t really “under” anybody in particular… they’re a loose confederación at best.

It’s Danny Trejo! C’mon, like you wouldn’t put him in your game?

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  • Actor/Model Used For Photos: Danny Trejo

Don Diablo

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