Cody Lorance

Ex-Texas Ranger Special Force for this Region


Power Level

  • Total Refresh: 14+2 Mortal
  • Unspent Refresh: 1
  • Skill Cap: Superb
  • Total Skill Points: 45
  • Unspent Skill Points: 0
  • Unspent Fate Points: 1


  1. High Concept: The Lone Ranger (former Texas Rangers Special Force)
  2. Trouble: No Badge No More
  3. Don’t Mess With Texas!
  4. You’ve Got to Ask Yourself One Question: “Do I Feel Lucky?”
  5. In sickness and in health…till death do us part
  6. Freedom ’Aint Free
  7. I Don’t Miss Much


    • (+5) Superb:
      • Endurance: Long-Term Action, Physical Fortitude
      • Guns: Aiming, Gun Knowledge, Gun Play, Other Projectile Weapons
    • (+4) Great:
      • Discipline: Concentration, Emotional Control, Mental Defense
      • Fists: Brawling, Close-Combat Defense
      • Investigation: Eavesdropping, Examination, Surveillance
    • (+3) Good:
      • Alertness: Avoiding Surprise, Combat Initiative, Passive Awareness
      • Athletics: Climbing, Dodging, Falling, Jumping, Sprinting, Other Physical Actions
      • Conviction: Acts of Faith, Mental Fortitude
    • (+2) Fair:
      • Contacts: Gathering Information, Getting the Tip-Off, Knowing People, Rumors
      • Empathy: Reading People, A Shoulder to Cry On, Social Defense, Social Initiative
      • Rapport: Chit-Chat, Closing Down, First Impressions, Opening Ups, Social Defense
      • Stealth: Ambush, Hiding, Shadowing, Skulking
    • (+1) Average:
      • Craftsmanship: Breaking, Building, Fixing Things
      • Driving: Chases, One Hand on the Wheel, Other Vehicles, Street Knowledge and Navigation
      • Lore: Arcane Research, Common Ritual, Mystic Perception
      • Might: Breaking Things, Exerting Force, Lifting Things, Wrestling
      • Scholarship: Answers, Computer Use, Declaring Minor Details, Exposition and Knowledge Dumping, Languages (Spanish), Medical Attention, Research and Lab Work
      • Survival: Animal Handling, Camouflage, Riding, Scavenging, Tracking

Stunts, Powers, Magic


  • Endurance
    • (-1) No Pain, No Gain: May take an additional physical consequence
    • (-1) Tough Stuff: Armor:1 versus normal blunt trauma, but not bullets/blades/burns
  • Guns
    • (-1) Hand-Eye Coordination: You may use the Guns skill instead of Weapons to throw manual projectiles (rocks, grenades, boomerangs)
    • (-1) Target Rich Environment: +1 to attacks with Guns whenever personally outnumbered in a firefight
  • Investigation
    • (-1) Pin the Tail: +2 Investigation when trying to keep track of targets during surveillance. When Shadowing may use Investigation to complement Stealth
    • (-1) Scene of the Crime: At crime scenes, +1 to Investigation, arrives at findings 1 step faster than usual
  • Fists
    • (-1) Armed Arts: Use Fists instead of Weapons for Nightstick & Knife
    • (-1) Lethal Weapon: Fists are Weapon:2 versus unarmored, Weapon:1 versus Armor:1, Weapon:0 versus Armor:2+
    • (-1) Redirected Force: Turning the offensive; on a successful defense roll using Fists you may sacrifice your next action to treat the defense as successful maneuver (requiring no additional rolling; call a maneuver aspect)
  • Contacts
    • (-1) Weird Informants: +2 with Contacts when looking into “weird” cases
  • Rapport
    • (-1) Best Foot Forward: Gain a +1 on your roll to make a good first impression, and failing that roll cannot give you a negative temporary aspect or make the situation worse. (Based on First Impressions, pp. 138)
  • Stealth
    • (-1) Blend In: Blend into a crowd, if there is a crowd gain a +2 to stealth
  • Lore
    • (-1) Finely Tuned Third Eye: +2 Lore to pick out supernaturals


  • Signature Stuff
    • (-1) 1873 Colt Peacemaker .45, Offensively Shooting (+1 to Hit) modern .45 Long Colt ammo
    • (-1) Silver peso Texas Ranger’s badge, Defensively adding +1 to Discipline


Physical (Endurance)  : (1) (2) (3) (4)
Composure (Conviction): (1) (2) (3) (4)
Armor(s): +2 Customized Chain/Kevlar Body Armor


Basic Minor (-2): *ANY*
Basic Minor (-2): P
Basic Minor (-2): P
Moderate    (-4): *ANY*
Severe      (-6): *ANY*
Extreme     (-8): *ANY*


    Signature 1873 Colt .45 Peacemaker, Signature Silver peso Texas Ranger’s badge, Suppressed Bolt-action Sniper Rifle, Ammo variety, Surveillance Equipment, Riot/Tactical Gear, Kevlar-lined Stetson, Wooden and Iron Nightstick, Ranger Gear/Equipment, Supernatural Defense Goody Bag, Tranquilizer (& -Tipped Arrows)


    Major Milestones

    Significant Milestones

    • 12/11/11 – Bah Humbug (pt. 2) – Changed: Raised Intimidation to Fair
    • 07/26/12 – Stormy Weather (pt. 2) – Changed: Raised Guns to Superb
    • Upgraded to 12/40 Character: Raised Alertness, Athletics, Contacts, Rapport; Added Stealth
    • 04/07/13 – Charade (pt. 1) – Added: Empathy
    • 07/05/13 – Checkmate in One – Added: Survival
    • 08/08/13 – Blooming Day – Resulting in 13/43 Character: – Rearranged Pyramid, dropping Intimidation and adding Craftsmanship; removed Hardboiled and Footwork Stunts, added Armed Arts and 2 Signature Gear items (1 offense, 1 defense)
    • 10/10/13 – Improved Athletics.

    Minor Milestones

    • 12/19/13 – Accumulated to result in 14/45 character: Added Might; added Hand-Eye coordination.



Texas Ranger and member of the Ranger Special Force up out of Waco. He’s normally assigned to Company F (Waco) but has to cover Dallas at present due to the Special Force Ranger normally assigned to Company B (Metroplex) having recently been killed (late 2011).

When not involved with events concerning the group, Ranger Lorance is conducting his own investigations assigned to the Ranger Special Force team…some of the details of these may work their way into the notes.


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  • Actor/Model Used For Photos: Hugh Jackman

Cody Lorance

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