Power Level

Total Refresh: 8
Unspent Refresh: 1
Skill Cap: Superb
Total Skill Points: 31
Unspent Skill Points: 0
Unspent Fate Points: 1


  1. High Concept: Super Goth Mistress of Potions
  2. Trouble: Wanted on both sides of the Law
  3. Pain and Pissiness
  4. The Good, The Blind, and the Hairy
  5. Better Living thru (Al)chemistry
  6. Potion Dealer, Freakshow Discount
  7. Tabula Smaragdina


Claret 02

  • (+5) Superb: Lore
  • (+4) Great: Scholarship
  • (+3) Good: Resources, Intimidation, Deceit
  • (+2) Fair: Rapport, Discipline, Contacts, Alertness
  • (+1) Average: Endurance, Conviction, Investigation, Guns, Athletics


  • English (Native)
  • French (Scholarship 1) – This is “upgraded” from the Louisiana/Cajun French she spoke as a girl
  • Louisiana Creole (Scholarship 2) – She’s more than passingly familiar with Haitian Creole as well
  • Latin (Scholarship 3)
  • Spanish (Scholarship 4)

Stunts, Powers, Magic

Claret 03
  • Ritual: Potions (-2)
  • Focused Study (-0) (Allows purchase of Refinement Specialties, can NEVER upgrade Ritual to Thaumaturgy)
  • Refinement (-1) (+1 Potion Strength and Frequency)
  • Item of Power (+2): A True Emerald Tablet (Tabula Smaragdina) Controlling
    • Refinement (-2) (Items)
    • “Gathering” (-1) (Sussed out ability from object; can collect ‘intangibles’ for potion making, ie sunshine in a hanky, a baby’s laugh, etc.)
  • Stunts
    • Resources: Filthy Lucre (-1) (-2 Resource Stress dmg involving illicit purchases and/or money use)
    • Scholarship: Street Chemist (-1) (+1 Chemistry, +2 Designer Recreational Drugs)
    • Contacts: Ear to the Ground (-1) (-2 Difficulty to Getting the Tip Off)

Focus Items/Enchanted Items

  • Emerald Tablet: +2 Complexity for Potions
    • 2 Focus Slots (come with Ritual)
  • Potion Slots (8) (Total Strength-8, Total Frequency-2)
    • Refinements x2


Claret 04
Physical (Endurance): (1) (2) (3)
Composure (Conviction) : (1) (2) (3)
Resources (Resources): (1) (2) (3)


Basic Minor (-2): *ANY*
Moderate    (-4): *ANY*
Severe      (-6): *ANY*
Extreme     (-8): *ANY*

Claret 05
Though barely in her 20s… Claret is without a doubt one of the most skilled Alchemists ever to mix Vial A to Vial B.

She makes swift business selling mortal… uh… “designer recreational chemicals” but her real calling and cash come from mixing up potions and brews for whoever pays her fee.

Character Phases

Phase One: Background

Where Did You Come From?
Grande-Île (Grand Isle), Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. I would rather cut people than admit I’m a Coon@ss Ragin’ Cajun. I actually paid attention in School and both my English and French sound “normal” thank you very much.

I was baptized Clairette Marie Guidry-Bordeaux … yeah my name is a f——- pun. Bordreaux is a French Wine making region, English speakers call it Claret wine. My first name is Clairette. My Coon@ss parents named me… Claret Claret. Ha F——— Ha. In English I go by Claret Mary Guidry and that’s what’s on the Social Security Card and Driver’s License. Suck on that True Name hunters!

My Toot Toot

Phase Two: Rising Conflict

What Shaped You?
Shaped me? Uh… being a F——— Cajun. Hello!?! If we couldn’t buy it, we made it, killed it and ate it, or cooked it up in a still. If we couldn’t do that, we stole it. My childhood was equal parts dodging Alligators, hunting and eating anything that moved, selling things that we found, scavenged or stole, and beating the h—- out of whatever boy was peeping on me through my window (a pastime of young Cajun men… no… really).

By the way, as my Mama informed me. As a Cajun woman, I f——— suck. I can’t even make roux… you have any idea what kind of pathetic cajun cook can’t even make Roux without burning it? Well I mean I can make that pale blonde crap… but I mean real roux, like dark brown or black. I was SO born in the wrong place. I got the HELL out of Southern Louisiana and I ain’t ever goin’ back.

I watched “Swamp People” on TV one time. One time. It took me a WEEK to get rid of my accent again.

Ok, truth in advertising, when the New Orleans Saints won the Superbowl after 2009-2010 Season… I went F——— mental. But so long as I live in Dallas…. Go Cowboys. Otherwise they’ll ask why I root for the Saints and then that could just get odd. That’s why I don’t root for LSU either, go Alabama or Longhorns or whoever the hell else ain’t from Louisiana.

Zydeco Gris Gris

Tout partout au ras du bayou, All around the heart of the bayou,
La mousse-lá balance dans les gros chênes verts The moss balances in the large green oaks
Cocodries dormir en cyprière Crocodiles sleeping among the cypress trees
Fifollet danser en cimitière. Will o’ the wisp dancing in the cemetery.
Vent plein de cris des loups-garous, The wind full of the cries of the werewolves,
Pieds tapé rythme-là fou. Feet tapping the crazy rhythm.
Moune-là connaît y’olé Zydeco, People there know the Zydeco,
Milattes apé grouiller aux os. Milattes begin to move their bodies to the music.
Zydeco chaud apé vini plus chaud, Hot Zydeco is getting hotter,
Gens creoles olé plis la grand eau, Creole people shouting about the high water,
Plie ben frette qu’apé mouilli Bend well getting mighty wet
Pas capab’ froidir sang qu’apé bouilli. Can’t cool the blood that’s a’boiling in the bayou.
Beaux et belles fait ses projets, Boys and girls doing their thing,
Maman maman, elle a fait le gris gris, Mama, mama, she made a voodoo,
Loin, loin dans le cyprière noir, Way back in the black bayou cypress,
Tout que’qu’un créole crie pour Zydeco. All the Creoles shout for the Zydeco.

Sung twice

Phase Three: The Story

What Was Your First Adventure?
Ok look, I’m not going to get into details ok? But basically… when I got old enough to get out of Jefferson Parish, I did. I did what all Southern Louisiana girls do when they run away from home, I went to The GNO. The GNO? The Greater New Orleans area. Duh.

It was awesome, right up until I ran out of money. No need to bore you with the details about how I made enough money to not starve. You can probably guess. Very little of it was legal, some of it was.

Anyway… while I was living the high life of a French Quarter street rat I ran into some of New Orlean’s true masters… … yes of course Vampires. No not Red Court. I wish. Darker. Black.

What? No, don’t believe all that Anne Rice crap. New Orleans is a city with vampire legends… and voodoo legends. That’s zombies and corpses mon ami… that’s Black.

Anyway, I made myself useful to them… alive. Not all my friends were able to stay upright, ambulating, and ventilating like I was. … well… not ventilating anyway. Upright and ambulating… debatable.

Lemme fast forward to the end. Do you know Marie Laveau? Yeah, the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans, that one. You know how there’s a debate as to if she’s buried in her plot at Saint Louis Cemetery #1? … yeah, wanna know why? Because she’s not in there. She’s still upright and ambulating.

Wanna know another reason I never want to go back to Southern Louisiana? Wanna guess where I got my copy of the Tabula Smaragdina? What is it? It’s The Emerald Tablet, a manual of True Alchemy. There’s not many true copies left in the world. What? She didn’t need it anymore! It was just sitting on a shelf.

Aspect: Tabula Smaragdina

Marie Laveau



    • GM Awarded following Season 2 Season Climax – Checkmate in One (used along with banked upgrade at the mid-season)
    • Free (Minor 1/2/3) – Banked


    • End of Season Upgrade to 8/30 – Used with Mid-season Rewrite
    • Mid-Season Re-write/Significant Milestone
      • Raised Scholarship to Great (representing the plethora of reading time she has now)
      • Raised Lore to Superb ("")
      • Changed HC to SuperGoth Mistress of Potions (to treamline existing roleplay)
      • Changed Double…Cauldron…Bubble to Pain and Pissiness (to streamline existing roloeplay and eliminate an aspect that is never really used)
      • Lost Resources Stunt: Extra Workplace (working on reason)
      • Paid off Item of Power: Potions (representing genuine learning and Talent)
      • Added Refinements with Item of Power (representing the Emerald Tablets Potency)


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