Tinker Bell


Power Level

Total Refresh: 12
Unspent Refresh: 2
Skill Cap: Superb
Total Skill Points: 37
Unspent Skill Points: 0
Unspent Fate Points: 1


High Concept: Tinker Bell
Trouble: Duty Calls
Other Aspects:
Winter Hate
Lost Boys
Guardians of Dallas
Baroness of Hollows
Most Powerful Pixie in Dallas


  • (+5) Superb: Deceit, Conviction
  • (+4) Great: Stealth, Lore
  • (+3) Good: Alertness, Discipline
  • (+2) Fair: Empathy, Presence, Rapport
  • (+1) Average: Athletics, Performance, Scholarship, Contacts, Investigation

Stunts, Powers, Magic

  • (-1) Human Form (+1) Controlling
    • Diminutive Size (-1)
    • Wings (-1)
  • (-2) Swift Transition
  • (-4) Seelie Magic
  • (-2) Glamours
    • (0) Light
  • (-1) Catch: Cold Iron and the like (+4)
    • Inhuman Toughness (-2)
    • Inhuman Recovery (-2)


Physical  (Endurance): (1) (2)
Composure (Conviction): (1) (2) (3) (4)



Basic Minor (-2): *ANY*
Moderate    (-4): *ANY*
Severe      (-6): *ANY*
Extreme     (-8): *ANY*

Biography Text Here

Character Phases

Phase One: Background

Where Did You Come From?
As a child I grew up in southern California. The beach, waves, and city were part of my life. My dad, Robert Leyman, was just an ordinary guy. My mom, Amaryllis Leyman, she was just an ordinary lady. or so I thought. They met, fell in love, ya da da da, and had me. My dad always told me stories about how there was another world, where anything could happen. A world of fairies and ogres. Being as little as I was, I believed him. My mom was so beautiful. always looking perfect. even in the morning. My life was a happy one… until 2003.

One night I woke up to my parents arguing. My dad was yelling, while my mom tried to comfort him. I was scared. I quietly tip toed downstairs to see what was going on, and saw my parents ina heated argument. “WHY DID YOU NEVER TELL US?! WHY WOULD YOU LIE?” my dad raged on while my mom stood defiantly. “You… You’re a liar and a coward! GO. Go to her, say goodbye, and never come back.” When my mom turned to come up the stairs, I ran up to my room. She came in a moment later, with a strained and pained smile on her face. “Sweetie, I know you were watching.” I prepared myself for a lecture and I guess she guessed my thoughts because she laughed, and started stroking my head. “We need to have a talk.” She said, “Mommy hasn’t been completely honest with you.” I was utterly confused.“Why mommy?” She sighed and hung her head. “Well, I’m not who I say I am sweetie.” She stood up, “You remember daddy’s stories? Well mommy is like the Fairies in those stories… Watch.” And before my very eyes, I watched her wings unfold. They were beautiful. they shimmered and sparkled a beautiful green. But suddenly I was hurt. “Why didn’t you tell us mommy? Why?” Again she sighed and sat down on my bed. " I couldn’t. I wasn’t allowed to." She gave me a strained smile. “A fairy wouldn’t let me.” “oh…” was all I said. “Are you leaving now?” I asked. “I’m afraid so. There are some problems in the fairy world that need to be sorted out. But sweetie, before I go, I want you to know, that you are part fairy too. You just have to find your powers first. And although my life here was a lie, my love for you is real.”

As life went on, I tried to learn everything I could about fae. Every spare moment was spent researching and trying to to find those, “powers” that my mother had talked about. But as I grew older, my resentment for my mom grew. Slowly at first, but teenage Hormones came in, and messed everything up.
One day I was walking home from school after a terrible day, and my mom popped into my mind. I had no desire to think of her right then, cause I knew she would just make me more upset. But no matter how hard I tried, the thought of her would not go away. Anger boiled up inside me until I burst. I screamed,while I threw my hands out towards a tree. The tree burst into flame, my mouth gaped open, but suddenly I felt dizzy, as my world faded to black, the last thing I saw was my mother looking down at me.

Aspect: Mommy issues

Phase Two: Rising Conflict

What Shaped You?
Chrys 01
When I woke up, I was in my room. I was confused, how did I end up here? I racked my memory but the last thing I remembered was walking home. I looked around for a moment before my eyes rested on my mother, sitting on a stool by my bed. " Glad to see you’re awake" I glared back, “well I’m not glad to see you. Get out.” My mother sighed. “Listen to me Chrys, I never meant to hurt you. It’s jus-” “THEN WHY DID YOU LIE TO US?!” I just now realized I was yelling. “Why did you hurt us, and then just walk out? do you know how many times I’ve needed you?” I was sobbing now. My mom reached to touch my hand, but I pulled away from her. “No, nevermind.” I wiped away angry tears. “I dont want your excuses. What do you want?” She cringed but said, “I saw you use your powers today, I want to teach you.” I thought about it. Right now, I really despised my mom, but I really wanted to know how to use my powers. The Pros outweighed the cons. “Alright.” And so she did. We spent weeks training, And in those weeks I began to notice things I never noticed before, like how controlling she was, or how much she cared about appearances. She constantly fussed over my messy hair or crooked teeth. it irked me. What right did she have judging people when she was far from perfect? Still, I learned some pretty cool stuff from her. I now could control my powers, but I still couldn’t summon the kind of power I first used. My favorite trick though, was becoming tiny.
Aspect: pimped-out pixie

Phase Three: The Story

What Was Your First Adventure?
What I also noticed while I was training, was my mom and dad talking more and more. When my training was done, I walked in the kitchen after school to find my parents sitting at the table… holding hands. “Chrys please sit down.” My dad said. “We have something we want to tell you.” I warily grabbed a chair and sat down. “Now you know me and your mom have had some troubles…” I snorted, “No kidding.” They both kinda shifted uncomfortably, “Yes, but… well, we decided to get back together.” Anger ignited inside me. “WHAT?! Bu-” My mother glared at me, “Please wait, we have something else we want to tell you.” She paused to glance uncertainly at my father, “… I’m pregnant.” my fuse had ended. “Dad, how could you?! After she lied to us?” my father gave me a level glance and said, “She had a very good reason too.” I gave him a glance of my own and said “There is never a good reason to lie to your family.” I ran to my room, ignoring the calls of my parents behind me. I stuffed a few essentials in a bag and all my savings and left. As I ran I used magic to enhance my abilities and keep me going. When I got far away enough from my home I stopped to eat. I felt drained and worn out. As I ate I found a map of the U.S. and thought about where I wanted to go. Having no real Preference in mind, I closed my eyes and spun my finger around until it landed. I moved my finger to look at the city underneath. Dallas, TX.
When I got to Dallas, I realized I had no plan, no idea of what I was going to do. As I contemplated what to do, I decided to explore. I walked around taking in every detail. It was so beautiful! The city noise roared around me and I loved it. Suddenly though, I realized I stumbled into a very bad part of the neighborhood. I hatily turned around to retreat out, but bumped into two men. As I backed up, they grinned at me. It was grin the spelled hunger in every way. I was suddenly very nervous. “Hello honey, there something we can do for you?” The taller one spoke first. He had a slow southern drawl and steel-tipped black boots. His hair fell perfectly and his teeth were pearly white. Everything about him was perfect… too perfect… I flashed a grin of my own, “No sir, Just leaving actually. Thank you though!” I tried to move past them but the second one grabbed my arm. “Now, now, sweetheart, There may be something you can do for us.” He too was perfect. But the kind of perfect that they were sent very scary chills through me. All my instincts said “RUN!!!!” But he had death grip on me. “Come on now.” They led me into a side Alley and backed me against the wall. The first man reached up to touch my neck, and I tried to bite him. He quickly drew back his hand, and chuckled. “My, my, feisty one aren’t ya? That’s okay, you’ll taste all the better.” And then something weird happened. Fangs Sprouted from his mouth as he lunged. In a flash of panic I brought my hands up and willed fire to come out. The guy was burned to a cinder. The other man who also had his fangs out said some not so nice things under his breath and started running. He didn’t get very far though before we was a pile of ash too. I sunk to my knees and put my head in my hands. I started crying, and said to myself, “I just killed two people.” “Those weren’t people.” Somebody said next to me. I looked up and through tears I could see a pixie next to me. She smiled kindly at me and said, “Those were vampires. And you sure took care of them. Come with me.” too tired to put up a fight I went with her when she tugged on my little pinkie, and she led me to a tree. “I don’t see what the big deal is. It’s just a tree.” She laughed. It sounded like little bells. Then she waved her hand and the tree was no longer just a tree. It was a tiny fairy restaurant! “Of course you’re a little big so If you wanna just wait a moment…” “oh yeah hold on.” I waved my hand and shrunk to tiny me with wings. The girl sucked in a breath and said, “cool trick. I’m Verdia by the way. What’s your name?” “Call me Chrys.” I said.
And that is how I met my best friend.
Later While I as in Dallas, I noticed boys and girls hanging around in Alleyways and streets. They were so sad, and I couldn’t help but feel sorry for them. So I began to help them. Just a little bit of food here and there and some invisible help in fights. I could tell their lives improved a whole lot and that made me so happy. So I kept at it. You could say they were my lost boys.
Aspect: Disobedient Daughter, Lost boys

Phase Four: Guest Starring

Whose Path Have You Crossed (In The Campaign)?

Side job: A hint of Blood
Aspect: Odd Friends

Phase Five: Guest Starring Redux

Who Else’s Path Have You Crossed (In the Campaign)?


  • Initial Creation


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