Leader of the DFW White Court


Power Level

  • Total Refresh: 14
  • Unspent Refresh:0
  • Skill Cap: Fantastic
  • Total Skill Points: 45
  • Unspent Skill Points: 45
  • Unspent Fate Points: 1

  • Aspects

  • High Concept: White Court Celebutante
  • Trouble: My Worthless Playboy Father
  • Ambitions and Appetites
  • White Secrets and Skeletons
  • Not-so-Secret Queen of the Dallas Mob
  • Sexy and My Lust Demon Knows It
  • Pawns, Catspaws, and Minions, oh my!

  • Skills

    Amber mussed hair

    • (+5) Superb: Deceit, Rapport
    • (+4) Great: Resources, Intimidation
    • (+3) Good: Athletics, Discipline, Conviction, Contacts
    • (+2) Fair: Alertness, Empathy, Fists, Lore, Weapons
    • (+1) Average: Endurance, Guns, Investigation, Performance, Scholarship

    Languages: English (Native), Italian (Scholarship 1)

    Stunts, Powers, Magic

    Amber 1
      • (-1) Emotional Vampire
      • (-0) Human Guise
      • (-3) Incite Emotion (Lust; Lasting Emotion, At Range)
      • (-1) The Hunger, associated with the following Powers:
        • (-2) Inhuman Strength
        • (-2) Inhuman Speed
        • (-2) Inhuman Recovery
          • (+0) The Catch is True Love
      • Stunts
        • (-1) Sex Appeal (Rapport)
        • (-1) Serious Clout (Contacts) (like Windfall, but for Favors “bought” with Contacts roll)
        • (-1) Lush Lifestyle (Resources)
        • (-1) Rafa’s Leftover Considerations (Resources) (1 FP= +3 Resources when dealing with the Supernatural side of Wealth, particularly ‘intangibles’)


    Amber grey shirt
    Physical (Endurance): (1) (2) (3)
    Composure (Conviction) : (1) (2) (3) (4)
    Resources: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)

    Physical Armor(s): 1


    Amber hand hair
    Basic Minor (-2): *ANY*
    Moderate    (-4): *ANY*
    Severe      (-6): *ANY*
    Extreme     (-8): *ANY*

    Amber 2 Mildly successful on the internet for softcore porn and a former Playboy Centerfold (Miss Feb. 2005 – 36E-28-36, 5’6" 127 lbs). Amber is also the “actual” head of what’s left of the Dallas Syndicate (i.e. Italian Mob).

    Being a White Court Vampire helps.

    The family runs a chain of successful Italian restaurants in the DFW area (Amber’s is in Frisco) which is actually a money laundering front for southern US operations of the Genovese Crime Family. In the grand scheme of the US Mafia (what’s left of it)… the Dallas Syndicate is barely a blip on the radar these days.

    However, the wealthy, debauched, playboy son of the former Don (and through him his daughter, Amber) has long had the attention of the White Court. This is where the real power lies in the family. The father is pretty much worthless (which is an eerie mirror to the Dresdenverse Chicago situation) but Amber has ambitions… and appetites. She has been warned in person by Lara Raith to “not stir the waters”, but sometimes that is what is required to catch the prize fish…

    Due to the events of Charade I and II, Amber successfully infiltrated the SMU GW Bush Library Dedication and subverted the wills/learned valuable secrets of (all?most?some?) of the political bigwigs in attendance, with the help of a Lust Demon summoned by Binder 2 months previous (White Secrets and Skeletons) (Sexy and my Lust Demon Knows It). Amber placates the Demon with sacrifices/food (not unlike she would with other White Court Guests/Servitors) as well as certain intangibles leftover from Amber’s and Rafa‘s ’arrangement’. She also has an unknown number of former Dr. Scott patients unknowingly under her mental sway, or at least has a foot into their mental door.

    Incite Emotion
    • Prologue – Not required, but creating a Scene Aspect via a Seduction Rapport Maneuver vs Empathy or Rapport as the Difficulty is logical prior to beginning the next phase.
    • Exchange 1 – Physical contact required – 4dF+Deceit+2 target number equal to victim’s Discipline. If successful, establishes Aspect related to Lust (“Seized by Lust” works). Every Shift beyond 1 adds Exchanges of Duration.
    • Exchange 2 – Physical contact still required – 4dF+Deceit+2 to determine the Strength of the Grapple/Block (tagging “Seized by Lust” created in Exchange 1 to initiate the Grapple). If this roll fails to be at least equal to the victim’s Discipline at any point, the Grapple ends.
      • Cinematic Description of Victim: Game Mechanically what the White Court Vampire is doing is a grapple. It can be described as whatever in-scene. For example a victim of a “House Raith” style Lust WCV might be seized up in pleasure and unable to move/think/act other than just go with the flow. Remember the Strength of a Grapple Block is versus EVERYTHING the victim tries to do.
    • Exchange 3 and later – Choose one of the following
      • Move Target 1 Zone
      • Inflict 1 Stress
      • Create a Taggable Aspect (Fragile, but until the Grapple is ended or they’re used, they’re available)
      • Then to persist in the Grapple/Block roll as a Supplemental Action (-1) = 4dF+Deceit+1 must be equal or greater than the victim’s Discipline to maintain.
    • “Final” Exchange
      • Whenever the White Court Vampire feels it has enough taggable Aspects, it may tag them all and roll 4dF+Deceit (note the +2 is gone) to inflict a Weapon:X Composure Stress attack. The victim rolls Discipline to defend against. Inflicted Consequences are always related to lust and addiction to the White Court Vampire, but extreme cases suggest loss of control, heart attack, or even death.
        • Minor Consequence (Duration:Same Game/Session) = Lasts Until 2 Scenes after the Physical Contact Scene. (Scene of Attack, Scene After Attack, Whatever Scene Follows – this is when the Minor goes away)
        • Moderate Consequence (Duration: Two Game Sessions) = Lasts until end of next Session. (Session where attack happened, then the NEXT Session – the Moderate goes away at the end)
        • Severe Consequence (Duration: Two Story Arcs) = Lasts until the end of the next story arc or 2-3 game sessions, whichever comes first.
        • Extreme Consequence (Duration: Until the Next Major Milestone)
    • Comment on Dice Mechanics
      • Note that everything except the actual Attack in the “Final” Exchange is not a contested roll, but rather just the WCV rolling against a static difficulty.


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