Strega Curse Vampire

Yeah I’m blatantly stealing this from Vampire Diaries…

Core Template (-8 Refresh)

  • (0) Human Guise
  • (0) Absolute Threshold
  • (+1) Feeding Dependency Affecting
    • (+0) Catch (Werewolf Bite)
      • (-2) Inhuman Recovery
    • (+3) Catch (Holy, Fire, Sunlight, Verbena, Hardwood, Werewolf Bite)
      • (-4) Upgrade to Mythic Recovery
    • (-2) Inhuman Speed
    • (-2) Inhuman Strength
    • (-2) Domination
New: (0) Absolute Threshold – Thresholds are absolute regardless of Free Will or anything else. Normally Supernaturals with Free Will have some wiggle room (wizards and shapeshifters can enter but leave their power behind them) though zero free will monsters do not (fae, vampires, etc.). This power makes it perfectly clear.

Age Based Powerups

As the Vampire ages they gain additional powers

  • Strength and Speed go up
  • They also pick up Toughness
  • Psychometry
  • Various Supernatural Senses
    • Detect lies/falsehood/concealed motives
    • Detect other supernaturals

Lapis Jewelry

Some have special magical jewelry that helps mitigate some of their Catch. Normally, Items of Power are not allowed to be 0 cost, but this is a specific exception due to special and specific nature of this type of Jewelry only being applicable to a single type of Supernatural.

  • (+2) Item of Power
    • Physical Immunity to Sunlight (-8) (Specific, Catch of Everything Else +6)

Strega Curse Vampire

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