519 Shadow Creek Circle

Jamie's house


Jamie lives in a large 4200 square foot, 7 bedroom house built in 1980 in Bedford. The house is located on a small side street of a neighboorhood and used to be owned by a wealthy land developer so it is the only house in the area. As Jamie is a specialist in Warding magic, there are several complex and powerful wards cast on the house, a light Veil that prevents those who are not looking for his street to even notice it and detection spells covering a large area around the house to detect supernatural creatures.

Jamie has converted two upstairs bedrooms and the attic into a two story lab connected by wrought iron spiral staircase. Jamie also uses some minor spells to control the temperature in the house, provide lighting and keep food cold. There are also several circular rugs throughout the house that can act as magical circles in a pinch.


519 Shadow Creek Circle

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