Erica Backpack

Mundane Items


Mace Bear Pepper Spray
Mace Pepper Gel Magnum

Worn: (besides normal clothes)

  • Rape Whistle
  • Ankle Holster for Knife (boot knife style)
  • Cowgirl Boots
  • Backpack
  • Collapsable Blind Man’s Cane
  • Inexpensive Mechanical Braille Watch

In the Backpack: (all neat, organized, and labeled if applicable)

  • Extra Pair of Clothes
    • Long sleeved boy shirt, heavy sweatpants, flip flops, extra socks, girl athletic shorts, other appropriate feminine underclothes
  • Books
    • “Acoustical Physics Reference Guide” in Braille (size of a Calvin and Hobbes comic collection book)
      • Extra Personal Notes in Braille using Braille Labeler
  • Small Cardboard Card Case
    • 3 standards decks worth of M:TG cards; Blue, Red (TL), And Green
  • Harmonica, in an impact resistant case
  • 1/2L bottle of water
  • Several packs of bubble gum (strong weird flavors)
  • Latest Edition of Matilda Ziegler Magazine For The Blind
  • Mechanical Portable Braille Imprinter/Embosser
  • Mechanical Portable Braille Label Maker, with extra roll
  • Deck of Braille Playing Cards
  • Case for Fake Acrylic Eyes
  • 2 rolls of quarters
  • Bottle of spray on SPF 45 sunscreen
  • Standard Toilettries (including Hand sanitizer, Floss, Floss Sticks)
  • Box of Toothpicks
  • Bag of Blue Sterile Gloves
  • Chemical Hand Warmer
  • Small Bottle of Gummy Vitamins
  • Small Bottle of Extra Strength Excedrin
  • Medium sized bottle of Salene Solution
  • Pen Knife, with Extra Blades
  • Tuning Fork
  • Box of Small Ziplock Bags
  • Box of Chalk Sticks
  • Bag of Salt, 1/2 lb.
  • Tin of Altoids
  • Zippo Lighter, with extra refill
  • Silly Puddy
  • Extra Guitar Strings and Picks
  • Folder of Sheet Music written in Braille Notation
  • Very Small plastic ziplock bag with Copper Filings
    • as above, but includes Gold, Cold-wrought Iron, Silver, various powdered animal bone, etc.
  • Half Dozen Green Tea Bags
  • Small Container of that Petroleum jelly stuff that Coroners put under their nose when around dead bodies
  • 15’ length of thick silk rope (my “ritual rope”)

Ginormous Backpack Full Of Stuff

Erica Backpack

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